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In France, Most Comments on Gaza Conflict Yanked From Mainstream News Sites

Razed By TV Re:maybe (509 comments)

Okay, just close your eyes and it will all go away.

4 days ago

In France, Most Comments on Gaza Conflict Yanked From Mainstream News Sites

Razed By TV Re:maybe (509 comments)

genital mutilation is not an islamic thing but an africans natural religions/tribal thing.

I mean, maybe you could say that it's African in that it is most prevalent in countries in Africa. But it is significant in Iran and Iraq, as well. You can check out this link I painstakingly researched:

4 days ago

Two South African Cancer Patients Receive 3D Printed Titanium Jaw Implants

Razed By TV Re:Mill? (71 comments)

I would assume it means you need to have less stock on hand to do any particular job. Less money tied up in material, less money wasted because you aren't selling off the scrap for less than you paid for it.

4 days ago

World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use

Razed By TV Re:Safe injection sites (474 comments)

Legalization means you can walk into a hospital/pharmacy/police station and ask where a good place for addiction assistance is without worrying that they'll call the cops or arrest you on the spot.

That's what decriminalization means, and it only deals with half of the problem. 2 possible outcomes:

1) Drop in addicts is such that selling drugs is no longer profitable. Drug cartels go home, take up another profession.


2) The number of addicts drops by some percentage, leaving the other percentage of the addicts still buying from and still ultimately empowering some very undesirable people. In this case, you get to endlessly continue the war on drugs.

Or you could legalize, as in, make drugs actually legal, to buy, sell, use, make - and affordable to the point at which cartels can't make the kind of money they do now. If we're lucky, number 1 above takes care of this for us; if we're not lucky, the drugs remain a profit maker for cartels and the like.

about two weeks ago

Netflix Reduces Physical-Disc Processing, Keeps Prices the Same

Razed By TV Re:I doubt most people care (353 comments)

Sure, it's only $8. But by that logic, everybody should just have Netflix whether they use it or not. GP likely has other things competing for his attention, probably including cable tv, at which point its a reasonable question of how much is too much.
There is a point at which media competing for your attention reaches saturation. After that, you can keep buying into services, but the time you spend on any one goes down and the overall value is diluted (unless you have some specific need from each service).

about two weeks ago

Snowden Seeks To Develop Anti-Surveillance Technologies

Razed By TV Re:Biggest problem in IT security: ID-10-T errors (129 comments)

I would say the bigger problem right now is that people don't care enough, period. Your average person is going to want to use whatever is cheaper, or whatever they have now, and isn't aware enough to demand something better and isn't going to want to pay for it. Existing products and services don't have a lot of incentive to improve because the customers don't care enough. As long as competition keeps the playing field level, as long as noone tightens up their security, nobody has to spend money on something that doesn't directly generate revenue.

Consumers aren't going to drive companies to improve. It's going to take competitors trying to one up each other, to offer better service at the same price, to make people want to use their product. Until then, it doesn't matter that the consumers are infecting their computers and giving scammers their login information; the NSA is just going to be using their dirty backdoor tricks to get what they want (plus whatever exploits they copy from the scammers).

Once you have the scammers and the NSA back on a level playing field, then you can get back to status quo where the user is the biggest unseen threat.

about two weeks ago

World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use

Razed By TV Re:Safe injection sites (474 comments)

I've been thinking along these lines for a few years now. Make the drugs legal, regulate them, and possibly even have the government sell them. Use taxes on drugs to fund rehab programs. Give sex workers a way to get out from drug induced slavery. Cut the head off the cocaine cartel by growing it here or importing it from someone else. Take a blow to the coffers of street gangs as well as more organized criminals.

The obvious number one downside is the potential for an increase in number of addicts. I never really had the answer for how to counter that. Social stigma? Government monitoring program on those who buy from the "drug store" that encourages rehabilitation? But maybe if you make the harder drugs extra affordable in an outpatient setting like you describe, it offers a way out for the addicts, while making it inconvenient for dabblers and college kids to get into the really nasty stuff. You could still sell (and tax, of course) the less addictive/destructive drugs, as you would alcohol and tobacco.

