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Randall Shane Re:Put it in AI research (1245 comments)

The responses to my post mostly don't seem to have an appreciation for the importance and massively revolutionary consequences of AI. It would change everything. And I don't mean change a lot, I mean REALLY change everything. For example poverty would be completely eliminated. DEATH would be eliminated. If it's possible in the near future, then it needs to be done as soon as we can. With the billions available, IBM may be able to make a version of Blue Gene optimized for AI that could actually work.
Uh, exactly HOW is this supposed to work? All we need to eliminate poverty and death is to have something smarter tell us what to do? (Assuming that artificial intelligence would be smarter than the smartest humans, which is Not Necessarily The Case.) Maybe the problems we have can't be cured by just being smarter, anyway.

more than 8 years ago


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