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Do Non-Technical Managers Add Value?

Quantum_Infinity Absolutely (249 comments)

My manager totally shielded me from all the meetings and endless debates about business requirements. I wouldn't go to meetings for several days in a row. Just programming, music and beer. Now he's gone (resigned) and they haven't replaced him. Those were the days!

about 3 months ago

Facebook Lands Drunk Driving Teen In Jail

Quantum_Infinity Some Friends (443 comments)

"Two of Cox-Brown's friends saw the message and sent it along to two separate local police officers..."

Some friends he has.

about a year ago

Internet Billionaire Creates Huge Physics Prize

Quantum_Infinity Wrong Headline (192 comments)

That's not a huge physics prize, it's the biggest physics prize.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Clean Up My Work Computer Before I Leave?

Quantum_Infinity srm (547 comments)

Use srm (secure remove). It will do 35 passes writing random data after deleting your files. It can take a while to run if you have lot of large files to delete.

about a year and a half ago

LHC Discovers New Particle That Looks Like the Higgs Boson

Quantum_Infinity Careful Announcement (396 comments)

I am glad they are being careful with their announcement and not jumping on it to claim 'I have found the Higgs Boson. Take that Tevatron!'

about 2 years ago

A New Record For Scientific Retractions?

Quantum_Infinity Not the First Time (84 comments)

During World War II, Americans were very keen and excited to get their hands on scientific data from the Japanese after nuking them, especially all the data from human experiments which were not feasible in US. When they got the data, they realized most of it was non-sense. They had been randomly doing experiments on humans without any clear hypothesis or theory and most of the data did not make much sense.

about 2 years ago

Sale of Galaxy Nexus Banned in the US

Quantum_Infinity It's Still Available, should I buy it? (696 comments)

I was thinking of buying Google Nexus phone this weekend. Woke up this morning to read this terribly sad news. It's still available on Google Play site. Is it advisable to still buy it while it is available (probably for a few hours)?

about 2 years ago

Certain 'Personality Genes' Correlate With Longevity, Says Study

Quantum_Infinity Re:Uh Oh. (72 comments)

And here we go again. Someone seizes the very first opportunity to disparage the entire geek community. Speak for yourself pal.

about 2 years ago

Google 'Wasting' $16 Billion On Projects Headed Nowhere

Quantum_Infinity They are too big (408 comments)

They have gotten too big. They could stand to lose a few pounds, I mean money.

more than 2 years ago

Commercial Suborbital Balloon Flight Facility Takes Shape

Quantum_Infinity Near Space Corporation? (54 comments)

Near Space Corporation? That's a terrible name for a company. Though it may be apt for what they do and their honesty is commendable but it also gives away what they cannot do - "Oh we actually wanna be Space Corporation but we have neither the money/technology nor balls to do it, so we're just gonna be content with Near Earth Corporation"

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Install Ubuntu On 30 Laptops and Keep Them In Sync?

Quantum_Infinity Ask Canonical (202 comments)

Ask Canonical. If they can't give a good solution, they deserve to fail.

more than 2 years ago

LibreOffice 3.5 Released

Quantum_Infinity 10000 sheets per workbook? (205 comments)

10000 sheets per workbook? Yup, lack of sheets was exactly what was stopping me from using Calc.

more than 2 years ago

Defendant Ordered To Decrypt Laptop Claims She Had Forgotten Password

Quantum_Infinity IT instead of YRO (1009 comments)

Seems strange that this showed up under it.slashdot instead of yro.slashdot. This itself seems an ominous sign of shifting trends. YRO category is becoming obsolete!

more than 2 years ago

Is the Earth Special?

Quantum_Infinity It Doesn't Matter Because Universe is Really Big (745 comments)

No matter what rare combination of factors have given rise to life on earth, universe is so incredibly vast with an astonishing number of planets that the same combination of factors is not only bound to arise but arise a large number of times. It only means that it might not be easy to find life within a few light years.

more than 2 years ago

Opera 11.60 'Tunny' Released With Ragnarök HT

Quantum_Infinity A browser I want to like but am unable too (211 comments)

Opera is one browser I have always wanted to like and make my primary browser but have never been successful in doing it. The browser is fast and has great features but a few things have always prevented me from making it my primary browser -

1. No RSS live bookmarks. Once I got a taste of live RSS bookmarks in Firefox, it was hard for me to read RSS feeds in any other way, no Google Reader, no RSS reader would do it. I don't want to open a separate window/program and pile up RSS feeds in there. I love it the way it is in Firefox. You just read them in a drop down menu off the bookmarks bar and they automatically get discarded as new ones come in.

2. Website compatibility - This may not be Opera's fault but nevertheless it works against them. Lot of sites still don't work right in Opera and some flat out refuse to proceed unless some other browser is used.

3. Per site default zoom level - These days screens have high resolutions. Lot of sites show up as very small text (Tom's Hardware is one, another in NY Times). In Chrome when you zoom a website, it remembers it forever. The next time you go to the website, Chrome shows it at the zoom level you set earlier. It remembers different zooms for different web pages. Opera has just one global default zoom setting that applies to all websites and actually lot of websites look terrible when zoomed in Opera (try Tom's Hardware). Also, Opera's rendering of input search boxes get screwed up when a web page is zoomed. Try editing a query on Google when the web page is zoomed and you'll understand what I mean.

If they fix these three issues, I would make it my main browser immediately. For now it has to be Chrome (sigh!).

more than 2 years ago

Does Outsourcing Programming Really Save Money?

Quantum_Infinity Why it Doesn't Work (653 comments)

The reason outsourcing does not give back the expected returns is because outsourcing companies employ fresh out of college graduates that do not have necessary experience and skill. They frequently lie about skills of team members to the US clients. They hire cheap fresh graduates, pay them good salary by Indian standards so those graduates stick it out and charge US clients lower than US market hourly rates so that it is an attractive option to the customer. Their main profit lies in the currency exchange rate between rupee and dollar. Foreign exchange is their real business, not IT services. They don't care whether they are programming or doing tech support in a call center or doing janitorial work, - as long as the difference between rupee and dollar is huge, they make money.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Science Sights To See?

Quantum_Infinity Re:"Girlfriend"? (363 comments)

Maybe for you. Sorry to hear that.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Science Sights To See?

Quantum_Infinity Re:"Girlfriend"? (363 comments)

Agree with you there. I like Big Bang Theory as a comedy but hate that they only strengthen 'the comic book nerd who never gets laid' stereotype.

more than 2 years ago


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