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Worcester Mass. City Council Votes To Keep Comcast From Entering the Area

Raumkraut Re:Awesome quote (232 comments)

I'm not saying comcast is the answer, but government replacing them is not really the cure. At least not the cure unless you want your internet carrying 10 times the load it was designed for and the solution pushed being expanding lanes that only a small portion of people can legally use- or worse yet, have to pay a premium for express travel. Yes, some expansion to existing freeways have been adding toll lanes to an otherwise non toll road.

Not sure if sarcasm, or if completely oblivious to the currently ongoing net(flix) neutrality debate.

about two weeks ago

Google Rejects 58% of "Right To Be Forgotten" Requests

Raumkraut Re:What makes them the judge of these matters? (144 comments)

The data protection laws say, in summary, that companies who process peoples' personal information are responsible for keeping that information accurate and up-to-date, and to discard that information when it is no longer relevant.

The court ruling decided that search results on a person's name constituted personal information about that person. Hence search engine indexes are subject to the fore-mentioned laws.

about two weeks ago

Torvalds: No Opinion On Systemd

Raumkraut Re:Simple set of pipelined utilties! (385 comments)

This isn't the 1700s anymore. Next to no one gives a shit about The Constitution or its "philosophy" anymore outside of neckbeard circle jerks.

A philosophy doesn't become irrelevant, simply because it is old.

about a month ago

Torvalds: No Opinion On Systemd

Raumkraut Re:Simple set of pipelined utilties! (385 comments)

any other complex program that isn't formed from a bunch of small "do one thing well!" utilities

Pipeline intercommunication aside, most large programs of any quality *are* formed from a bunch of small "do one thing well" utilities. They're commonly called "libraries".

Please tear up your Richard Stallman fanclub cards because what little software he's written has mostly been Emacs.

Emacs is *one* thing he's written. Wasn't he responsible for the first versions of pretty much *all* the GNU userspace tools? You know, the ones used by the Linux-using UNIX-philosophy-advocates?

That's not even bringing up the fact that SystemD is.. wait for it... built from a bunch of individual utilities that can actually be used by non-systemd programs.

Oh, great! So we can just install the SystemD init daemon, and not bother with the rest of its feature-creep?

about a month ago

Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5 Billion

Raumkraut Re:Ads (330 comments)

Because you purchased the name, you can develop Minecraft 2

And so a whole new generation of gamers will learn the pain and heartache of a loved name from their childhood getting ruined by a poorly-thought-out corporate-developed sequel.

about a month ago

Satoshi Nakamoto's Email Address Compromised

Raumkraut Re:WRONG! (65 comments)

An email address "expiring" and being re-used these days is plain negligence on the part of the email provider.
It's not like there's a shortage of domain names one can use for email, so there is no reason to reuse existing ones. Especially given the potential security issues which can arise - as demonstrated by this particular incident.

about a month and a half ago

MediaGoblin 0.7.0 "Time Traveler's Delight" Released

Raumkraut Re:OK, it's a content publishing system (73 comments)

From a brief glance, Plex appears to be for streaming existing content. MediaGoblin is for hosting content you create.

Were I seeking a wider audience, I'd have the options of Vimeo or Xtube or Soundcloud or Bandcamp or Flickr to put my content online.

And if you don't want to turn your own content over to third parties, and thereby be subject to their licenses, and often arbitrary censorship/takedown decisions, you could use an instance of MediaGoblin to replace any or all of those services.

What's stopping me from using the dozens of web content galleries

Nothing, but if you're going to do that, you might choose to use MediaGoblin.

about 2 months ago

Free Law Casebook Project Starts With IP Coursebook

Raumkraut Re:which is fine light reading, but not a referenc (22 comments)

While I agree that NC is generally misunderstood by lay licensors, and greatly more restrictive than most people realise, ND has a valuable place in the licensing suite.
For example, if you write an opinion piece, adding the ND clause will make sure that no-one can (legitimately) alter or distort the text, and use it to misrepresent the position you hold/held.

Otherwise, using ND for non-opinion works shows a certain amount of arrogance. It's effectively proclaiming "no one but myself could possibly make this any better".

about 2 months ago

Larry Rosen: A Case Study In Understanding (and Enforcing) the GPL

Raumkraut Re:Specifically: problems with public domaining. (191 comments)

You don't have to have the source to modify it, it just makes it dramatically easier.

"We're not stopping blacks from voting! They just have to fight their way past the KKK barricade around the polling station."

about 2 months ago

Patents That Kill

Raumkraut Re:will not stop repeating the obvious (240 comments)

Moore's law doesn't suffer under the current regime, because Moore's law was written within the current regime. There's no telling what would happen, or what would have happened, in the microelectronics industry without the current patent rules. Perhaps Moore's law would have been "...doubles every 6 months", instead of 18 or 24 months?

