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Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

RailGunner Re:This might actually kill more than the bombs (685 comments)

And please tell us how you made that logical leap, calling me a racist for stating the objective truth that there is no such race as a "Palestinian", that they are Arabs. This is scientifically correct, so please tell me how I disparaged anyone on the basis of race.

* crickets *

Right. Just as I thought. Find a new crutch when you're losing an argument, asswipe.

12 hours ago

Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

RailGunner Re:This might actually kill more than the bombs (685 comments)

I'm saying your concern about collateral damage is honorable, but your blame for it is entirely misplaced.

Hamas fired the first shot, does not respect cease fire agreements, does not control it's people...

So... fuck them. I hope Israel rounds up every terrorist over there and executes them.

Peace will only come when one side is victorious. I pray that the victor is Israel.


Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

RailGunner Re:This might actually kill more than the bombs (685 comments)

"Hey this risk to the lives of tens of thousands of people when Israel responds is okay, because these rockets we're about to fire are holy jihad. dirka dirka dirka!"


it boggles the mind

RailGunner Re:Grab 'n dash (18 comments)

Exodus 22:2

“If a thief is caught breaking in at night and is struck a fatal blow, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed.

You don't know why a person is in your house when they shouldn't be. You life is not worth risking to find out if it's a drug addict looking to swipe DVD's to pawn or the newest border jumping MS-13 member or terrorist there to cause you harm.

Don't risk it.

Maybe my perspective is different since I have a wife and kids, but if someone is in my house illegally, I can only assume that there is a grave threat against my family, and I will drop the bastard. Center mass.

2 days ago

it boggles the mind

RailGunner My $0.02... (18 comments)

And maybe it's time to think about getting my first firearm.

First off -- abandon any idea of using rock salt -- pissing off an intruder is only going to get you killed.

Since you'd be new to firearm ownership, let me give you my armchair opinion.

Get a pump action 12 gauge shotgun, and a bunch of 00 buckshot. Hornady makes a gimmicky "Zombie Max" 12 gauge shell, and while it's gimmicky, Hornady makes some damn good ammo (I carry the critical defense hollowpoints in my everyday carry gun, a Springfield XDS chambered in .45 ACP). Don't waste time with bird shot, rock salt, or any other "less lethal" method.

As far as brands -- Remington, Mossberg -- won't go wrong with either one of those.

Finally, buy a box of cheap #8 birdshot and head to a range. One common misconception of a shotgun is that you don't have to aim it, it's a "room broom" -- and that notion is complete horseshit. Yes, the shot will expand but that pattern, especially indoors, and with 8 pellets (00 buck) it's not going to expand that much as to preclude you from aiming it.

Now -- some armchair "experts" will tell you never to cock it as a warning. I disagree with this -- one of my best friends is an officer, and she told me that 95% of the time, cocking a shotgun is enough and you don't have to pull the trigger -- and the other 5% of the time, you're going to have to pull the trigger because the assailant is going to kill everyone in the house.

If you'd rather have a handgun -- get a Glock in .45 ACP, with the highest magazine capacity that your moonbat idiot leaders in Kaliforniastan will let you have. I have a Glock 21 in .45 ACP, and let me tell you -- it's a nail driver. Extremely accurate at the range, and I get a 3 inch grouping at 50 yards with it.

But whatever you get -- practice, practice, practice. And have fun. No such thing as a bad day at the range. Keep the gun clean and the ammo dry and it will last you for decades.

2 days ago

Godwin would be ... something something something

RailGunner Re:Holy Crap... (4 comments)

Nope. Just here to note that your idiocy is on another level these days -- which for you, is really saying something. It's past the point of you just naturally being a little slow on the upkeep, it's degenerated to the point where you really have to try to be as willfully ignorant as you are. I'm just here to applaud your effort, it takes a lot to remain so oblivious to overwhelming facts that shatter your world view. Your psyche must be hanging on by a thread, when it finally shatters it'll be amusing to watch.

5 days ago

Godwin would be ... something something something

RailGunner Holy Crap... (4 comments)

... the idiocy over there has really ramped up.

5 days ago

Funniest /. article in a while

RailGunner Re:I by no means missed the point (32 comments)

Congratulations, AC, you're written what may possibly be the dumbest post in slashdot history -- and considering the general idiocy of the lefty trolls around here, that's really saying something.

