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Could Apple Kill Off Mac OS X?

Radi-0-head Re:Predictions of Bill Gates in 1995 (577 comments)

He did not make much mention of the Internet in the first revision of his book, however, in this Time Magazine article from 1995:

Gates is as fearful as he is feared, and these days he worries most about the Internet, Usenet and the World Wide Web, which threaten his software monopoly by shifting the nexus of control from stand-alone computers to the network that connects them. The Internet, by design, has no central operating system that Microsoft or anybody else can patent and license. And its libertarian culture is devoted to open—that is to say, nonproprietary—standards, none of which were set by Microsoft. Gates moved quickly this year to embrace the Net, although it sometimes seemed he was trying to wrap Microsoft's long arms around it.

Time Magazine - 12/22/1995

more than 3 years ago

Could Apple Kill Off Mac OS X?

Radi-0-head Predictions of Bill Gates in 1995 (577 comments)

In Bill Gates' book from 1995, "The Road Ahead", he discusses how computing switched from "mainframe"-type applications where the bulk of the storage and processing was done by a centralized system, and how that was falling out of favor for a more distributed desktop PC environment. He further predicted this model would eventually revert back to the "mainframe" (now known as "cloud").

Steve Jobs must have read this book.

more than 3 years ago

Win7 deletes all system restore points on reboot

Radi-0-head System restore != backups (1 comments)

System restore is not a substitute for proper backups. I read the linked article and cringed at the dumbasses who are allocating 200 gigs plus to system restore points.

Also, F8 on boot, "Safe Mode"... that is all.

more than 4 years ago

IE 8 Is Top Browser, Google Chrome Is Rising Fast

Radi-0-head Force-fed browser (319 comments)

I think the only reason Google Chrome is gaining ground is due to the fact that it's forced along with any other Google application, and in many cases sets itself to be the default browser. Most people are too stupid/apathetic to notice or care, so it stays.

more than 4 years ago

School System Considers Jamming Students' Phones

Radi-0-head Active jamming is illegal in the US (785 comments)

First off - yes, this is very illegal which is why you don't see the use of active jamming equipment in the US. If they want to instead build a Faraday cage around the entire campus, this would be the "legal" - though prohibitively expensive - way of getting around the issue.

If in fact they attempt this, and staff or a student have a bona-fide medical emergency and are unable to summon emergency services, this district will then be tasked for paying for a home nurse to wipe the drool off of said victim's face for the rest of their lives.

You would think those who work in education would, you know, educate themselves on the relevant laws and ramifications of actions... nahhh, this is the US public school system we're talking about here.

more than 4 years ago

Privacy Group Calls Google Latitude a Real 'Danger'

Radi-0-head Old news (227 comments)

Yawn, Loopt has been doing this forever.

more than 5 years ago

Police Cars To Transmit Real-Time Video

Radi-0-head Municipal-run Internet... yeah right (149 comments)

My city can't even fix a fucking pothole in less than a month, and somehow this place expects a bureaucratically-heavy municipal government to be able to provide reliable Internet service?

I bet all the traffic runs through the police station for "analysis" anyway. Scary.

more than 6 years ago


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