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GM To Introduce Hands-Free Driving In Cadillac Model

Reapman Re:Depends on the oversight/fallback systems (185 comments)

Will they? I actually haven't read that they will be doing that, or are we just assuming that "it's AI, it'll take care of it all" Reminds me of managers talking about the Cloud

about two weeks ago

GM To Introduce Hands-Free Driving In Cadillac Model

Reapman Re:Depends on the oversight/fallback systems (185 comments)

And yet those issues won't go away with an AI driving your car. IN fact, it may be yet one more thing that has to be added to the regular maintenance list that people like to ignore.

about two weeks ago

Japan Marks 3rd Anniversary of Tsunami Disaster

Reapman Re:Why can't this shit happen to North Korea? (77 comments)

Unlike the rest of WW2 where no civilians died?

You also realize that both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were part of the war machine in Japan, right? Hate to say it but bombing cities was a common tactic by all sides back then. War has never been fair. If we ever found ourselves in a situation similar to WW2, I dare say it would happen again, too, by every side.

War... war never changes.

about 6 months ago

Sony & Panasonic Next-Gen Optical Discs Moving Forward

Reapman Re:Compared to 4TB? (250 comments)

Glad you weren't making the decision back when floppy disks were 1.44M and my Hard Drive was 250M...

Without knowing the specifics, this could be a great form of backup, which judging by the name, is exactly what this is for.

about 6 months ago

Woman Attacked In San Francisco Bar For Wearing Google Glass

Reapman Re: LED (921 comments)

It appears I was wrong, I did further digging and it seems to support what your saying. Which is odd because I swear I've read first hand accounts where there is a light. Maybe there's different versions?

Regardless a light should be installed if there isn't one. Just crazy if there isn't.

about 7 months ago

Woman Attacked In San Francisco Bar For Wearing Google Glass

Reapman Re:LED (921 comments)

It already does...

about 7 months ago

Death Hovers Politely For Americans' Swipe-and-Sign Credit Cards

Reapman Re:It's about time. (731 comments)

Generally I never give my CC over the phone. The only example I can think of where you would is ordering in food, and they have hand held debit/credit card machines - I enter the PIN on that when they get to my door. Safer then speaking it through a phone line.

about 7 months ago

Microsoft Joins Open Compute Project, Will Share Server Designs

Reapman Re:Cloud (90 comments)

Yup, but when I tried out OwnCloud I had some issues with file corruption. When I investigated a few months back it was a bit of a known thing, and a lot of comments were make sure your making backups, it's not fully ready yet, etc. Shame as it was really what I wanted. Might be better now.

about 8 months ago

Public Libraries Tinker With Offering Makerspaces

Reapman Local Library does this (90 comments)

I think it's great - 3d Printers, hands on "toys" for kids that help them learn electronics, computers to learn programming, 3d modeling, and other skills. Its really bringing people back into the libraries.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Reimagine a Library?

Reapman Talk to these guys (231 comments)

Not associated other then I live in the city - Haven't step foot in a library in over a decade, but with their Makerspace (3d printers, book printer, kid friendly toys to learn how circuits work, music making devices, etc), ebooks, etc I've become pretty impressed. Very forward thinking and friendly staff.

Edmonton Public Library

about 8 months ago

Doom Is Twenty Years Old

Reapman Re: Tunnels of Doom (225 comments)

Commenting because holy crap someone else that played that epic game. I still remember eating dinner while waiting for the game to load. Whole family played a character each. So many good memories...

about 9 months ago

Volvo Plans To Have Self-Driving Cars In Swedish City of Gothenburg By 2017

Reapman Re:Unsolved challenges? (134 comments)

Just curious - assuming the car can determine who is a traffic cop - as you seem to imply by your response to the GP - how do you stop a teenager on the side of the road from holding his hand out like a traffic cop - something any driver would ignore, but how would the car? Are we installing some wireless signal in all cop uniforms? Can that be hacked? What if a cop doesn't have his special uniform on does the car just ignore him? Do we also replace all traffic cops with robots?