A Christian who "takes the Gospel more seriously than anything else" would interpret those words as never responding to aggression with violence or legal defense. The latter implies you wouldn't even go after government who is violating the Constitution.


Just because Christians are commanded to not respond to violence with violence does not mean that we cannot seek a peaceful, legal remedy. Christians are not commanded to be doormats, AC. Seeking legal (or criminal charges) against someone is vastly different from smacking some dude back.

In other words, a true Christian would not be bothered by the evils of the Progressives, the federal government, etc. Those are merely Kingdoms of Man.

Wrong again. Christians are called to be defenders of innocent life, and for true justice to be merited on earth. Take abortion -- you're making the statement that Christians shouldn't care about abortion because it's part of a Kingdom of Man. Well, if Christians are called to be the Light of the World, how can we stand idly by while innocents are getting slaughtered by the millions?

not being political and telling people how the president is a rodeo clown (that's judging, against what Jesus taught)

What Jesus was talking about was not discerning whether or not an action is sinful, we can judge that all day. Jesus would not object to any Christian saying homosexual contact is sinful. Jesus would strongly object to the Fred Phelps crowd saying all homosexuals are going to Hell. THAT'S WHAT JESUS MEANT WHEN HE SAID DO NOT JUDGE. He meant that He, and only He, through God the Father, is the Judge of Humanity that decides our ultimate fate - Heaven or Hell.

You know, AC, you should really have logged in. You should own your idiocy in this post.

5 days ago

1k words

RailGunner Re:Nothing will change... (34 comments)

Furthermore, your religion doesn't own the word marriage.

Anything that is not a Sacramental Marriage is not a marriage.

about two weeks ago

1k words

RailGunner Re:Nothing will change... (34 comments)

So really, merely asking them to leave

"Quit before we fire you, and we'll give you a severance package, otherwise, you get nothing" -- hardly a choice there...

The church has done much worse in the past.

So, because a human institution (though divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit, it's still a human institution) did bad things in it's History -- everything should be thrown out.

You're advocating throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Which is fine, but considering the Catholic Church is what created the first Schools and Hospitals -- well, you better close those right now (or not use either) because someone may have burned a witch 500 years ago.

People are doing the opposite of calling vices virtues.

Well this is just complete BS. Homosexual contact (not the attraction, but the sexual contact) is sinful. It's a vice. The virtue would be abstinence -- in other words, celibacy. Which is the same virtue for all unmarried people.

But that's not what the current culture says -- it says, well, "be who you are" and promoted the idea that a deviant behavior is mainstream and one that should be celebrated. I'm not advocating judging gays, I would not support any law that restricts what two consenting adults do in their bedroom -- but stating that the relationship is a marriage is folly, and that it's a virtue to be aspired to (gay marriage) is completely backwards.

Society has fallen far, and very fast, from the way God intended it to be.

And just like Sodom and Gomorrah, the Roman Empire, and Babylon before it, God's judgment WILL be poured out.

The barbarians are at the gates, you just don't realize it.

about two weeks ago

1k words

RailGunner Re:Nothing will change... (34 comments)

No, but the societal acceptance of these evils -- and the scale of the acceptance, moving on to promotion and calling vices virtues, and the downright fascist hostility to anyone who doesn't share this outlook, is downright breathtaking.

Can anyone imagine a mob getting a CEO fired because he donated $1K to a political cause they didn't like even just 5 years ago? I can't, and it's why I'm still stunned Mozilla fired Eich... for the "crime" of having religious beliefs. And it's not just CEO's -- Chase bank is asking it's employees if they are members of or allies of the "LGBT Community". No word on what happens if the employee says "I don't care what you do in your bedroom, but it's not a marriage." They'll probably get fired and liberals like the dipshits we have around here will cheer this saying something along the lines of "Good! We should not tolerate such intolerance!"

Can anyone imagine just 5 years ago the decay (and acceptance of sin) we're seeing in the American Protestant Church? The gay marriage agenda is nothing more than a play from Marx's book on how to destroy the Church -- by launching a full frontal assault on the nuclear Family.

As an aside, I'm seeing a trend start -- as Protestant denominations become more and more secular, a good number of those, shall we say, conservative members, are coming home to the Catholic Church.

The Episcopaleans, the Anglicans... these denominations are falling -- and many members who believe are becoming Catholic.

