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Skilled Manual Labor Critical To US STEM Dominance

QRDeNameland Re:Welders make 150k??? (335 comments)

Is that welder working in an oil field? There are a HUGE number of extra qualifications and certifications you need to be a pipe or tank welder. I speak from project management experience that these guys get paid very well and it is hard to find enough good ones.

Not to mention, this kind of work often requires you to chase work to far-flung places like N. Dakota or the Alberta tar sands and live your life in an itinerant worker 'community'. There is a huge premium paid for working in these places for precisely that reason, even for much less skilled work than pipe/tank welding. So yes, these are not typical incomes being cited.


44% of Twitter Users Have Never Tweeted

QRDeNameland Re:Probably typical (121 comments)

A 20-year old can be a parent these days.

I'm curious, when were the days when a 20 year old *couldn't* be a parent?

about two weeks ago

How Far Will You Go For Highest Speed Internet?

QRDeNameland Re:So how fast is it...? (142 comments)

Oh...never mind...subtle whoosh on my part. :)

about three weeks ago

How Far Will You Go For Highest Speed Internet?

QRDeNameland Re:So how fast is it...? (142 comments)

Did you read the article?

Yes. And the closest thing to a quantification was "10 to 20 times as fast as any in the rest of Norway." Which means....what? It tells me that the guy has 43 TB of storage capacity, and even specific climate info about the town, but I'm left to guess the specs of the internet link, which is the subject of the article?

Did I miss something?

about three weeks ago

How Far Will You Go For Highest Speed Internet?

QRDeNameland So how fast is it...? (142 comments)

How do you write an article about the "highest speed internet" in the world without a single quantification of how fast it actually is?

about three weeks ago

NSA Confirms It Has Been Searching US Citizens' Data Without a Warrant

QRDeNameland Re:OK, but... (274 comments)

... what is their definition of a terrorist?

My guess? Anyone who "communicated with someone that is 'reasonably believed' to be a terrorist." Add your six degrees of separation, and presto, that's everyone.

about three weeks ago

Facebook To Begin Deploying Btrfs

QRDeNameland Re:Sounds about right (115 comments)

I was about to say if they made a fork of btrfs for their own implementation it should obviously be called ButterFace.

about a month ago

Some Sites That Blue Coat Blocks Under "Pornography"

QRDeNameland Re:Hentai Futanari Furry (119 comments)

Maybe they added picture scanning technology and the New Braunfels Republican Women are simply hawt.

about a month ago

Working with Real-Time Analytics as a Service (Video)

QRDeNameland Yeah, right... (15 comments)

Because the more you know about functions in your company besides IT (such as finance, investor relations, and -- yes -- marketing), the more valuable you are as an employee.

Right, because every place I've ever worked in IT, they've been totally transparent and forthcoming about finance, marketing, and investor relations to make the people in the trenches more valuable. Oh wait, no, that never happened....

about a month ago

Time Dilation Drug Could Let Heinous Criminals Serve 1,000 Year Sentences

QRDeNameland Re: Ridiculous. (914 comments)

Of course it can. "I believe I have a 90% chance of succeeding in this crime, i.e., of not being convicted for it. If I succeed, I receive benefit (money, the elimination of an annoying person, whatever) which I value at A, a positive number. I have a 10% change of failing, i.e. being convicted, and receiving sentence B, which I value at a negative number. My expected outcome is .9A + .1 B. In this case that sum is greater than 0. Logically, I should commit the crime."

I suggest doing a search on "certainty vs. severity of punishment". If you poke through the literature, it appears to be well established that criminals are far more sensitive to the perception of the *certainty* of punishment (which is what you are arguing would change a rational risk assessment) than they are to the *severity* of punishment (which is what I kan read is arguing would *not* change a rational risk assessment).

In other words, these two arguments are not contradictory. To the extent that criminals are rational actors, they will make risk assessments based primarily along the lines you cite, i.e., the chances of getting caught; with the severity of the consequences playing a much more minor role. So given an equal chance of being caught/punished...i kan read is correct...if one is rationally deterred from committing a crime punishable by the death penalty today, it is highly unlikely that the same person would be undeterred if the punishment for that crime was reduced to 10 years in prison.

about a month ago

Church Committee Members Say New Group Needed To Watch NSA

QRDeNameland Re:Church? (143 comments)

And you can't spell SATAN without N, S, and A. Coincidence? I think not.

about a month ago

St. Patrick's Day, March Madness, and Steve Jobs' Liver

QRDeNameland Re:Irony? (129 comments)

Wouldn't you expect St. Patrick's day to *reduce* the overall number of livers available.

That's the magic of alcohol, my son. It can destroy one liver through chronic abuse as it makes another available via inhibition of good judgement. All hail the powers of demon rum!!

about a month ago

The Poor Neglected Gifted Child

QRDeNameland Re:Linus Pauling (529 comments)

Excellent point...but "investition"?

about a month ago

Low-Protein Diet May Extend Lifespan

QRDeNameland Re:Yeah...whatever you believe today... (459 comments)

Low Fat, Low Carb...oooh...hardcore...(thats what I did)...nearly died from that one...

Yep, it's long been known that extremely high protein diets are bad for humans. I actually RTFA, and in the mouse study, it was a 50% protein diet. Mice are herbivores, that much protein is effectively toxic for them.

So the mouse study doesn't show that low protein diet extends lifespan as much as a ultra-high protein diet reduces lifespan, which is not really news.

The second study was an observational study of humans, which joins a long list of such studies where you'll find something to support pretty much any nutritional hypothesis you can imagine.

about a month and a half ago

Water Filtration With a Tree Branch

QRDeNameland Re:Infection rate (205 comments)

It depends on a lot of factors. First of all, for e. coli, most strains are harmless and so 1 or 10,000 of those cells won't really affect you. However, the greater the number you ingest, the greater the chances that you'll get one of the pathogenic strains. For someone with a normal immune system, I'd expect the chance of just one cell causing an infection is exceedingly small, but for someone with compromised immunity it would obviously be much higher.

But as I mentioned upthread, when water is contaminated, it is rarely just one cell.

about 2 months ago



Intel to Pass on Vista

QRDeNameland QRDeNameland writes  |  more than 5 years ago

QRDeNameland (873957) writes "Steve Lohr on The New York Times' Bits blog reports that:

Intel, the giant chip maker and longtime partner of Microsoft, has decided against upgrading the computers of its own 80,000 employees to Microsoft's Vista operating system, a person with direct knowledge of the company's plans said.
Ouch, that's gotta hurt..."

Link to Original Source

QRDeNameland QRDeNameland writes  |  more than 6 years ago

QRDeNameland (873957) writes "In a NY Times Op-Ed piece today, Mark Helprin argues for what amounts to perpetual copyright, and that anything less is essentially an unfair public taking of property. According to Helprin, "No good case exists for the inequality of real and intellectual property, because no good case can exist for treating with special disfavor the work of the spirit and the mind." Well, I can think of quite of few arguments for such a case, unfortunately the NY Times did not see fit to publish any contrary view for equal time."


QRDeNameland has no journal entries.

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