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7000 e-Voting Machines Now Deemed Worthless By Irish Government

RafaelGCPP Re:No solution selection? (241 comments)

Being a brazilian myself, I have to assure you it's not the electronic booth only. The whole election process is audited from beginning to end, software source code is independently audited, compiled and the binary is signed, in a full day cerimony.

The software activates itself an hour before the elections begin, and it must be closed at most a couple of hours after the election ends, or the booth is invalidated. It stores only two information: if an registered elector voted, and the vote itself, but no link is made between information. Data itself is encrypted and only the Superior Electoral Court President Judge has the key, which is he/she hands off to the Regional Judges only after all booths are recovered to the regional courts.

The whole thing is very straightforward, but the process has many control points and locks, so it would require an army of fraudsters for the elections to be cheated.

about 3 years ago

Earth's Core Made In Miniature

RafaelGCPP Re:How they know... (175 comments)

They probably know this physical model will exhibit a magnetic field because they did a FEA and CFD simulations of the thing. So why then did it have to be built?

Because simulations do not substitute real experiments. For instance, why would one need LHC if the simulations show the Higgs boson? (Q.E.D.)

more than 3 years ago

Mystery Air Crash Black Box Found Sans Memory Part

RafaelGCPP Look for the island (205 comments)

Widmore knows!! They're alive!! Linus told me!

more than 2 years ago

Is Programming a Lucrative Profession?

RafaelGCPP Re:No. (844 comments)

I second that.

about 5 years ago

How To Enter Equations Quickly In Class?

RafaelGCPP Re:Don't suppose it ever occurred to you... (823 comments)

This is much better, since you also overcome the 48h forgetting window.
If you don't force yourself to look for a piece of information for a time, it goes to oblivion. Your mind takes care of throwing unused info to the mental garbage bin, and our internal garbage collector runs on an average of 48h.
Writing it down creates some positive feedback that makes that information valuable, and copying it to the computer reinforces it (taking the internal reference counter to 2).

more than 5 years ago

Radiation Not As Hazardous As Once Believed

RafaelGCPP Not being lethal doesn't mean it is entirely safe! (570 comments)

From TFA:

About 4,000 children were afflicted with cancer. Less well-known, however, is the fact that only nine of those 4,000 died -- thyroid cancers are often easy to operate on.

Great!! Having cancer and not dying of it is really something everyone should try!!
No, thanks! I'd rather keep my thyroid where it is!

more than 7 years ago



Oracle to add SQLite API to Berkeley DB

RafaelGCPP RafaelGCPP writes  |  more than 3 years ago

RafaelGCPP (922041) writes "In a bold movement, Oracle announced today that Berkeley DB's next release will provide a SQLite-compatible API. "SQLite Tools integration means that all tools that work with SQLite will also work with Oracle Berkeley DB, making it easier to develop, deploy and manage Oracle Berkeley DB applications and databases;" says their press release. Lets hope for the best!"
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Schneier Proves Dupes Happens Outside Slashdot!

RafaelGCPP RafaelGCPP writes  |  more than 6 years ago

RafaelGCPP (922041) writes "For those of you who think dupes only happen on Slashdot: I thought I was having a deja vu while reading this month's CRYPTO-GRAM, the newsletter from Bruce Schneier. Apart from an addendum, the essay talking about Crossing Borders with Laptops this month is exactly the same that was published last month!"
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