Most people, I think, sense it -- we've fallen off the final cliff. The landing is going to be brutal. As long as we're falling, though, there's still time to brace and prepare.

But when the shit hits the fan -- and it will -- there will be Hell to pay. God has a limit to how much offense He will take, and His Judgment will be unleashed.

about two weeks ago

1k words

RailGunner Re:Nothing will change... (34 comments)

I think we're in the really big dip at the end.

It's a little shocking how depraved the culture is getting and how fast it's getting there.

about two weeks ago

These secular priests just keep slicing on the drive

RailGunner Re:self-correcting (30 comments)

You are citing the usual legalistic

Because it's true, and been around for a very long time.

There's a whole list of things he didn't say anything about, including homosexuality and abortion and women being subservient and on and on.

On that, you are completely wrong.

In Matthew 5:17 Jesus is quoted as saying: ""Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them."

In other words, Jesus himself is saying that he isn't changing the moral law. Things that were immoral (homosexual activity being just one of many) is still immoral and thus sinful. On abortion? Here's another one, to Jeremiah: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."

Note that Jesus is confirming the message of the prophets, meaning He is saying that yes, He knows us while we are still being formed in our mother's wombs.

It's becoming pretty clear that you have neither read, nor understood, the Bible. More recently, of course, there are great doubts about whether Paul even existed at all.

Saul of Tarsus (Paul) most certainly existed, and he was beheaded at the order of Nero.

about two weeks ago

These secular priests just keep slicing on the drive

RailGunner Re:self-correcting (30 comments)

There were three types of law in the old Jewish custom -- ceremonial, civil, and moral. Some things were intended to be guidelines -- for example, pork and shellfish. This is an example of God watching out for His people, as the primary fuel for cooking in the desert was camel chips. Largely undigested grass, camel chips, much like cow chips, are very flammable. The problem is, that they burn very hot, and burn much to hot to reliably "slow" roast pork to a proper internal temperature. Shellfish -- good idea ot avoid for the same reason, plus you also have the problem of severe food allergies.

That law, however, was a civil law, not a moral one.

For stoning, well, Christ Himself stopped that practice -- Let he among you who is sinless cast the first stone...

For the last one... dude, really? You want to have sex with a woman while she's on her period? That's pretty nasty.

I'd continue, but pearls before swine and all that...

about two weeks ago

1k words

RailGunner Nothing will change... (34 comments)

until He comes back. Until then, we will continue our march into a depraved, degenerate society fully embracing the culture of death.

about two weeks ago

These secular priests just keep slicing on the drive

RailGunner Re:self-correcting (30 comments)

Good to see you again fustakrakich.

about three weeks ago

These secular priests just keep slicing on the drive

RailGunner Re:self-correcting (30 comments)

Swing and a miss, Ratzo.
It took a millennium and a half for the reformation to try to straighten out Scripture.
The point I made was that Luther incorrectly removed this.

So which would you use to inform your life and society? If you said, "The Bible", then even God thinks you're a moron. Because, way before there was scripture, there was man's ability to reason.

Read the Gospel; specifically read how Jesus reacted to Thomas' skepticism, and his message about those who haven't seen and still believe.

Man's ability to reason is deeply flawed. Man's "reason" once told the Egyptians it was OK to use the Hebrews as slaves. Man's "reason" today says it's OK for women to butcher their children in the womb.

about three weeks ago

These secular priests just keep slicing on the drive

RailGunner Re:self-correcting (30 comments)

I'm attacking liberalism as a demonic religion, I'm not attacking religion in general. I, for one, am a proud Catholic and will always remain one.

about three weeks ago



Breaking News: Al Gore Dead at age 63

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  more than 3 years ago

RailGunner (554645) writes "Former Vice President Al Gore was found naked from the waist down and dead in the Alaskan Wilderness this morning. Wasilla Police released a statement today: "Evidence suggests that while Mr. Gore was sexually enjoying the company of a polar bear who promised to release his third chakra and give him the happy ending that the masseuse wouldn't, the infamous Manbearpig was able to sneak up behind Mr. Gore and deliver a fatal blow." Mr. Gore is perhaps best known for the claim that the Polar Ice Caps would melt in 5 years — that he first made 8 years ago. The Polar Ice Caps were quoted as saying "Yeah, dude, we're still here, chillaxing as always.""
Link to Original Source



Once again - I was right.

