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Black Holes Not Black After All, Theorize Physicists

QilessQi String theory deals with singularities similarly (211 comments)

IIRC, string theorists have also proposed the idea that there are no singularities. In their model, the gravitational collapse of a star of sufficient mass causes all the strings of its component particles to coalesce into one highly-energetic string, sort of a super-particle. The information content of the original matter would be preserved in the vibration pattern of the final string.


'Just Let Me Code!'

QilessQi Re:Who is stopping him? (367 comments)

I have to disagree. I've also been coding professionally since the early '80s, and I think it's more fun today than it ever was.

I work on a huge enterprise system with dozens of independent applications and services, all working on concert. Over fifty developers, plus dedicated architects, integration testers, ops staff, DBAs, business analysts, etc. We have internal and external websites and are continuously keeping our technology and tool stack up to date, because the world is constantly changing. There's no way we could keep moving forward without good IDEs to help us manage volumes of code, automated unit tests and the continuous build systems that run them, design documents/reviews, planning meetings to figure out who is doing what and when, and daily scrums to make sure everyone knows the plan for the day.

It's like performing in an orchestra. It's not as simple as being a solo street performer. You have to play an approved instrument, and keep your instrument in tune with everyone else's, and play at their tempo, and maybe you don't even get a solo. But in exchange you get to be in the pit for a Broadway play, or onstage at the Met. You get to be a part of something bigger.

Here's the best advice I can give you:

Change is inevitable. There can't be progress without change, and there can't be change without something strange entering your life and something familiar leaving it. Embrace change, and you embrace the present as well as the past. Embrace change, and will never think of yourself as an "old guy".

2 days ago

'Just Let Me Code!'

QilessQi Boy, do I hear you! (367 comments)

As a surgeon, I long for the good old days when I could just give my patients a rag to bite on, grab my hacksaw or a good pocket knife, and BOOM, DONE. Now I'm forced to use an "operating room" which has to be "sterilized" along with everything in it -- you wouldn't believe the time it takes! My boss won't even let me use my own hacksaw; instead there's this bewildering array of "scalpels" and "clamps" and things -- they're supposed to make my job easier, but I spend half my time trying to figure out which one's the right one for the job. Oh, and goodbye rag -- I have to have an anaesthesiologist now, and IV tubes for blood and fluids, and all these doohickeys to monitor heartbeat, blood pressure, O2 sat, etc. It's a nightmare!

Just let me cut!

2 days ago

China Has More People Going Online With a Mobile Device Than a PC

QilessQi Re:Symantics (58 comments)

Agreed. "PC" is also apt to be confused with a Windows PC.
A better term would have been "desktop system" vs "mobile system".

4 days ago

Bing Implements Right To Be Forgotten

QilessQi Re:Irony (64 comments)

What's "Bing"?

about a week ago

DC Entertainment Won't Allow Superman Logo On Murdered Child's Memorial Statue

QilessQi Re:Superman logo is a Trademark (249 comments)

Yup, it has nothing to do with copyright:

"It was important for me because I really felt I wanted to capture the photograph of Jeffrey wearing his Superman costume and have it as close to that as possible," Boyce said.

"Basically they didn't want to have the character of Superman associated with child abuse. They weren't comfortable with that."

Superman will therefore go back to being associated with wholesome, cheerful things, like planets exploding, orphaned kids being abandoned in a Kansas field, and slow death by radiation poisoning from green rocks.

about three weeks ago

DC Entertainment Won't Allow Superman Logo On Murdered Child's Memorial Statue

QilessQi Re:What a Stupid Idea (249 comments)

Kids starves to death -> build a monument where you feature him as superman.

There must be some crazy logic going on to come to that course of action.

I'm sure it would appear crazy to someone who didn't actually read the article. Third link in the summary above:

Which begins with the words: Before he died of starvation at the hands of his grandparents, Jeffrey Baldwin dreamed of being just like Superman.