And bonus points if this reduces violent crime rates by people trying to get money to fuel their need.

about two weeks ago

FTC To Trap Robocallers With Open Source Software

Razed By TV Re:Ah, how adorable... (125 comments)

I'm going to go with sad.

To this day I still do not understand what makes this such a difficult and complex issue to tackle.

I don't see why it can't be as simple as:
Spam call comes in, I dial a report number, telecom system flags the call and the origin. After 10 reports, 100 reports, that number is blocked. Further outgoing calls from the number are directed to a message to contact a fraud line to get the number reinstated. The longer a number has belonged to a legitimate company, the more immunity it is granted by the system to prevent abuses from angry consumers. The shorter the number has been in service, the more scrunity it is under.

Are the robocallers really able to shield their call origins from the telecoms? That just seems like such a ridiculous concept.

about two weeks ago

Interviews: Ask Dr. Andy Chun About Artificial Intelligence

Razed By TV Singularity (71 comments)

We had two articles touching on this in recent months, so: Singularity or no singularity? Will AI achieve consciousness/sentience in our lifetime/ever, why or why not, and what is your take on the implications of such a thing if you do think it is reasonably possible?

about two weeks ago

NSA Says Snowden Emails Exempt From Public Disclosure

Razed By TV Re:Misuse of FOIA (231 comments)

Cowardly little shit and major balls don't often go together.

Also, rouge agent steals your makeup, rogue agent steals your data.

about three weeks ago

Avast Buys 20 Used Phones, Recovers 40,000 Deleted Photos

Razed By TV Re:Where the fault lies? (231 comments)

A data recovery expert would be eager to tell you that a proper data shred is not done with zeroes alone...

about three weeks ago

Avast Buys 20 Used Phones, Recovers 40,000 Deleted Photos

Razed By TV Re:Where the fault lies? (231 comments)

I think you're looking at it from the wrong angle. For general purpose phone use, encryption is reasonable. But for the purposes of permanent deletion, why rely on encryption when you could just shred the data and be done with it once and for all?

about three weeks ago

Facebook Fallout, Facts and Frenzy

Razed By TV Re:Never meant to upset? (160 comments)

The thing that gets me is that they concluded that a person with more positive items in their feed is more likely to post positive things.
This does nothing to evaluate the actual mood of the person - they might be posting positive things only to compete, or to give the appearance of being positive.

about a month ago

Germany's Glut of Electricity Causing Prices To Plummet

Razed By TV Re:WTF? (365 comments)

So have the plant operators put the extra energy in some batteries and stop crying about it already. In a 100% renewable system, you're going to need battery/fuel capacity for when the sun is down and when the wind doesn't blow. Store the energy when it's cheap and plentiful, don't run your plant full throttle, and move staff over to monitor energy storage. If there is really such a surplus, make hydrogen, get in bed with VW for a fuel cell vehicle, do something. I really can't believe that the best they can come up with is to pay someone to take it from them.

about a month ago

Clueless About Card Data Hack, PF Chang's Reverts To Imprinting Devices

Razed By TV Re:What about flat cards? (142 comments)

A lot of chinese food isn't real chinese food. It's Americanized chinese food. Though I share your sentiment that Changs and Pei Wei seem to turn the "chinese" food experience into something else, and not in a good way.

about a month and a half ago

Local Police Increasingly Rely On Secret Surveillance

Razed By TV Re:Judicial proceedings should never be secret (146 comments)

Unfortunately, I have a friend who supports that type of reasoning.

He is a policeman.

His views are that if he has nothing to hide, he doesn't care if the government snoops in. These things are necessary to protect everyone from wrong doing. Common people who critique it just aren't able to understand the need for it. Whatever steps are necessary must be taken to protect the population.

