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Did Chicago Lose Olympic Bid Due To US Passport Control?

RealityProphet Good for Rio (good for Chicago) (1040 comments)

You know, as much as I hate how Obama continually sets himself and America up for trampling on by all members of the international community, Rio deserves this, and so does Chicago for that matter.

The Olympics belong to the emerging economies, not the first world. Western nations whine so much about the possibility of hosting the Olympics, why on earth should they choose any western nation? London has cried from the get go of how much it'll cost, how other large scale projects have failed miserably, even how much traffic it would bring and how much it would, oh gasp, inconvenience the local populace. F em. Half of Chicagoans didn't even *want* the Olympics hosted there. WTF? Why have it there then? What a welcome!

Contrast the western media's handling of the London bid, the Chicago bid with that of the Beijing games and their exuberance. It was the most spectacular games in history, and they were positively giddy to be hosting it. Contrast Chicago's reception of their own bid with Rio's. You get the feeling that all of Brazil wants to host it, so let them! While I don't think it'll be as big as the Beijing olympics, it will be far more spectacular, optimistic, and inviting than anything any of the other condenders would have been able to muster.

more than 5 years ago

Amazon's Cloud May Provision 50,000 VMs a Day

RealityProphet Re:ok did a manager write this?! (122 comments)

who cares how many potential VMs the "cloud" can host. its methodone for most end users/devs real problems: inefficient code. the "just pitch machines at it until it runs fast!" mentality will catch up to us.

That's not true. We use Amazon's cloud to host some of our servers. The reason we do it is for two main reasons. (1) We don't need to worry about equipment maintenance. Let me repeat that lest you think its not a big deal: We don't need to worry about equipment maintenance! (That is a big deal when you leave your basement but don't necessarily have a dedicated IT staff). (2) We are in a rapid growth phase. We cannot estimate well enough what are computing needs, our storage needs, are going to be 1- 2- 6- months down the road. We also don't have $50k to drop on equipment and storage that may be utilized 6 months from now, but we sure as hell know if we bought it now it wouldn't be used immediately. Amazon's cloud makes it trivial to keep up with our growing demand without paying up front for it. Sure we pay more to "rent" the stuff from Amazon, but its simply the big(O) argument: Amazon's pricing scales worse than the classic alternatives, but the constants out front are tiny.

more than 5 years ago

Parents Baffled By Science Questions

RealityProphet Re:Pardon? (656 comments)

...but you laud the people close minded enough not to be able to talk about sexuality. How wonderful...

I tip my hat to you for the greatest hypocrisy I have seen in years.

Those people decide not to talk about sexuality to a five year old. Are you a five year old? I tip my hat to you for equating yourself to a five year old.

more than 5 years ago

How Can Nerds Make a Difference In November?

RealityProphet Re:Ummm .. Vote? (950 comments)

Frankly I have more faith in the average person then the zealots when it comes down to it.

I, too, put much stock in the belief that, fundamentally, the average person is good and has a strong moral compass. However, that is often not enough to make an informed decision.

For example, take an issue such as abortion. If you ask the average person, "Is it alright to kill babies?" What do you think they'll say? Their gut reaction, which will be nearly universal, is "absolutely not!" But there is more to the issue than that. There is the issue of unwanted pregnancy, rape, and other mitigating factors that need to taken into consideration that, at first glance, may seem like distant, secondary factors when held up against the horror of killing babies.

Or, take the issue of capital punishment. If you ask the average person, "Should we spare the lives of serial killer-rapists?" What do you think the answer will be? But, again, there are mitigating factors, such as the plethora of cases in which condemned men have been found not guilty of their crimes. Some before their execution, but many, unfortunately, afterwards. That may seem like small potatoes compared to the justice that should be given to serial killer-rapists. But not if you're one of the unfortunately condemned.

more than 6 years ago


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