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Valley Firms Push California Oil Tax

RandomLetters Re:Taxes on oil companies end up being paid by peo (543 comments)

Know why gas went to $3/gal in the US?? Because PEOPLE WERE WILLING TO PAY IT. They griped, they whined, they complained, but everyone still went down to the gas station once or twice a week and filled up.

Can you believe they were whining about the price? I mean it's like them whining about how much the air companies charge for air. $3/cubic foot. I mean if people are willing to pay it then that justifies the price. I myself have refused to buy air and am perfectly fine with not breathing.

My heart goes out for the minority that can't afford it, but businesses are in business to make money, not provide charity work.

I know! My heart goes out tho those minorities who are suffering too. It's not like everyone needs to drive to work. I mean doesn't everyone have easy access to public transportation?

The funniest thing I heard was someone whining about Exxon's record profits. I didn't hear anyone offering to give them money several years ago when their profits were in the crapper.

I did my civic duty back then. I bought as much gas as I could to help them out with their massive suffering and complete lack of money which led to such a tremendous hardship for them.

My daughter, bless her heart, wanted a new car. She went out and bought a Yaris and now gets 40MPG. Toyota can't keep them on the lot. I bought a motorcycle a year ago and get 50MPG, so there are already means to reduce consumption.

See alternatives. Just like I was saying. Instead of buying gas you can buy less gas... and die in a motercycle related mishap.

As for those 'cheaper alternatives', where are they. Ethonal?? I've read mixed reviews, some claiming it's the answer to everything, some claiming that the resulting agribusiness pollution might be worse than what comes out of our tailpipes now. Hybrid cars?? First, they cost more. Maybe their effective MPG makes up for some of it, but the anlysis I've seen says they are still more expensive in the long run once you start swapping out batteries. Biodiesel?? There is only so much french fry oil in the country.

Yeah there's no solution right now so we definitely shouldn't try to find one!

more than 8 years ago


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