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FWD.us Wants More H-1B Visas, But 50% Go To Offshore Firms

QuantumRiff Prove its about talent (325 comments)

If the claim is that there is a shortage of talent, then simply add a fee to the process, that is roughly equivalent to a years worth of college education in the state where the job is located, for every year the H1B worker works, into a scholarship program for that industry/disipline. Facebook should jump at the chance to make college more affordable for CS majors, since they seem to need so many of them. And hey, if the student can graduate without "mortgage level" loans, they can actually afford to work for less money.

about two weeks ago

New Study Shows One-Third of Americans Don't Believe In Evolution

QuantumRiff Re:I believe it (1010 comments)

Please feel free to prove Evolution then.. We'll wait..

about 4 months ago

Have a Privacy-Invasion Wishlist? Peruse NSA's Top Secret Catalog

QuantumRiff Damn, the movies have been right all along (259 comments)

So all those shows we have mocked, like 24, csi, etc, because their tech "hacks the firewall" in 15 seconds were actually accurate? Crap. That changes some things..

about 4 months ago

New Windows XP Zero-Day Under Attack

QuantumRiff Re:Upate to the most current (241 comments)

We have some expensive pitney bowes mailing systems. We inquired about a newer computer, NOT running xp. Turns out they changed the entire print assembly for the version that runs Windows 7. Its a $20k upgrade. (also need a new controller box, old one doesn't work with WIndows 7 software (mainly the hardware dongle, apparently)..

Our brand new pitney bowes mailing system has a windows 7 computer. The techs that installed it told our senior management to never run windows update, or install antivirus on it, or it would cause problems and make the machine not work. Boy did they get pissy when I put it on its own vlan, with only access to one server, and one port on that server, to get its updated files.

about 5 months ago

Your Next Network Operating System Is Linux

QuantumRiff Re:Apollo Computer - Domain Operating System (192 comments)

I remember taking out a 21" apollo monitor with some friends for a night of shooting. (We wanted some fun stuff to blow up). That freaking monster took a 9mm at 15 yards... took several other smaller/slower calibers too. The 357 finally pierced the glass. I think they were so expensive because they were made of transparent aluminium. (Originally designed to hold large volumes of water in space ships)

about 6 months ago

As Hurricane Season Looms, It's Disaster-Preparedness Time

QuantumRiff Re:Location, Location, Location (117 comments)

hate to tell you, but the AWS servers In Oregon are right near a very, very large river, (The columbia I think is second to only the mississippi) Right near several volcanoes, In an area that commonly gets lots of freezing rain and high winds. Its also a few miles from a major chemical weapons depot. (I guess the servers wouldn't care, but nobody would go onsite to replace failed equipment) and not very far from Hanford, where there is tons of nuclear waste.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Good Tracking Solutions For Linux Laptop?

QuantumRiff Re:CompuTrace (253 comments)

Looked into this once before for a big rollout.. Very hard to get actual info on. All the BIOS chip does, is re-install the software automatically and silently in windows. (they have some sort of special encryption key or something)..

if you ever feel the need to steal a laptop, install linux, freeBSD, or make it a hackintosh, and the computrace is worthless..

about 9 months ago

Linux Mint 15 'Olivia' Release Candidate Is Out

QuantumRiff Re:Obligatory comment (134 comments)

I liked it as well, until the last update. Little things started killing my productivity. Like when I would get a new chat message in Pidgin. I would go up to the indicator area, click on the envelope, then see a list of several chats I had, many that were quite old, I would click on hte newest one, and it woudl blink, and the indicator would go off.. But that was it. It wouldn't actually load up the pidgin window to the chat. If I went directly to pidgin, it wouldn't turn off the indicator envelope. Thunderbird had some similar bugs, which is even more disappointing than the Pidgin one, since thunderbird is the default mail client. There are actually quite a few other things, but they are all just little things that have added to to being a waste of time.

about a year ago

Lawrence, KS To Get Gigabit Fiber — But Not From Google

QuantumRiff Re:Cherry picking (83 comments)

I hate to tell you, but the incumbent providers can cherry pick too, and have for quite some time. My neighborhood has no cable as an option, but its a mile in any direction. And good luck even trying to figure out who at ATT you can talk to about getting a remote DSLAM in your neighborhood so you can get decent internet speeds.

about a year ago

How Google Fiber Could Do Some National Good, Or At Least Scare the Carriers

QuantumRiff Re:"Equal Terms" (163 comments)

In my state, they "supported" a lot of legislators, and franchising of telecom is now handled by the state. Less candidates to "support" that way, I guess.

