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iTMS Sells 100,000,000th Song

PyromanFO Re:I remember... (432 comments)

...when DRM was generally considered a bad thing here (remember "fair use"?). Now people get blasted for being "ungrateful" if they criticise Apple's use of DRM (just read some of the comments to this [slashdot.org] story).
Amen. I don't know when DRM became cool but I know who did it, Apple. It seems like freedoms don't matter much when the packaging is so shiny and new. For everyone's talk about free software around here, it seems most of them are just repeating what gnu.org says in between iTunes purchases. DRM has all the same problems it's had before, people just trust Apple to make it okay. Well look at it like this, they've sold 100 million songs, where has it gotten us? They haven't loosened restrictions and fought for artists rights, they increased restrictions and the artists are still getting the same bad deals. The record labels told Apple to roll over and they did. I don't know how long people are going to keep trusting them to "make it better". Or maybe chains are acceptable if they're shiny enough.

more than 10 years ago


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