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China Pulls Plug On Genetically Modified Rice and Corn

Quebst Better to starve I guess? (152 comments)

Just because they currently can feed people doesn't mean that will last. There will be droughts, infestations, population increases, and more events that can be helped by GMOs. Of course China seems to have no problem destroying the environment with massive amounts of chemicals whose usage could be drastically reduced with proper science. The Chinese government seems to place a low value on an human life so maybe this is just their own sick version of population control.

about 5 months ago

Linux for Non-Geeks

Quebst Re:Fedora vs Mandrakelinux (260 comments)

I'm sick of all this "my distribution is better than yours" penis-measuring. Get over it, people.

Which distro has that app? I'd like the rumors to be certified once and for all.

Sounds like a good idea, but if someone can't wade through installing and running of a modern distro, I doubt they'll make it far in the book.

more than 10 years ago


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