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BBC Wants Evidence of Climate Science Bias

RacerZero Re: Climate change is not disputed (678 comments)

"... reject the physics of greenhouse gasses ..."

Man that's bating if I've ever seen it. What part of "man made" didn't you understand? (my turn to bate). Actually there is a lot to debate and this surly isn't the place to do it.

The fact is there are questions about what has caused the changes that have been observed and what levels of what "gasses" have caused what changes. The issue here is not "Global warming" but whether the media is accurately reporting the debate in the scientific community.

more than 8 years ago



RacerZero RacerZero writes  |  more than 8 years ago

RacerZero (848545) writes "spaceweather.com is reporting the observation of a major X9 class solar flare this morning at 1035 UT. The flare was not pointed earthward but there could be more to come. Flares of this kind can blackout radio communications planet-wide."


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