Right under this photo of the kid in a Superman costume:

about three weeks ago

DC Entertainment Won't Allow Superman Logo On Murdered Child's Memorial Statue

QilessQi Has DC Comics Done Something Stupid Today? (249 comments)

Someone tell the site maintainer that it's time to reset the counter to zero:


I say, they should do the monument exactly as they imagined it, just without the "S". I'm sure some volun^H^H^H^H^Hvandals will gladly paint a nice big "S" on it once it's installed.

BRB, off to the hardware store for some red enamel pa... um... screws.

about three weeks ago

Tibetans Inherited High-Altitude Gene From Ancient Human

QilessQi Re:Breeding with another humam? (133 comments)

Not if they are alpha males.
Face it, human females have mate choice, and they only want to be with alphas. So the alphas get a ton of pussy and most males get none. The females, even ugly ones, typically can easily get laid, but men don't have this luxury.

First of all, a preferable term for "human females" is "women". Or, better still, "people". If you wan't to have a relationship with someone -- even if it's a purely physical relationship -- you're better off by not referring to them by species and gender as though you were an entomologist and they were some exotic variety of insect. Men are people. Women are people. And people have minds, souls, desires, and complexities.

Some people (of either gender) are primarily interested in physical relationships at this point in their lives, and some aren't. Some people are swayed by PUA strategies like negging, and some aren't. Most people, I would guess, want a sexual or romantic partner that they find physically attractive and enjoyable to be with... but those are highly variable qualities. You'd be amazed at what some people do and don't find attractive, when you scratch the surface. For example, sometimes a very wealthy and physically attractive person can immediately turn off a potential partner forever just by having a bitter personality or prejudiced attitudes.

If you're one of those people who's on a low end of the bell-shaped curve of attractiveness when it comes to looks, or height, or chest size, or hair, or wealth, or whatever it is you think would make you attractive to the people you'd like to date or sleep with... yeah, that sucks. I feel for you. Most of us have been there. 50% of the population is below-average by definition, and most of us are not media stars.

But your first step out of that hole is to stop thinking about how to become an "alpha" (whatever the heck you think that is) or lamenting that you aren't one. If you seriously want things to change, you have to find ways to relate to people honestly, regardless of their gender. You have to stop thinking of other people as your competitors or enemies -- especially if those people are ones you want to be in a relationship with.

Because those ugly thoughts will come out eventually. People have spent hundreds of thousands of years evolving finely-honed unconscious detectors for creepy behavior. And you don't want to be That Guy. Nobody likes That Guy.

about three weeks ago

Investor Tim Draper Announces He Won Silk Road Bitcoin Auction

QilessQi Re:Weak != Bad (115 comments)

Okay, I'll bite. Do you really think he has amassed all his wealth through dumb fucking luck? Or all VCs for that matter?

From Wikipedia ( ):

He is the third in a line of venture capitalists. His father, William Henry Draper III, founded the Draper & Johnson Investment Company in 1962 and his grandfather William Henry Draper Jr. founded Draper, Gaither and Anderson in 1958. His father also was chairman and president of the Export-Import Bank of the United States.[2] Tim Draper received a Bachelor of Science from Stanford University with a major in electrical engineering and a Master of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.

So no, not through dumb luck alone. He also amassed his wealth by being born into a family with it -- and, I would guess, by having business connections through that family (and through HBS, no doubt). He may certainly be a smart investor, but don't discount all that other stuff, which gives him a bit more room to take bold chances and make big mistakes without going bankrupt. It's a little easier to hit a home run if you're born on third base.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Replacing Paper With Tablets For Design Meetings?

QilessQi Re:Use Paper (143 comments)

^ The parent's comment goes to eleven.

I use an Android tablet with Evernote (and great handwriting-based input) every day, and yet the greatest benefit it has is letting me take pictures of the whiteboard and go back through them when I do the real design document in a desktop word processor. :-)

about three weeks ago

Nathan Myhrvold's Recipe For a Better Oven

QilessQi 1200 C?? (228 comments)

"With reasonable energy efficiency, electric broilers can heat quickly and reliably to temperatures as high as 2,200 C. Maximum settings are typically restricted to 1,200 C in order to extend the life of the heating element and avoid charring the food."

