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Employers Worried About Critical Thinking Skills

Razed By TV Re:Bennett to the rescue! (553 comments)

This Bennett Hasselton thing has gotten out of hand enough to become a meme. Now I have to read his name when he isn't writing some clickbait article. I'm done with Slashdot.

about a month ago

Texas Health Worker Tests Positive For Ebola

Razed By TV Re:Robots? (421 comments)

Ebola is actually no worse than AIDS, from what I can tell from a quick search.
Just don't lick it, and you're fine.

I can put AIDs in my mouth all I want and not get AIDs.
If I put Ebola in my mouth, I will get infected with Ebola.
Please stop spreading this nonsense that Ebola is as difficult as AIDs to transmit. It is carried in more bodily fluids, and can be spread by contact with those fluids. It does not require a wound, as AIDs does.

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: VPN Setup To Improve Latency Over Multiple Connections?

Razed By TV Re:Your linux server won't help you. (174 comments)

Poster is entirely aware that his unreliability comes from his mobile links. That is why he is asking the question. Better, affordable, providers probably don't exist in his area, and this is the game that he has decided he wants to play.

Chances are that his situation is similar to mine: around $20 a month towards Freedompop (WiMax) for one mobile connection, and tethering through my phone (4G) for another connection.
My other options are $55/month for Verzion FIOS (they no longer offer DSL in my area and have no affordable lower bandwidth plans available to me), or Comcast, which I would rather avoid based on all of the horror stories. Unless Google shows up to offer these guys some competition, the idea of a better provider is largely a myth.

The cellular networks are usually adequate. Latency and bandwidth are generally good when demand isn't peaked. When there is a lot of demand (friday nights, for instance), you just have to hope for the best, as latency will be very unpredictable. However, even when the connection seems good during non-peak hours, mobile networks seem to be plagued by random latency spikes. You can be playing a game with less than 200ms ping and all of a sudden you're looking at 1000ms+ ping times.
If you could use both mobile networks at once, the chances of them both crapping out at the same time is going to be less than it is for one or the other.

about a month and a half ago

Antiperspirants Could Contribute to Particulate Pollution

Razed By TV Re:Heh (70 comments)

They also skipped over hair care products. Silicon is becoming much more common in them. I see dimethicone more often than not in shampoos and conditioners.

about a month and a half ago

The CDC Is Carefully Controlling How Scared You Are About Ebola

Razed By TV Re:Ebola threat (478 comments)


The problem is that there is a very random factor involved here, and that factor is humans.

In an age of not taking responsibility for our actions, we are relying on people to 1) recognize they may be sick, and 2) take the proper actions once they suspect that they are sick.
I can imagine all sorts of scenarios, someone in denial about having it, someone that thinks they have a more benign illness and can't afford to take off from work, someone uneducated about Ebola, someone who denies the existence of Ebola, or someone who thinks that God will protect him from Ebola and that he will recover on his own.
Think of a somewhat possible worst case scenario: This person lives in New York city, takes 2 or 3 different trains/buses to get to work, maybe uses an elevator, visits a public cafeteria, doesn't wash their hands. How many people could be exposed in two days?

It might not be likely to happen, but if it does, how would you contain it?

about a month and a half ago

Ubisoft Claims CPU Specs a Limiting Factor In Assassin's Creed Unity On Consoles

Razed By TV Re:boo hoo hoo (338 comments)

With current consoles, these games can be patched. So not only is Ubi just pissing and moaning, but they could still find ways to dumb down the AI, remove NPC's, and find other ways to lower CPU load. Instead of changing their game to make it better, they fingerpoint at the thing that they cannot change.

about a month and a half ago

Texas Ebola Patient Dies

Razed By TV Re:The Conservative Option (487 comments)

No mod points, or I would have modded GP up.

An Ebola outbreak in the US is undesirable by pretty much everybody here, except maybe for people with stock in the companies producing cures and vaccines.