1 year,5 days

Sequester Grounds Blue Angels

QuantumRiff Re:Washington monument gambit, again. (341 comments)

Thats not just a federal thing.. How often do hear about the state police cutting back on managers and desk jockeys? its always patrol officers. (the ones that are most visible, and that respond if you need help). How often do schools lay off the coordinators, directors, etc? Its always the teachers, so that the parents scream to the politicians.

Its just kind of annoying now.. I guess I'm numb to it.

1 year,5 days

Draft IETF Standard for SSH Key Management Released

QuantumRiff ldap? (35 comments)

There is some ways to recompile ssh to lookup using ldap, but I really wish that it would be baked in. I would love to just put a list of authorized keys, which host and user they go to, like we can with sudo in ldap.

1 year,5 days

Closing the Gap To Improve the Capacity of Existing Fiber Optic Networks

QuantumRiff Re:High Speed for who? (53 comments)

Remember that, when your farmers all move. Or lumberjacks, or fisherman. Its kind of easy to live in the city, since everyone out in the country ships stuff to you. Moving is not a choice for many people, especially in rural areas, where you might have to move dozens (or even hundreds) of miles to get somewhere with internet. HUGE swaths of the US have no real internet. Its kind of like electricity and roads before WW1.

Hell, I live 5 miles from a major city, and have only rural wireless ISP. I was lucky to find them, and their 1Mb/s for $65/month. ATT can't even tell me who to talk to about what it would take to get my 100 house subdivision hooked up with DSL. There are DSLAM's 1 mile in either direction, and their call centers can't tell me anything, because they are all clueless.

1 year,7 days

US Senate Passes National Internet Sales Tax Mandate

QuantumRiff Re:No taxation without representation? (297 comments)

In most states, the sales tax is not paid by the company. The state is taxing YOU. It just mandates that companies that want to sell to you have to collect the tax and submit it.

I'm actually kind of surprised the states haven't started issuing subpoena to the large online retailers, to get names and addresses of people that have ordered over a certain amount. and then go after them. (In pretty much every state with sales tax, you are required by law to include those purchase totals on your taxes, but nobody enforces it)

1 year,23 days

41 Months In Prison For Man Who Leaked AT&T iPad Email Addresses

QuantumRiff Re:Good (459 comments)

Two high school kids just got 1 year each for raping a drunk 16 year old at a party (where people actually filmed and took pictures of it happening).. http://www.sheboyganpress.com/viewart/20130318/SHE0101/130317029/Two-Ohio-high-school-football-players-convicted-raping-girl-16

and this guy gets more than 3 times that for mentioning that a web site will give out people's private email address after AT&T did nothing about it?

1 year,28 days

Global Warming Has Made the North Greener

QuantumRiff Re:More green? (398 comments)

Only that the north, above the 45th parallel is. That's Canada, Northern Europe, Russia and up to the arctic.

And Oregon, Washington, Idaho, both the Dakota's, Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc. (45th parallel runs right through Salem, OR, used to be a sign about it a few blocks from my house) or did you mean the 54th parallel?

about a year ago

Criticism Of Copyright Alert System Mounts

QuantumRiff Re:Popup? (172 comments)

They probably hijack your DNS, or do deep packet inspection, and return their page as the answer. Not sure if NoScript will help you with that.

about a year ago

Linus Torvalds Explodes at Red Hat Developer

QuantumRiff Re:Linus has always been an a-hole (786 comments)

nobody criticizes gnome anymore, because of Unity, everyone things of Gnome as the Holy Grail of user interface and communication :)

about a year ago


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