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Open Source and Net Telephony

ReconBobbyB Re:Open Telco==Bad (79 comments)

I tend to agree that not everything should be open sourced, but telco could benefit. Linux is an ideal platform for telephony because it can be stripped down and made very fast, it can be embedded and it is very stable. There is a great deal of telephony hardware available with opensourced drivers for Linux. Quicknet's drivers are even in the kernel starting with v.2.2.14; this is what created the heading of telephony devices in the Linux Kernel. There are even opensource VoIP protocol stacks avaialable such as OpenH323.org. This, to me, constitutes a decent platform. Now developers only need to create tha applications to sit on top, and the entire package would only cost a fraction of what a commercial system would traditionally cost. There is the opportunity to create custom, flexible call control applications for a platform that wouldn't have have a starting price of $30,000 and $250 per port like some traditional PBS's. The Opensource community would benefit by stepping back and relizing that their effort must in someway result in a marketable business solution in order to perpetuate itself, but don't discount the whole movement.

more than 14 years ago


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