Travel bans seem entirely reasonable to me. If aid workers want to go over and help, then by all means we should have some sort of quarantine procedure in place so we can get them home. But we don't need Joe Schmoe going over there, getting infected, and bringing it back with him. It's an unnecessary risk, just as it is unnecessary to take a leisure trip to Liberia in the middle of an epidemic.

I am a little surprised that noone is fear mongering about someone intentionally spreading Ebola. It seems like the perfect thing to let loose in a country you are at odds with, whether you are another country or a terrorist organization.

about a month and a half ago

Apple Sapphire Glass Supplier GT Advanced Files For Bankruptcy

Razed By TV Re:Possible sequence (171 comments)

Well, when the spec is "Glass doesn't crack when you drop it", and the glass cracks when you drop it, it shouldn't have taken the company until they were knee deep in shit to figure out that they couldn't deliver. They should have found out from the early prototypes that they had a problem.

There was a lot of money involved so they decided to play the game. They played, and they lost.

about 1 month ago

Diners Tend To Eat More If Their Companions Are Overweight

Razed By TV Re:That's odd. (126 comments)

I get it, this is just another example of blame someone else rather than accept responsibility for your own actions.

Seems like a convenient way to avoid that this is a societal issue and not just an individual's personal failure.

about 2 months ago

Blizzard Has Canceled Titan, Its Next-gen MMO

Razed By TV Re:The luxury of money (155 comments)

Better that the EA model of "eh, fuck it; publish what we got and close the shop."

Starting out, it sounded like Blizzard really had something with Titan. Or at least they made it sound that way. I wouldn't mind seeing a half finished product, just to see what they had.

about 2 months ago

Kickstarter Lays Down New Rules For When a Project Fails

Razed By TV Re:Risk aversion (203 comments)

I would say there is nothing wrong with a project failing. I don't fund a project thinking "failure is not an option."

However, the projects I have had "fail" were not due to problems related to the project. Instead, funds disappeared, with nothing to account for them. Army Men playing cards had its funds disappear, about the same time the creator took a honeymoon. Somehow, he ended up finding the money and giving everyone a refund.
Another fail, still in progress, is the Asylum playing cards. Ed Nash took a lot of people's money and had the artwork for the cards. He never got the cards printed, and has offered very little in explanation for the status of the project, or where the money has gone. A legal case has started against him in Washington state.

In short, if a project tries, and fails, that's one thing. But if it is simply fraud, that is entirely unacceptable.

about 2 months ago

Is the Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000?

Razed By TV Re:More importantly (393 comments)

They're lighter too, so you need less energy all together.

Google tells me that a Tesla Model S weighs 4,464 or 4,647 lbs.
A 2008 Toyota Camry is supposedly 3307 lbs. A 2014 Camry is 3190.
I think any reduction in engine weight is made up for by the batteries.

Whatever you will spend on a new battery will be a lot less than what you pay to maintain your gas engine car over it's lifetime. There is already a robust market for rebuilt battery packs and that will baloon in the near future. (Not all cells go bad at the same time. Just replace the bad performing cells and you're good to go)

When your battery has diminished life due to age of the battery, you will not be replacing individual cells.
This post puts the cost of a battery for a Tesla S at $45k. Alternatively, it looks like you can pre-pay $12k when you get your car and get your replacement battery years later. http://www.teslamotors.com/en_...

I have no idea of what the availability is/will be for third party huge car batteries... It is a little bit of a specialty item.

about 2 months ago

Developing the First Law of Robotics

Razed By TV Re:Same as humans ... (165 comments)

I have a friend, a Comp Sci graduate no less, that can't see the endless utility of AI. His viewpoint is that you can simply program things to behave like they're intelligent, like these robots. He does not see the distinction, that an AI can be your friend, your researcher, your 24/7 slave/military tactician holed up underground somewhere. That it can do things without having to be programmed to do them.

about 2 months ago

Net Neutrality Comments Surge Past 1.7M, an All-Time Record For the FCC

Razed By TV Re:Tits (81 comments)

I'm a little more concerned that the fact that Janet Jackson's led to over a million complains. Why are American's afraid of tits?! There wasn't even a nipple. I don't get it!