He's into history, war and such. I would think that something would resonate in his head that being able to systematically monitor and neutralize society's intellectual elite (oh no, they would never use it for that, it would be such a gross misuse of power that it would be stopped right away) is actually a really bad thing. But no, that would never happen to America, and here's why - blah blah blah.

about 2 months ago

TrueCrypt Cryptanalysis To Include Crowdsourcing Aspect

Razed By TV Re:Crowdsourcing (131 comments)

I take it to mean crowdsourcing the attempts to verify the integrity of TrueCrypt.

White said the next phase of the cryptanalysis, which will include an examination of everything including the random number generators, cipher suites, crypto protocols and more could be wrapped up by the end of the summer. Some of the work, White said, could be crowdsourced following a model used by Matasano, known as the Matasano Crypto Challenges. The now-defunct challenges were a set of more than 40 exercises demonstrating attacks on real-world crypto, exploiting weaknesses in real systems and cryptographic constructions. Those interested in participating emailed Matasano and were sent eight challenges at a time, each stage more difficult than the previous. That same format could be part of the TrueCrypt audit, White said.

about 2 months ago

Patent Troll Ordered To Pay For the Costs of Fighting a Bad Patent

Razed By TV Re: but (191 comments)

As others are saying, do you serve at the temperature you brew at?

You should take some time to read about the case. Do you think the jurors found in favor of the victim because they thought it was a great way to make a buck and they wanted to help her out?

Check out what 3rd degree burns to the groin look like: http://justicebeforecharity.or... (I would say this is NSFW, and I have no idea why I can't find a better source for this.) I would say that most people don't appreciate the seriousness of the case because they don't really understand the injury.

There is an interview with Stella's daughter here:

about 2 months ago

The Energy Saved By Ditching DVDs Could Power 200,000 Homes

Razed By TV Re:It's the energy cost of the drive (339 comments)

They seem to think client device operation of streaming is less than that of a dvd player, by about a factor of 2.

The study assumes a set top box of some sort being used for streaming. It's no surprise to me that the energy usage of that is about half that of a dvd player.
However, with the number of people streaming on PC, and the number playing DVD on PC, it is a nontrivial point that they have excluded - the cost of running those devices. I bet the power consumptions of those devices are dwarfed by desktop and laptop users.
And something doesn't look right...3MJ for a set top box? A 500W pc would run 1.8MJ, unless I screwed that up.

about 2 months ago

Mental Illness Reduces Lifespan As Much as Smoking

Razed By TV Re:An opinion from a layman (192 comments)

The medication thing is an interesting issue. I've personally encountered the following:
I just want a pill that's going to solve everything
Nothing I've taken has helped me, and the side effects can be hellish, and I'm tired of the not knowing and waiting to see if the next drug is going to work or not
I'm scared of the side effects, and especially that they will affect my cognitive function or personality
I don't want to be dependent on a pill for the rest of my life
I'm feeling better, so I'm going to stop taking my meds

I'm not in a camp critical of medication. I believe that it is one of man's best shots at improving himself. And the truth is, due to some combination of meds or therapy, I'm doing better than I was some years ago. However, I still have those feelings about meds from time to time. Let's call it a love-hate relationship.

A good number of generic meds can be had for $15 copay if your insurance covers prescriptions. And if it doesn't, a number of generics are still probably pretty cheap (Lithium, Paxil). Forget about new name brand drugs. Also, You may be looking at $300 of lab work every 3-6 months, if you're on lithium or something else that needs to be monitored.

Now the darker side of being undiagnosed and untreated is that you may have a depressive episode out of the blue and you wont have anything in place to help catch you. Not to mention, your life may currently be impacted negatively by lack of treatment and you are unaware of it or don't want to face it (reading into your last paragraph, not forming relationships with people, maybe? Which doesn't seem like such a big issue because who really wants to socialize, anyway? )

Noone really has to know you have a mental illness, if you do get diagnosed. The biggest game becomes concealing your meds and your doctors appointments. The former isn't too bad, but the latter can be difficult if you work a mon-fri 9-5, because you'll have to get the okay to leave work when you normally wouldn't. My dad knows, my friends know, but I generally don't tell my employer or coworkers. Of course, if your employer knows, you may get some leniency for making those appointments...

about 2 months ago


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