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Understanding an AI's Timescale

RKBA Solution... (189 comments)

Run the AI under MS Windows.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Is the Future of Old Copper Pair Technology?

RKBA Re:Copper? (347 comments)

Both copper wiring and copper plumbing are already being removed from houses regardless of the Telco's wishes by vandals whenever a house is abandoned and even from occupied homes that are left unattended for any significant length of time. Plumbing and electrical wiring is of course preferred because it's heavier gauge, but when copper becomes valuable enough, copper telephone wiring will be targeted too.

about a year and a half ago

USB SuperSpeed Power Spec To Leap From 10W To 100W

RKBA Re:we've had a few (242 comments)

I'm old enough to remember exactly what you're talking about. My first ham transmitter was an old military ARC 5 and I used an old navy receiver that received everything imaginable including ultra-low frequencies below the 160 meter ham band. Ah, the memories!

about 2 years ago

Senate To Vote On Internet Sales Tax (For Real This Time)

RKBA Yet another unconstitutional law (326 comments)

Have none of our legistraitors ever read the United States Constitution?

Article. I, Section. 9: "No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State."

about 2 years ago

The Twighlight of Small In-House Data Centers

RKBA Re:in-house data centers: we have one (180 comments)

But even more importantly to the chief accountant is that he will have no local IT guys to beat up and blame everything on when the system goes down.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Name Conflicts In Automatically Generated Email Addresses?

RKBA Re:fname.lname.incrementer (383 comments)

I once met a fellow with the exact same name and middle initial as me. The only difference was the spelling of our middle names. On a somewhat related note, none of the Chinese people I know have middle names.

about 2 years ago

Rusty Foster Isn't Dead

RKBA Once upon a time... (162 comments)

I wrote "Deceased" on a junk mail envelope hoping that they would stop sending junk to me, and put the envelope back into my mailbox. A day or two later I stopped getting any mail at all! The post office was returning ALL of my mail because they assumed I was actually dead. Convincing them otherwise cost a lot of time and trouble.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How Can I Explain To a Coworker That He Writes Bad Code?

RKBA It's fun, that's why. (683 comments)

I once wrote a one line C program (ie; a printf statement) of less than 200 characters that replicated the function of a five page ADA program we had been writing in an ADA class I was taking just to PO the instructor. :D

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: CS Degree While Working Full Time?

RKBA Go for it (433 comments)

I did it when I was about your age, but I had a friendly employer who let me take "flex" time off to attend classes. This was back in the mid seventies of last century however.

more than 2 years ago

Want a Job At Google? Better Know Microsoft Office!

RKBA Re:can we mod summary as (243 comments)

You'd probably be modded as "Funny" (or perhaps "Insightful"?) if you weren't posting as AC. ;)

more than 2 years ago

How Websites Know Your Email Address the First Time You Visit

RKBA Re:10% ? Great (184 comments)

Spamex.com does that for a small yearly fee without needing to register a domain, etc., but it isn't being maintained and their service will probably disappear at some point.

more than 2 years ago

Judge To Newspaper - Reveal Name of Commenter

RKBA Re:News? (307 comments)

1,700 professional architects and engineers who do design high rise steel framed buildings like the three that supposedly "collapsed" on their own disagree with you . If you would merely take an hour of your time and watch the actual overwhelming amount of evidence that indicates explosives were used instead of being a government zombie and believing everything the government tells however implausible, it would change your entire worldview.

more than 2 years ago

Judge To Newspaper - Reveal Name of Commenter

RKBA Re:News? (307 comments)

You obviously didn't watch the video. There were many firemen complaining about the huge explosions in the lobby of the tower that had not been hit by an airplane yet. One of them, who was bleeding from the concussion warned that the building had been wired for explosives as building 7 obviously was if you had ever watched its collapse. Also there are audio/video recordings by amateurs and professional newscast crews that documented the series of massive explosions that were coming from buildings one and two both before and after the second airplane hit a building.

Do you think all of these various recordings and testimony by firemen who were on the scene is faked? If not you would have to be blind, deaf, and very dumb to deny the fact that there were huge explosions taking place at ground level on 9/11.

about 2 years ago

Judge To Newspaper - Reveal Name of Commenter

RKBA Re:News? (307 comments)

Watch the short video that my sig links to, then tell me that. Also, how do you explain the obviously conventionally controlled demolition of Building 7 that was announced ahead of time?

about 2 years ago

Judge To Newspaper - Reveal Name of Commenter

RKBA Re:News? (307 comments)

The only time I decided to give jury duty a try they treated people worse than cattle as though our comfort and our time were of no value whatsoever. That is when I decided I never wanted to be a slave of the courts ever again. Fortunately my name was not called and I didn't have to serve on a jury, which is a good thing because I have severe arthritis (and thus could have gotten out of jury duty), and the miserable chairs we were forced to sit in all day long waiting to be called for a jury was like trying to rest while sitting on a block of concrete. The next day I was so tired, sore, and exhausted from the ordeal I could barely move. It took me about three days to recover physically.

about 2 years ago

The Virtues of the Virtual Autopsy

RKBA Re:Wait (48 comments)

... or it might reveal the f*chk-ups of the quack that took your life.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Avoid Working With Awful Legacy Code?