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 2 months ago Barack Obama is a fascist who is authorizing the use of the US Military against US Citizens ON US SOIL.

Link this story with the militarization of Federal Agencies (such as the Post Office, the DHS Hollowpoint ammo buy, and others, and you can see HOW he's doing this.

If you aren't concerned about this... you aren't paying attention. And if you're not paying attention, when the shit hits the fan, you'll deserve what you get.


Axl Rose listed as best rock vocalist?

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 2 months ago Link

Congrats to Axl Rose.

Apparently Michael Sweet, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Tarja Turunen, Geoff Tate, Rey Parra, James LaBrie, Ronnie Dio, Dave Mustaine, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, James Hetfield, Trevor McNevan, Jon Sumrall, Mark Slaughter, Jani Lane, Joe Elliott, Brendan Small, Bon Scott, Steven Tyler, Jeff Scott Soto, Eric Bloom, Robert Plant, David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, Brad Delp, Robin Zander, Tom Keifer, Jack Blades, Tommy Shaw, Dennis DeYoung, Paul Stanley, Daniel McMaster, Jason McMaster, Ian Gillian, Ryan Clark, Amy Lee, Chris Jericho, Andi Deris, James Paul Luna, Jesse James, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Perry, Steve Augheri, Joan Jett, Lenny Kravitz, Lita Ford, Cristina Scabbia, Kevin Dubrow, Klaus Meine, Vince Neil, David Coverdale, Phil Anselmo, Ralf Scheepers, Bret Michaels, Freddy Mercury, Steven Pearcy, Rob Zombie, Tommy Christ, Sebastian Bach, Ted Nugent, Justin Hawkins, Ian Astbury, Jim Morrison, Roy Orbison, Maynard Keenan, Rik Emmet, Dee Snider, Peter Steele, Weird Al Yankovic and George Fischer were all unavailable for the "contest".


I know it's early, but...

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 3 months ago 20-9, 8 game winning streak, the best record in Baseball, and a 5 game lead in the AL Central.


And for the record, Brad Ausmus is a far superior manager to Jim Leyland.


Mark Callahan for US Senate

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 3 months ago Pretty good. I'd have handled this a little differently. Reminds me a little of Reagan's "I paid for this microphone" moment.

And for my buddy smitty -- it's just another example if liberals and their perpetual pre-pubescence.

"Global Warming, Fact or Myth"
"Myth" -- Correct answer, by the way

And note how the thin-skinned liberal asshole (but I repeat myself) then asks him what he thinks of the Easter Bunny... Callahan points out the asshole nature of the liberal reporter and ends up getting thrown out of the meeting.

My response would have been that there's more credible evidence to support the existence of the Easter Bunny than there is for Anthropogenic Global Warming.



New Product for Liberals Upset at Obama being an unmitigated disaster

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 3 months ago

Also can be used for aching symptoms from trying to defend the Imperial Preznit from the following scandals:

Fast and Furious
IRS Targeting

Or even from overplaying the race card. Buy it by the crate!


Technical Stupidity

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 3 months ago Link to i-Programmer

Wow, talk about a trollbait article.

The author attempts to make a case for managed code because of the "saving graces" of the runtime, but what, pray tell, was the runtime written in?

If a bug similar to Heartbleed was found in .NET or the JVM, for example, it arguably would have had an even greater impact.

To be 100% clear Heartbleed happened not because a programmer screwed up, but because the language was too primitive to know better.

Wow, that's a money quote for trolling.

This statement is ludicrous. It was because a developer screwed up. When a person gets shot, do we blame the gun or the shooter? Exactly, we blame the shooter. The fault never lies with the tool, it lies with the user of the tool. If you don't know how to use the tool correctly, don't fucking use the tool.

For example: Let's say there's an idiot -- there's enough around here to pick from -- who improperly uses a table saw and slices off a finger. Do we blame the table saw or the sloppy idiot?

Blaming C/C++ for Heartbleed is just as stupid.

Quite frankly, I'm surprised i-programmer posted such a trolling, flamebait rant and called it an article. I'd expect that sort of lame-ass shit from Slashdot...


Some Bullshit Holidays Created by Lefties

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 3 months ago

Harvest Day (Nazi Germany)
Beer Hall Putsch Day (Nazi Germany)
Red Army Day (Soviet Union)
USSR Constitution Day (Soviet Union)
Earth Day (United States)


Coming soon to an iOS device near you

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 4 months ago

.. a match 3 game featuring buxom blondes, clubs, and baby seals.