Because their football game was tits up and it wasn't even the second half.

about 2 months ago

FCC Warned Not To Take Actions a Republican-Led FCC Would Dislike

Razed By TV Re:Correction: (338 comments)

One counter argument would be the small municipalities who don't get get broadband at all, despite already having the wire/fiber running through their town.

Another counter argument would be the lack of infrastructure upgrades, combined with overselling bandwidth, combined with Verizon not playing fair with Netflix.

As for offering service to out of towners - if a neighboring town wanted to buy service from my municipal broadband, and they were willing to create their own infrastructure to connect with mine, it doesn't sound too unreasonable.

about 3 months ago

Scientists Baffled By Unknown Source of Ozone-Depleting Chemical

Razed By TV Re:Easy, India or China (303 comments)

Re-read your post. I'll help you out, even.

So why has every environmental initiative in the past 40 years been pushed by the Democrats and resisted by the Republicans?

Why did "mega-corporate bitch" Obama introduce new carbon emissions rules in June that will cost energy producers a fortune?

What happened to your brain in the 60 minutes between your posts? At first you extoll the virtues of the Democrats, and now you claim your original post is about Democrats and Rebulicans being the same. Do you see the discontinuity?

GP has it right. The US was built disregarding the damage we were doing to the environment. Now that we're on top, its easy for us to tell people not to do things. But if anyone else wants to get ahead, they're going to do it the cheap and easy way. Without some sort of alternative financial incentive, greed will drive countries to disregard the environment to ensure their industry evolves. While you can point at Democrats and Republicans and call them angels or devils, the rest of the world is going to do what they want with regards to the environment (and there are a lot more of them than there are of us).

about 3 months ago

Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook Released

Razed By TV Re:Flaws? (203 comments)

Min/maxing is half the fun of the game, unless it leaves the PCs woefully unbalanced between one another.

I'm not sure how you can have min/maxing without it unbalancing the PC's. It becomes an arms race between players to find the most powerful, game breaking combos. Spreadsheets, forums, and research on things that can be abused. It leaves the non min/maxers in the dust, and the GM has to find some way to tone up encounters without destroying everyone else.

Not the idea that if I'm going to be a wizard, I'm going to be the smartest guy around, or if I'm going to hit people in the face with my axe, then I'm going to be the biggest, toughest guy around. Those are totally viable character ideas, especially your first time playing before you've grown bored of the shallow archetypes. And yet, that's min-maxing.

You can roleplay the smartest/strongest guy around, or you can abuse the rule system to become the strongest/smartest guy around. When your level 5 character has godly powers to influence the game through some clever min/maxing, it really ruins the experience for others.

It's a broken system where in order to be an non-cliche character you have to be disadvantaged mechanically, because the game is build on archetype enforcement, that's the problem.

I'll give you this one. The upside, you can use min/maxing to offset your mechanical flaws. So my martial adept, Gravedigger, used a shovel as a weapon. He had a penalty to fight with it, but I was still able to game the system to still be overpowered.

On a side note, there were enough base classes in 3.5 that you could almost make whatever character you wanted by dipping into them a la carte. See my rogue/scout/ranger/fighter.

about 3 months ago

DEA Paid Amtrak Employee To Pilfer Passenger Lists

Razed By TV Re:Circomventing controlls (127 comments)

That was my first thought before reading the article. Pay the employee, no hassle and red rape to worry about getting caught up in. However, FTFA:

Under a joint drug enforcement task force that includes the DEA and Amtrakâ(TM)s own police agency, the task force can obtain Amtrak confidential passenger reservation information at no cost, the inspector generalâ(TM)s report said. Under an agreement, Amtrak police would receive a share of any money seized as a result of such drug task force investigations, and Amtrakâ(TM)s inspector general concluded that DEAâ(TM)s purchase of the passenger information deprived the Amtrak Police Department of money it would have received from resulting drug arrests.

So it may simply be that there was a lot of money to be made by screwing Amtrak out of it.

about 3 months ago


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