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The Orange Box Review

PygmySurfer Re:1) Fuck SKU (358 comments)

Actually, I grepped the logs on my mail server, nothing at all containing "steam" or "valve".

more than 6 years ago



The Pirate Bay files charges against big media

PygmySurfer PygmySurfer writes  |  about 7 years ago

PygmySurfer (442860) writes "The Pirate Bay has filed suit against several media companies:

"Thanks to the email-leakage from MediaDefender-Defenders we now have proof of the things we've been suspecting for a long time; the big record and movie labels are paying professional hackers, saboteurs and ddosers to destroy our trackers.

While browsing through the email we identified the companies that are also active in Sweden and we have tonight reported these incidents to the police. The charges are infrastructural sabotage, denial of service attacks, hacking and spamming, all of these on a commercial level.""

PygmySurfer PygmySurfer writes  |  more than 7 years ago

PygmySurfer (442860) writes "The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has announced the release of gNewSense 1.0, an Ubuntu derivative that promotes software "freedom" by excluding proprietary components. Created by developers Brian Brazil and Paul O'Malley, the project is sponsored by the FSF to provide users with a robust desktop distribution that adheres to the organization's strict ideological standards and caters to users that prefer to avoid pragmatic compromises.

Do we really need yet another Linux distro? Would the FSF not be better served by partnering with Debian?"

PygmySurfer PygmySurfer writes  |  more than 7 years ago

PygmySurfer (442860) writes "Spending too much time playing World of Warcraft? This guy found an inventive way to limit his playing time, AND get some cardio in while doing it! A self-imposed rule allowing him to only play WoW while doing cardio allowed him to lose 41 pounds in 3 months. Unfortunately, he doesn't really say much about how far his characters progressed — I saw mention of a level 30 Hunter and 50 Warlock browsing through some of the posts, but no mention of where they were when he started. All in all though, a good idea to limit one's playing time, and maybe lose some weight at the same time."

PygmySurfer PygmySurfer writes  |  more than 7 years ago

PygmySurfer (442860) writes "According to Jim Wong, a senior Vice President at Acer, Vista Home Basic sucks so bad, no one will want to use it. "The new [Vista] experience you hear of, if you get Basic, you won't feel it at all. There's no [Aero] graphics, no Media Center, no remote control." Wong notes that the Premium Version of Vista is 10 per cent more expensive than XP Home. It's probably in Acer's best interest to get everyone to upgrade to Home Premium or Ultimate, but is this the way to do it?"

PygmySurfer PygmySurfer writes  |  about 8 years ago

PygmySurfer (442860) writes "From Mac Rumors: "Apple released preliminary fourth quarter 2006 financial results today. These results may be subject to significant adjustments.

Apple posted revenue of $4.84 billion with a net quarterly profit of $546 million, or $.62 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue of $3.68 billion and net profit of $430 million, or $.50 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 29.2 percent, up from 28.1 percent in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 40 percent of the quarter's revenue.

1,610,000 Macs and 8,729,000 iPods were shipped this quarter representing a 30 percent growth in Macs and 35 percent growth in iPods over the year-ago quarter."

Also from Mac Rumors: "Gartner has released preliminary market share numbers for 3Q 2006 (calendar, Apple's financial 4Q) which show Apple seeing substantial industry growth at 1.5%. Apple now ships 6.1% of all U.S. "PCs", 4th in the industry behind Gateway (6.4%), HP (23%), and Dell (32.1%).""

PygmySurfer PygmySurfer writes  |  about 8 years ago

PygmySurfer (442860) writes "According to CNet, both PS3 models will feature an HDMI output now. The company said its decision was made in part by the "sharp increase" in flat-panel televisions now sold with high-definition multimedia interface ports, or HDMI. Sony has also stated the price will drop to 49,980 yen ($426 USD), including tax. No word yet on whether the price will be dropped for other territories, however."

PygmySurfer PygmySurfer writes  |  more than 8 years ago

PygmySurfer (442860) writes "According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Nintendo is going to announce today that the Wii will go on sale in North and South America on November 19th, at a cost of $250. It will come bundled with Wii Sports, as well as channels for such things as viewing photos, as well as news and weather. Finally, Wii will also make it possible to browse the web on your television. Nintendo will also announce that 25-30 games will be published this year, as well as about 30 classic games available on the virtual console, costing about $5-10."


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