I call it...

Scandi Crush Saga.


Weapons Grade Stupidity

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 4 months ago Recently, an Anonymous Coward (but I have a couple of guesses as to who really wrote it) accused me of being racist because I am pro-life.

The AC's argument was: You say you want to ban abortion, but what you really want is to ban abortion except for the type that rich white people can afford, therefore, you're a racist.

The logical leaps in this argument are almost breathtaking in their stupidity. I'd be surprised, but I've had this account for probably a decade now and as such liberal stupidity is, quite frankly, nothing new.

Here's some pseudocode that explains my position on abortion:

bool MayHaveAnAbortion (Mother m)
if (m.LifeAtRisk() == true)
return true;
return false;

Please note, dear liberals, that in this example there is no consideration for race, socio-economic status, or any other victim groups that you like to place people in.

(Yes, I am aware that the method could simply be "return m.IsLifeAtRisk()" but let's face it, the liberals around here aren't smart enough to handle that and would only get confused.)

So to sum up: Yes, I am absolutely opposed to all forms of abortion for all women except in cases where the life of the mother is at risk.

Furthermore, the logical errors required to somehow twist that into calling me a racist are exceptional in their stupidity, and proves (yet again) the intellectual dishonesty of the "progressive" movement -- showing the "progressive" movement to be nothing more than a secular humanistic death cult.


Beta, Part 2

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 6 months ago You know... since I've written enterprise applications (singlehandedly, and no, I won't tell you which ones) that dwarf slashdot... I might be tempted to write a replacement, given how bad Beta is and how much people are complaining about it...

How would I do it? In the spirit of Open Source, I'd use PostgreSQL as a database backend, as MySQL or MariaDB is, in my humble opinion, inferior to PostgreSQL.

One reason is the syntax of PL-PGSQL vs. T-SQL. I hate T-SQL compared to PL-PGSQL (or just PL-SQL if I'm writing a Stored Proc for Oracle).

After that, I'd model the database to do what I want, and store what I want, and I'd ensure that the data was fully in 3rd Normal Form.

And if you bitch about joins, I'll hit you with a fucking sledgehammer.

After that, throwing up some PHP to format the page is an afterthought. The critical piece is getting the database right.

The database itself would need to be clustered to be able to scale with the load, and PostgreSQL does a pretty nice job of it.


See, I told you so.

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 6 months ago 5+ Years ago I warned people -- and got mocked by the assorted collection of fools we have for leftist trolls around here -- that if elected, Barack Obama was going to be an unmitigated disaster if elected President.


From Fast and Furious to the sky high unemployment to the "recovery summer" that never happened to Benghazi to ObamaCare to the continual end runs around the constitution to illegally appointing people to the labor board to allowing a Nuclear Iran... and now in the SOTU he threatens to bypass Congress even more...

Like I said -- he's been a disaster.

The line for the libtrolls to kiss my ass starts to the left.



RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 6 months ago In a previous journal entry, I used the term "in-vitro" where I meant "in utero". I went back and fixed it.

Apparently, the bus ride to Austin and subsequent March For Life made me more tired then I realized. Still -- if it changes just one mind and saves just one life, it's all worth it.

Had he survived his birth, he'd have been 3 months old today. As a result, I'm completely numb and probably won't be posting much over the next week or two. Just in case anyone thought it was going to be another 3 year sabbatical for me.


The Scientific Pro-Life Argument

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 6 months ago When does life begin? Scientifically, we can answer this question with a set of straightforward scientific facts:

Every living organism on earth has a DNA sequence, which varies by species. Tiger DNA is not the same as Giraffe DNA. There are some species that can make sterile hybrid offspring (Ligers, Tigons, Mules) due to similarity in the DNA, but the DNA of each parent species is not an exact match.

Therefore, there exists a DNA sequence that is uniquely human.

When determining whether a particular cell, or cells, are alive, we can observe one or more of the following phenomenon -- mitosis (cellular division where the DNA is duplicated), cellular respiration, as a result of osmosis or photosynthesis, etc. We can clearly observe and define life in these parameters.

At the time of conception, shortly after the sperm cell penetrates the egg cell, we can observe mitosis and cellular respiration. It is clear that at a biological level, this new organism is unquestionably alive.

