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National Broadband Map Shows Digital Divide

Quill_28 Re:Indiana (182 comments)

West Virginia is so sparsely populated, I think only wireless access would make sense for 90% of the state.

more than 3 years ago

California County Bans SmartMeter Installations

Quill_28 Re:Grow Ops in Marin? (494 comments)

Of course, he is being funny.
Why don't we have all traffic signals controlled by a person. Think of the jobs we will create!!!

about 4 years ago

Extra-Galactic Planet Discovered In Milky Way

Quill_28 Old (111 comments)

How old in the galaxy again, I get confused.

more than 4 years ago

Narcissists, Insecure People Flock To Facebook

Quill_28 Reasons for facebook (280 comments)

My kid was in the hospital _everyone_ wanted updates. This makes it very easy.

Take some pics/videos of my kids. I can post them. Other folks can check them out if they want to.

This way I don't have to e-mail spam.

I like to be able to follow the happenings of friends without e-mail/phone.

All that being said I rarely update and spend about 30 minutes a week on facebook.

In my mind that 30 minutes is well worth it.

more than 4 years ago

Windows 95 Turns 15

Quill_28 Re:Drinking Game (461 comments)

Troll? Come on that was funny.

more than 4 years ago

Windows 95 Turns 15

Quill_28 Re:I finally could tell my friend to go to hell (461 comments)

I want to use OS/2 back in '95 back IBM priced it too high for me($250 I think).

Ironically, MS is doing the same thing with Windows 7, simply priced too high for me. So I stick to XP and linux.

more than 4 years ago

Apple's "iPad" Out In the Open

Quill_28 Re:I CALLED IT. (1713 comments)

Overpriced for you. Products are not over-priced if they sell well, which apple products appear to do.

more than 4 years ago

Global Warming Irreversible, NOAA Scientist Finds

Quill_28 Re:Perspective... (1061 comments)

Are you trying to use logic with someone who thinks killing people driving an SUV is a good idea?

more than 5 years ago


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C# and Image Maps

Quill_28 Quill_28 writes  |  about 10 years ago

If you wanted to make a map of Europe and when the user moved their mouse over or clicked on a country, a message box would appear.

How would you do this is C#?

I am most worried about detecting whether the mouse is over France or over Italy kind of thing.



Jeopardy lack of strategy

Quill_28 Quill_28 writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Ok, I am ok at Jeopardy.

But I do enjoy watching it every so often.

But the 2nd place person many times bets in final jeopardy without thinking.

In the final question:

1st Has $20,000
2nd Has $18,000
3rd Has $6,500

What will/should each person bet?

1st will always bet enough to beat 2nd person in this case $16,000

2nd person should bet NOTHING or at the most $4,999.
-He needs to worry about the 3rd player, and assume the 1st player will get the wrong answer(If the 1st player get the right answer 2nd player will lose no matter what he bets)

3rd Should bet nothing hoping 2nd isn't thinking and bets everything, if both get question wrong 3rd player will win.

So recap:

1st Should bet $16,001
2nd Should bet nothing
3rd Should bet nothing


1st $20,000 Will bet $13,0001
2nd $15,000 Should bet $5,0001
3rd $10,000 Should bet nothing

There is a lot of different scenerio's that could come into play
in final jeopardy but everyone on jeopardy seems to just bet everything.

I have seen player lose because they did not think about their bet.



Quill_28 Quill_28 writes  |  more than 10 years ago

RedHat is ticking me off:

Their latest dist is becoming more like MS everyday

1. Touch A B a b


A a B b

No! it should be:

A B a b

2. cd ~
        ln -s /usr/local mylink
        cd mylink
        cd ..
        should not take you back to ~ it should take you to /usr

3. mkdir foo.a foo.b
          cd foo*
          should not pick a dir and take you there, like dos does.
          rather this should be said:
          foo*: Ambiguous.
          because it IS!

Why is redhat changing the way people are used to work with unix. Ticks me off.


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