I think repeatedly confusing C and F should immediately disqualify someone as an oven engineer. Or an oven operator, for that matter. :-)

about three weeks ago

Winners of First Seized Silk Road Bitcoin Auction Remain Anonymous

QilessQi Re:Pivotal point? (88 comments)

+1 Interesting, thanks.

Although I can't help but view this as just short-term speculation. If you've got the money, then buy a huge mass of Bitcoins at $600 in a very public event like this one, creating renewed interest as the news breaks, which increases demand, which drives the price up. Then as upward momentum slows (e.g., at $720) sell gradually over the course of many days so as not to induce panic with a single high-volume dump. Now you've made a 20% gain on a multimillion dollar investment over the course of a week.

Look at the 6 month history of BTC price: . The volatility is pretty apparent, and it's not like we haven't seen both sides of $600 (i.e., rising and falling) before.

about three weeks ago

Winners of First Seized Silk Road Bitcoin Auction Remain Anonymous

QilessQi Pivotal point? (88 comments)

"...but it does seem that it will be a pivotal point in Bitcoin's evolution."

Why? This has nothing to do with the technology itself, nor regulation or adoption of that technology, nor has the price been pushed up to anything beyond what it has been before. The government seized some assets, and then auctioned them off.

about three weeks ago

Cambridge Team Breaks Superconductor World Record

QilessQi Re:More like 3400 fridge magents (73 comments)

From now on I demand that all /. articles describe a magnetic force in units which express the number of frogs that it can levitate.

about three weeks ago

California Legalizes Bitcoin

QilessQi Re:Company scrip returns... (162 comments)

Assuming $Y is a positive number. :-) I know individuals who have worked for startups, putting in long hours for small wages in exchange for options that would not fully vest until four years had passed (25% per year). In one case the company went bankrupt before they could pull together an IPO. In another case the company told its rank-and-file at the last minute that they were doing a three-for-one reverse stock split before the IPO, so instead of having options on 300 shares at $1 each you had options on 100 shares at $3 each. All well and good to prevent the stock from being de-listed, but at IPO the price spiked to something like $20 and swiftly fell back to something like $2 and stayed there. Great news if you were upper management and either owned shares outright or were given options at $0.10 per share. Not so great for the rank-and-file.

about three weeks ago

California Legalizes Bitcoin

QilessQi Re:Company scrip returns... (162 comments)

Or the companies that issue part of their compensation in the form of company stock...

about three weeks ago

In 2012, Facebook Altered Content To Tweak Readers' Emotions

QilessQi Re:Future Facebook experiments! (130 comments)

Ok, guys, I swear that there were no misspellings when I typed "when they appear" in #2 above. IT HAS BEGUN.

about a month ago

In 2012, Facebook Altered Content To Tweak Readers' Emotions

QilessQi Future Facebook experiments! (130 comments)

Hey, Facebook! Can you help me with some experiments of my own? I'd like to see the outcome if...

1. Right before an election, all posts favoring candidate X or the political views of party X were promoted to the top of everyone's feed and given 20 extra fake "Likes", while posts favoring the opposition are demoted and de-liked.

2. Phrases in posts favoring candidate X or the political views of party X are subtly "edited" when the appear in everyone else's news feed to be more positive (e.g., "like" to "love", "good" to "great"), while phrases in posts favoring the opposition are given the reverse treatment and sprinkled with misspellings.

3. FB users with a tendency of opposition to party X have random fake posts/comments from them appear in other's feeds only, in which they insult their friends' baby pictures, make tasteless jokes, and vaguely threaten supporters of party X to "unfriend me if ur so lame u can't take the TRUTH, lol".

about a month ago

Why Software Builds Fail

QilessQi Re:Because I'm lazy (279 comments)

We began with lots of (untested) legacy code too. My advice: forget the mountains of existing code, and focus only on the task at hand. When you're implementing a new backend service, write a test. When you're fixing a bug, try out TDD and write a test which detects the existence of the bug, then fix the bug and watch the red light turn green. And remember, even 1% coverage is better than 0%, especially if the 1% is covering the new stuff that people care about anyway.

about a month ago


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