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Google Keep Labelled "Delete"

QAPete Re:delete? (221 comments)

Exactly. First iGoogle, then Reader, two user-friendly, very efficient ways of getting stuff I want to see in front of my beady eyes. Google kills them both, and is constantly begging / pushing me to use Google +, which I have absolutely no wish to use. Both iGoogle and Reader were great examples of things Google did very well. Now they are putting their resources into things that OTHER companies do very well, like Google + and Google Keep.

I have ties to Gmail I need for now, but beyond that I'm not getting involved in Google anything.

about 2 years ago

Apple Exits "Green Hardware" Certification Program

QAPete EPEAT what? EPEAT who? (405 comments)

In a press conference, Apple (after muttering to themselves "we care about EPEAT approval WHY?") stated simply, "Kneel before Zod!"

more than 2 years ago

Clear Has Nationwide Outage

QAPete No issues near Philly (89 comments)

I use it every day, no different here than usual, a relatively mediocre 5mbps down, 1mbps up.

about 4 years ago

FCC Reserves the Right To Search Your Home, Any Time

QAPete Re:FCC Compliance Sticker (589 comments)

This is correct. BTW, by definition, Part 15 of the FCC rules state that consumer electronic devices DO produce interference, and CAN BE interfered with:

"This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation."

more than 5 years ago

FileFront Shutting Down

QAPete So long, good friend! (118 comments)

This is personally very sad to me. When my team and I set up BeyondUnreal back in 2001, FileFront was one of our original two file mirrors (eDome was the other). I remember clearly speaking with the great Mark Molinaro of FileFront, who has always been a huge proponent of the open source community, and who was 100% behind supporting our growing Unreal-powered gaming community. Never once in all that time did FileFront waver in their support of our efforts.

Unfortunately, this is a sign of the times. As the ad revenue streams dry up, it becomes more difficult to run ad-supported businesses. eDome suffered the same fate: there was no money in the file hosting business.

Farewell, FileFront, and thank you for being such a good friend to literally THOUSANDS of online communities just like mine.

more than 5 years ago

Photog Rob Galbraith Rates MacBook Pro Display "Not Acceptable"

QAPete Re:Apple LED displays have an awful gamut... (504 comments)

My 17" Macbook Pro LED-backlit matte screen is simply excellent at 1920 x 1200. It powers on to full brightness immediately, is plenty bright in every ambient light situation I've had it in, the blacks are "black enough", and it's easy on the eyes to the point where I don't have an issue working on it all day.

That being said, I would *never* buy a laptop with a glossy display, for all the reasons Rob mentions in the article. Just go to any Apple store and be honest with yourself when you look at the displays. In most homes and offices, the reflectiveness of the screen is a MAJOR annoyance. When you're spending $2-3 thousand on a laptop, the words "major annoyance" shouldn't even come into your mind.

about 6 years ago

Majel Roddenberry Dies At 76

QAPete Condolences (356 comments)

She was well-liked and highly-respected, and through her acting, was a part of the fabric of "me." RIP, Majel, and my condolences to her family and friends.

more than 6 years ago

Guitar Hero World Tour Equipment Problems, Subscription Possibilities?

QAPete Two for One (146 comments)

The first GH:WT I purchased for my kids was missing a bass drum pedal. Before returning it to the store, I picked up another one from another store, and it had a bad red button on the guitar (didn't work at all) and the drums didn't work 100% of the time (missed beats). I combined the working portions of both sets to come up with a single 'good' set, and returned the remainder to the first store.

more than 6 years ago


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