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Casting Doubt On the Hawkeye Ball-Calling System

Quino Re:Anonymous Coward (220 comments)

Interesting, but one doesn't have to resort to theory/philosophy/etc -- there IS a correct answer. The ball is in, or it's out.

The other interesting thing is that in tennis in particular, it's actually "either the ball is definitely without a doubt out, otherwise assume it's in and continue on"

In that sense, I agree with the article. We (the rules, the general public) assume the technology is perfect. Maybe we should adjust the use of Hawkeye in tennis so that it only overrules a non-call of a possibly out ball if the ball is out more than the tolerance of the system.

The fact that Hawkeye has a margin of error (even if measured in millimeters) doesn't currently enter into the equation.

It's a little silly to see the Hawkeye system overrule balls that are a millimeter in or out ... I've always wondered how good the system really is. We treat it, and award and take away points, with the assumption that it's infallible, which of course it's not.

more than 6 years ago


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