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Vista To XP Upgrade Triples In Price, Now $150

Quarem Re:I don't get it (907 comments)

I don't get it either. Why anyone in the consumer space would want to use XP over Vista is beyond me at this point.

At this point I have been using Vista for over a year. Anytime I have to go back and use XP it feels like an out-dated system. For one, the lack of an integrated desktop search client is a huge productivity loss. It's like using a Mac without Spotlight, who really wants to do that anymore?

Secondly, desktop composition in Vista also vastly improves the windows switcher by providing live previews of the windows instead of undescriptive application icons.

Overall I find Vista to be a huge step forward in usability over XP.

more than 6 years ago

Typical Home Bandwidth Usage?

Quarem 10 - 30 GB a Month (656 comments)

At my house we typically use between 10-30 GB total (upstream + downstream) each month. That includes usage for online gaming, game demoes and videos from Xbox Live, online data transfer from home to work (e.g. Live Mesh), Skype, digital music and video purchases, and plenty of web browsing. With my current plan my ISP gives me a 100 GB cap a month. Unless there is a dramatic shift in my usage habits, that 100 GB a month is effectively unlimited. I have never had to worry about going over it.

more than 6 years ago


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