I'm tired of this whole "cars will be safer once machines drive because they never make mistakes" argument that seems to be common here. For many months a year where I drive the road is covered by snow and ice, and you basically have to "best guess" where the lanes are. How will cars handle that? Whats the safety order - do we dodge to avoid the kid, but force ourselves into an oncoming semi, or does the car weigh hitting the kid as an acceptable loss?

Maybe someones solved all of this and has brought the cost down so everyone can afford one - but I've seen minimal evidence so far. Just that R"obot Cars are the future and I should embrace them and stop asking questions..."

about 10 months ago

Ask Slashdot: MMORPG Recommendations?

Reapman Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 (555 comments)

I don't play as hard-core as most, and at most a couple hours every other day. But I find there's enough content to do something whenever I'm on, and with the dungeon finder it helps finding someone to do whatever your looking for.

But whatever game you play of this type it comes down to the community. Having a core group for friends to play with can turn any game into fun.

about 9 months ago

Android Update Lets Malware Bypass Digital Signature Check

Reapman Re:Looking forward to 1st August (85 comments)

there's a bigger difference betweent iOS and Android then just Sideloading. Change the default apps for email, maps, etc to whatever you want. Skin the UI. Make the choice and run a rooted custom version of Android. Different selection of handset sizes. Etc.

If anything, Sideloading is pretty useless for the majority of users. Its the other things that people use generally that makes Android different.

about a year ago

Sony's PS4 To Have Less Stringent DRM Than Microsoft's Xbox One

Reapman Re:Where is the INFO! (509 comments)

Uh the info was in the presentation. On giant slides. And in the words that were spoken. Not sure how much more clear you want it. Sony specifically said "does not need to check in every 24 hours" "you can play offline" "eye camera is $59" The details are there clear as day check any gaming news site. Want examples of those? Joystiq and Kotaku are two big ones.

about a year ago

Retro Gaming With Raspberry Pi

Reapman Re:So what? (106 comments)

My impression from RTFA is that this is more on the hardware side of things. Which I found very interesting.

about a year ago

Netflix Wants To Go HTML5, But Not Without DRM

Reapman Re:Silverlight greatness (394 comments)

Well Silverlight doesn't crash my computer either. Granted thats because the only site I've ever seen that uses Silverlight is Netflix. I imagine if Flash was never used it wouldn't slow my computer down to a crawl, either.

about a year and a half ago

Sony Launches Internet Service Offering Twice the Speed of Google Fiber

Reapman Re:So what (268 comments)

As a fellow Canadian I think we're getting off topic here, but I think you mean Eastern Canada. Here in the west it's pretty decent. I'm a pretty cheap guy, so only have the 50 Meg service Shaw offers (I think its like $60, so cheap being relative), but for $10 I can double it to 100 Meg. My cap is like 400 Gigs too. 100 Meg.. no idea what that cap is. If Shaw ever packed up and I had to use the other guys, Telus, I'd probably cry, but so far I'm quite happy with Shaw. Not Google Fiber (or Sony?!?) speeds but still pretty happy.

about a year and a half ago



Access Personal Information from Multiple OS's

Reapman Reapman writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Reapman writes "I am trying to find the ideal setup for sharing my personal data over multiple Operating Systems, and keep coming up just short of my goal. My biggest priorities are Email (done currently with Courier IMAP), Appointments, task list, and Contacts. The OS's I use are Linux, Windows, Palm (Treo, willing to consider a different Phone/OS if it would help) and most recently a Macbook running Leopard. Google seems like a likely source for Calendar and Contacts but ideally I'd like to be able to access this data "offline" as well. Palm seems to be able to sync with Google Calendar but not without jumping through some rather annoying hoops.

Also looking to have bookmarks (Firefox?) and MSN Chat Logs (stuck with MSN, was thinking aMSN as the client?) between my desktop and laptop too. Documents right now are accessible via a Samba Domain Controller (so login / logout scripts are available to be worked with)

My goal would be some sort of streamlined process where I log in and it's all just there, no having to manually sync anything. This is just for me so the expensive "enterprise" solutions like Exchange and such aren't really viable options. I have looked at Fedora's Directory Services a bit however did'nt have much luck getting it running. I'm probably asking for quite a bit, but I figured if there was a solution, someone on here would know!"


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