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We Don't Need the GPL Anymore

RALE007 Re:Mods, please... (919 comments)

Not to nit pick but:

As open source is a superior production system, companies and individuals that don't participate in it (that is, take open source code and make it closed source) are hurting themselves as they are shutting themselves of from the superior system that is open source.

Circular logic (eg begging the question).

That's why the GPL isn't neede(sic) and why the GPL would only make sense if open source were in fact an inferior system.

The first assertation wasn't proven by the circular reasoning. It is completely plausible that 'open source' (in the context you're using) is a superiour production system because of the GPL.

Now I don't say that you have to agree with him on that, but it's at least an interesting and well thought out argument.

No it's not.

more than 9 years ago


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