This new organism also has a complete human DNA sequence, which means it is unquestionably, biologically, a human life.

Because of these Scientific Facts (in fact, you could even say "The Science is Settled") Human Life begins at conception, with each new person having the potential to develop into an adult organism.

The abortophile will often question this with, "Well, what about miscarriages? See, even God performs abortions so it should be legal!"

This argument does not hold up to a logical analysis. Sometimes, the process of human reproduction fails and the result is a miscarriage, or premature still birth. Some times, there is no explanation for a in-utero death. The reality is, people of all ages die every day of natural causes. Applied to it's logical conclusion, this argument can also be used to say murder should be legal, because all people are going to die anyway. Clearly, this is incorrect, and as a result, using miscarriages to defend abortion falls flat.

Referring to the unborn child as "pregnancy tissue" or "fetus" or "not really a baby" is also deliberately misleading by abortophiles. My second son was born too early, and died as a result. There was no question at all, just by looking at him, anyone could tell that this was unquestionably a tiny little boy.

The next argument made by pro-abortionists is often the fact that the unborn child is dependent on the mother for survival; that it is just a parasite. This is another weak argument, as no one disputes that a tapeworm is alive. While an unborn child does meet the biological definition of a parasite, this does not mean the unborn child is not alive, nor does it mean the child is not human. Furthermore, the average 6 month old is also dependent on the mother for care, and this is not unique amongst humans. Young being dependent on parents is a common trait amongst mammals and some other groups as well - birds, for example, care for their young. Furthermore, some Democrats consider people to be dependent children up to age 26.

Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that abortion is the ending of a human life through non-natural means. It is killing a person (and in the case of the mother, wounding her as well). This ending of an innocent life can not be justified in cases of rape or incest, as the child had no control over it's creation, and does not deserve a death sentence for being conceived under horrible circumstances.

From a medical ethics perspective, the only time an abortion can be justified is when the life of the mother is at risk. The reality of this situation is that BOTH lives are at risk, and the goal is to save the lives you can â" in this case, the mother's life -- because if the mother's life ends, the child's life does as well. Any other case -- there is no moral, medical, ethical, or any other reason to justify abortion. It is not a "medical procedure", it is a crime that when carried out successfully leaves 1 human life dead and the mother wounded.


RG's Self Defense and Caliber opinion.

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 6 months ago So a question that often comes up in numerous gun forums is: What caliber bullet is the best?

Short Answer: The one you can handle the best -- where you have an accurate grouping -- plus, any gun is better than no gun if you find yourself in a situation where you need it.

Long Answer: The one rule of Hand Guns is that "stopping power" is largely a myth. Bad guys are stopped one of two ways - hitting a critical organ (heart, brain, spinal cord), which in the case of the heart could still give the attacker as much as 30 seconds of fight left in them -- or, puncturing enough holes so the attacker bleeds out and passes out from loss of blood pressure.

Compared to rifles and shotguns, all hand guns suck.

But since you can't conceal an AR-15, here's my opinion on some of the various handgun calibers and why I would or wouldn't recommend them for self defense / concealed carry.

First -- just forget about .50 Cal or .44 Magnum. You're not going to find a small frame gun to conceal chambered for these rounds. (No matter how awesome they may be.)

Second -- no matter what caliber, do not carry FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) rounds. In a number of states, Texas included, you are responsible for the round. If it goes all the way through a bad guy and hits an innocent person, you're on the hook. For self-defense, you want a round that's going to hit the bad guy, expand, and stay in them causing as much damage as possible. So buy and carry some form of expanding round. Remington Golden Sabre Hollowpoints are good, so are Federal Hydra-Shoks and Hornady Critical Defense rounds.

Now one to some of the more popular rounds.

.45 ACP -- This is what I carry in my everyday carry gun (a Springfield XDS). I am physically strong enough to more than handle the gun, and the .45 ACP is a heavy, slow round (compared to the 9mm and .40 S & W) but leads the pack in FBI statistics in "one shot stops". For a handgun round, the .45 ACP is a pretty devastating round. However... the recoil can be a bit much, and if you aren't strong enough to reliably control the gun, it's not for you. If you can, .45 is the way to go.