RKBA Rewrite? (360 comments)

It's probably better in some cases to just tell them it would be much simpler, faster, and less costly to rewrite the whole thing.

more than 2 years ago



Blast it or paint it: Asteroid to threaten Earth in 2013

RKBA RKBA writes  |  more than 2 years ago

RKBA (622932) writes "NASA's data shows the 60-meter asteroid, spotted by Spanish stargazers in February, will whistle by Earth in 11 months. Its trajectory will bring it within a hair’s breadth of our planet, raising fears of a possible collision.

The asteroid, known as DA14, will pass by our planet in February 2013 at a distance of under 27,000 km (16,700 miles). This is closer than the geosynchronous orbit of some satellites.

To avert a possible catastrophe – this time set for February 2013 – scientists suggest confronting asteroid 2012 DA14 with either paint or big guns. The stickler is that time has long run out to build a spaceship to carry out the operation."

Link to Original Source

New moderation system

RKBA RKBA writes  |  more than 6 years ago

RKBA writes "Maybe I'm blind and don't know it, but I cannot find the answer to this question in the FAQ's:

How does one reply to the top level article (rather than to someone else's comment) when the new discussion system is enabled? I have to revert to the "old" discussion system every time I want to reply directly to the main story rather than someone else's comment.

(May I also suggest that you add "Slashdot" as an "Ask Slashdot" topic)"

RKBA RKBA writes  |  more than 8 years ago

RKBA writes "Greetings to all,

DISCLAIMER: I am not a physician and have no legal authority
whatsoever to dispense medical advice. What follows is a personal
anecdote about how I think I may have cured my herpes.

Having had herpes since young adulthood (ah, the memories ;-), I
noticed that an outbreak is always (in my case at least), preceded by
the formation of a pustule or "lump" about the size of my thumb
underneath the skin of my left buttock, although I understand that the
location and size varies from person to person. I've mentioned the
pustule to my dermatologist several times but he always says, "Yes,
that's typical" and does nothing about it.

Hypodermic syringes are prescribed for me because I inject
methotrexate and Humira for my psoriatic arthritis. One day I became
so fed up with Herpes that with the help of my wife, and using one of
my hypodermic needles, I sucked most of the pus out of the pustule
with a needle and then injected about 0.2CC of Everclear, or just
enough to fill the pustule and kill all the viruses that I assume were
contained within it. Note: For you Yankees, Everclear is essentially
modern day moonshine. ;-) It consists of 100% pure grain alcohol and
is sold mostly in the Southern States in liquor stores. I had to
smuggle mine into California because Everclear is outlawed here. Any
type of strong alcohol, vodka, or other anti-viral solution would
probably work just as well as long as it's not contaminated with

It's a good thing I was lying face down on the bed, because as soon as
my wife injected the alcohol into the pustule, I immediately spasmed
into a paroxysm of pain so intense that it totally paralyzed me for
about half an hour. After that I was able to walk a little, but not to
sit. I wasn't able to sit for another three or four hours. The
important thing however is that it WORKED! The pustule shrank to about
half its original size almost overnight. Next I saw my dermatologist,
told him what I had done, and begged for a small vial of some type of
anesthetic. That little vial of Lidocaine is one of my most treasured
possessions, because it has saved me a tremendous amount of pain and
suffering since then.

Since the pustule hadn't yet completely disappeared, I again injected
it with a tiny bit more alcohol, but this time I first injected about
0.05CC of Lidocaine and waited a few minutes for it to take effect
before injecting the alcohol. The difference was amazing. There was no
pain AT ALL, so the moral is to try to convince your physician to do
this procedure in his office using a local anaesthetic in order to
avoid the hellacious pain.

A few days later, another smaller pustule formed nearby the location
of the original pustule. I zapped it in the same fashion as the
original pustule, but this time thankfully using a tiny bit of
Lidocaine to make everything painless. In another two or three days, a
very tiny almost unnoticeable soft lump formed nearby the location of
the second pustule which by then had disappeared. I also zapped it
with the tiniest bit of Lidocaine and alcohol that I could measure
out. No more pustules occurred after that.

I typically had three or four herpes outbreaks each year, but it has
been almost a full year since my wife and I performed this procedure
on myself and I have not had a single outbreak of any type of Herpes
at all anywhere since then. It's premature to say that I'm "cured",
because it's always possible the disease will return, but unless and
until that happens, I am very happy with the results of my

My worst fear is that this may actually be a real honest-to-goodness
permanent cure for herpes that the medical profession will totally
ignore because they didn't think of it first, so I urge everyone to
discuss this with your doctors and to encourage them to give it a try,
because it just may work for you.

I will not be checking back with this forum frequently, so if anyone
wants to discuss this with me personally, or if someone stumbles
across this message in the future and wants to reach me, I have
created a special email address at which I may be reached. The email
address is: HERPES at SPAMEX.COM

Best wishes to all,

Ron Dotson

If I start getting any Spam at the email address above, I will delete it."

RKBA RKBA writes  |  more than 8 years ago

RKBA writes "Is there a website that sells downloads of all the latest Linux distributions for a reasonable price? I realize the distros are available via other means (direct download via mirror sites, Bittorrent, Jigdo, inexpensive CD's via snail mail, etc), but I would like to be able to simply download CD and DVD ISO images immediately at the maximum speed my broadband connection allows whenever I want to, and would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for such a service but am unable to find one. I haven't been able to check out www.linuxiso.org because it's down. I'm trying different Linux/BSD distributions to see if I have a preference in anticipation of abandoning Windows 2000 when it becomes totally obsolete, because I will never use "Vista.""


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