What products covered by "dozens if not hundreds of patents belonging to dozens or more different companies" do is encourage collusion and anti-competitive practices, and even in the absence of abuse massively raise the bar for new entrants to the market (aka competition).

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: IT Personnel As Ostriches?

Raumkraut Re:Simple Answers to Simple Questions (246 comments)

Does your country have laws protecting corporate whistle-blowers?
It's a lot easier to defend your position if it's the FBI asking you to make surreptitious copies of documents, after they called you following an "anonymous" tip-off...

about 3 months ago

Maglev Personal Transportation System Set For Trial In Tel Aviv

Raumkraut SkyTran! (81 comments)

Well, sir, there's nothing on earth like a genuine, bona fide, electrified, one-car, SkyTran!

What'd I say?


What's it called?


about 4 months ago

Wikipedia Editors Hit With $10 Million Defamation Suit

Raumkraut Re:Is what he's saying really true? (268 comments)

He's famous enough to have a Wikipedia page, which IME is a reasonably high bar for someone who isn't an anime character.

about 4 months ago

Google: Indie Musicians Must Join Streaming Service Or Be Removed

Raumkraut Re:People pay for music? (364 comments)

What part of "Pay for the service your ilk required us to set up or get out is evil?

I think it's more along the lines of: "Pay for a membership to our Legitimate Businessman's Social Club, or we'll run you out of town."

about 4 months ago

Microsoft, Google, Others Join To Fund Open Source Infrastructure Upgrades

Raumkraut Re:Ah industry initiatives. (101 comments)

1. It's not initially feature-compatible with OpenSSL
2. While there is momentum, it's faster to work apart from the existing project.
3. There's no guarantee the rewrite would be accepted by the OpenSSL team
4. There's no guarantee LibreSSL will work on anything but BSD
5. Theo doesn't control OpenSSL

Personally, my hopes are:
1. This Linux Foundation fund identify LibreSSL as the most feasible solution in the long-term, and provide support for both projects.
2. Important bugs identified by both teams are ported to patch the current OpenSSL release.
3. LibreSSL gains feature parity with OpenSSL.
4. LibreSSL becomes OpenSSL v2, under the stewardship of a healthier OpenSSL community.

about 6 months ago

Future Airline Safety Instructions Will Be Given By Game Apps

Raumkraut Re:Oh great (64 comments)

The information in those demonstrations is trivial and hardly helpful once put to the test. People will panic and that means that little boring sermon will mean almost nothing where it counts.(as always happens)

Perhaps we should be campaigning for people to undergo aircraft-emergency simulations?
You're right that people panic, but people only panic because the situation is unusual. If people regularly experience "emergency" situations without the danger/fear (especially throughout childhood), they can be trained in what to do enough that handling a real emergency becomes routine and practically instinctual.

about 6 months ago

New French Law Prohibits After-Hours Work Emails

Raumkraut Re:Wrong way to go about it... (477 comments)

So what do you do about colleagues in other time-zones? Or on other shifts? Are they not allowed to email you outside of the times you're both at work - assuming there is any overlap at all?

Email is not IM; it's not designed to require or expect an immediate response. Nothing about sending an email necessitates that it must be acted upon immediately.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Which NoSQL Database For New Project?

Raumkraut Re:Do you need a database? (272 comments)

For storing and querying arbitrarily-structured data, which is what the submitter seems to be wanting, a traditional relational SQL database is not necessarily the best way to do it.

And if anything, MongoDB is easier to start using than any relational database, IME. No need to create databases, schemas, or tables (collections) beforehand - you just install MongoDB, start writing data, and it gets stored.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Which NoSQL Database For New Project?

Raumkraut Re:Database Scaleability. (272 comments)

MongoDB has indexes.
MongoDB also lets you store and query arbitrary data, in addition to any "key fields", without having to pre-define all the possible fields. Which it seems is what the submitter asked for.

Where has this idea that "NoSQL" means "not a database" come from?

about 7 months ago

Meet the Diehards Who Refuse To Move On From Windows XP

Raumkraut Re:Viva La XP! (641 comments)

Short version: They have a perfectly working computer with all their stuff on it. Why should they have to throw it in the trash and go through all the pain/expense of an "upgrade"?

Not to mention that, for many people, Windows XP is the only desktop operating system they've ever known.
XP has been around for 13 years. In consumer technology, that's an incredible length of time. After so many years of consistency, of course there are going to be people - millions of them - who don't want to face change.

about 7 months ago


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