.40 S & W: Sometimes called the .40 slow and weak when compared to it's 10mm sibling, the .40 caliber round is also an effective round. The recoil tends to be a little sharper in pulling up as opposed to the .45 (where the recoil is more of a back push) but some people can handle the .40 better than the .45. It's a good choice.

9mm: The 9mm round is often denigrated, but the fact is I used to carry a 9mm as my everyday carry until I bought my concealable .45. The 9mm is smaller, but faster, than the .45 and the .40, and carrying a hollowpoint round here is even more critical. However, 9mm often takes 2 shots to stop, so if you're going to carry a 9mm (or any other gun, really) practice is very, very important. Double-Tap!

That's it. That's the, uh, unholy trinity of hand gun rounds that I'd recommend.

The rest are too small in my opinion. And no, I especially recommend against a .357 magnum -- it's a small bullet (even smaller than the roughly .38 9mm round) and much, much faster. Even with an expanding round I think the risk of the bullet passing through the target and wreaking havoc on innocents is too great. .380 ACP, .38 Special, .22 -- better than nothing, but unless you hit a vital organ you might just piss the person off.

Home defense? IF you can handle the recoil, get a shotgun. Otherwise, or if you're married, the AR-15 is an excellent choice. Or even better -- get both! I have one of each, as my wife is not physically strong enough to reliably handle the 12 gauge boomstick. The AR-15 on the other hand, has very little recoil (part of why they're so popular) and most women can easily handle it. Plus, most magazines are 30 round capacity (and MagPuls are awesome). The AR-15, despite the claims of our mentally retarded Vice President, is EASIER, not harder, to handle than a shotgun.

For the AR-15, you can buy expanding rounds, typically both Hollowpoint and Softpoint (especially in .223 Remington - but be careful here. If your rifle is not rated for the 5.56x45 NATO rounds, DON'T USE THEM IN YOUR RIFLE. However, if your rifle is rated for 5.56 NATO (like mine is) you can use either 5.56x45 or .223 Remington. The 5.56 round is same bullet, but the 5.56 NATO variety has a lot more powder behind it, meaning a much faster muzzle velocity. For the shotgun -- double-aught buckshot, and maybe for the last one load it with a 1 oz slug. Though be sure of what you're shooting at, that slug may pass through your brick and your neighbor's brick.

Finally -- always aim for center mass. Unless the bad guy has body armor, headshots are stupid. And if you think you can "shoot the gun out of the bad guy's hands"... well, the gene pool is better off without you in it.


Ammo prices returning to sanity...

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 6 months ago Found a special, for $59 you can get 120 rounds of 5.56x45 NATO, 55 grain FMJ-BT, with a plastic ammo can.

Finally. 1000 rounds cost me $600 earlier, but then again, I also picked up 68 grain green tipped NATO FMJ rounds, so I bought something slightly different. (My AR-15 will obviously handle both with no problem. I prefer a heavier bullet, more momentum usually means more penetration depth.)

For you non-ballistics guys and gals: Grain represents the bullet weight - a lighter bullet will have more range, but will pack less punch when it reaches the target. BT = Boat Tail, which also adds some additional range and in-flight stability. The 5.56 bullet is so lethal because it tends to yaw and fragment once it hits tissue (or ballistics gel) and the path of the bullet because very unpredictable (more predictable in a consistent gel, but far less predictable in a Boar).

Cheaper bullet prices = more range time for me. A day at the range is always a good day.


Too good to leave buried in a comment thread.

RailGunner RailGunner writes  |  about 6 months ago Logic, reason, clarity of rational thought -- all these are things that utterly escape damn_registrars.

Pudge, you'd have a better chance if you went to Niagara Falls and started yelling at the water to stop falling then you will ever have in getting through to this putz. It's utterly hopeless, and damn_registrars is too close-minded and quite frankly incapable of understanding any thought outside of his limited, spoon-fed liberal world view. He's like an even more dishonest, annoying version of Rachel Maddow with even fewer "facts". Probably less manly, than Ms. Maddow, too.

I won't claim to know how old he/she/whatever is, but there is ample evidence in the account's posting history to suggest that damn_registrars is essentially an emotionally and mentally stunted individual trapped in a never ending adolescence.

As such, any attempts at an intelligent, rational discussion with this fool are in vain.

As to the ludicrous charges of "fake conservatism"... he called me that because he can't believe that anyone would think the way I do. Apparently he has yet to discover Senator Ted Cruz. Should be entertaining when he does...

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