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D2 Remembers What You've Read

Raphael Re:Don't save threshold changes by default (5 comments)

With the old discussion system, changing the threshold/mode doesn't save unless you click the "Save" checkbox first. Maybe a "Save" command-button could be added to D2, replacing the implicit save with an explicit action. That's AJAXy. Or at least give me a preferences screen checkbox to not automatically save changes to my D2 thresholds.

I usually refrain from posting "Me too!" replies, but I also like to start small (high thresholds) and expand as necessary. I would prefer some kind of explicit "Save" button for the Full/Abbreviated/Hidden tresholds.

I often lower the thresholds when an article has only a few comments. But when I switch to the next article that has hundreds of comments, it is rather annoying to see all of them popping up and slowing down my browser until I can grab the bar and reset the thresholds (and then wait for the browser to catch up). This problem wouldn't exist I could load each new article with my default (high) thresholds.

It would also be nice to have a way to easily change the sort order to "Flat, Newest First, Ignore Threads", for moderating. I currently have to manually switch back to D1 when I get mod points.

Another "Me too!". Moderation became more difficult with D2. It would be nice to have a quick way to switch to "moderator mode" and then back to the user-defined D2 preferences. This concept could be extended further by allowing each user to define sets of viewing preferences and easily switch between them, but maybe that's a bit too complex. I would already be happy with a simple, easily accessible toggle between "moderator mode" and my usual preferences.

more than 6 years ago


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I am not good at keeping my journal up-to-date

Raphael Raphael writes  |  more than 13 years ago

Some time ago, I discovered Advogato and I thought that it would be a cool idea to post some random thoughts there. So I created an account and I started posting some diary entries from time to time.

But when I look at the dates of the most recent comments that I posted in that diary, I have to conclude that I am not too good at keeping it up-to-date. The same thing will probably happen to this Slashdot journal.

I decided to post something here anyway, just in case someone has the weird idea of adding me to their list of friends (it is apparently not possible to do that until there is at least one article in the journal). I do not know what it would be good for because I do not expect to update this very often, but who knows?

Hmmm... And I will enable the posting of comments, just in case...

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