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DVDs, Blu-Rays To Show 20-Second Unskippable Govt. Warnings

Red Pointy Tail Re:Educate the public? (587 comments)

In Malaysia (where I live, also a pirate heaven), the dominant pirate gang have for years inserted their own unskippable 10 second video, asking viewers to buy their 'gold-color-plated' pirated DVD instead of some rival gang's 'blue-color-plated' DVD disc (prob some DVD-R), with a short video comparison clip over why their quality is better. So yeah, the pirates are one-up on the game years ago.

more than 2 years ago

How Infighting Hampers Innovation At Microsoft

Red Pointy Tail Re:They all write the same stupid article..... (450 comments)

Maybe it is your sort of attitude (that is the way it works!!- stfu, loser! we are making tons of profit aren't we? we don't need great products, just need to be less painful than the rest!) that is contributing to the malaise.

more than 4 years ago

How Microsoft Beats GNU/Linux In Schools

Red Pointy Tail Re:Product dumping (476 comments)

The thing is their products are agile in price since they have high fixed costs and low marginal costs. Airlines are classic example of this.

Um... airlines have low marginal costs? Where did you get that from? I think what you are getting at is the ability to execute price differentiation. Having a low marginal cost of course helps you execute this because you can drop all the way to zero, but I don't think you can call running flights low-cost!

about 6 years ago

AVG Virus Scanner Removes Critical Windows File

Red Pointy Tail Re:It's sad... (440 comments)

Yes, they used to be very good, but they have gone all terrible. First, they started hiding all evidence to their free version from their website (you have to know to go to free.grisoft.com otherwise there is no link from their main website, though it is back up now), misleading licensing, then their version 8 started doing all sort of crap like hogging resources, scanning every weblink and generating massive amount of web traffic (though it can be turned off), and having bugs every week like marking legitimate files as infected and irritatingly requiring a computer restart every time you turn it on (requires a reinstall to fix it).

They have gone all shite, and I'm massively put off by them now, and I will recommend anyone against buying or using their stuff. They are just plain sloppy now, and frankly you don't want your first or second line of defence to be sloppy.

After our current license term expires, my company will be switching away to another vendor.

more than 6 years ago

Malaysia Frees "Anti-Islamic" Blogger

Red Pointy Tail Re:Speaking freely (53 comments)

Parent is exactly right. Insulting religion is an easy excuse and makes for an easy target to charge someone in this country when nothing else sticks. The actual reasons are entirely political.

What was left unsaid is that RPK was a persistent thorn in the side of the present government: he has published an ongoing series called 'The Khairy Chronicles' about the allerged corruption and abuse of power of the outgoing prime minister's son-in-law (PM Abdullah Badawi, now being forced out), and have publicized much of the allerged evidence linking the next incoming prime minister (equivalent:president) to the grisly and ghastly sex-and-murder case of a Mongolian interpreter who was brokering a weapons deal (the private investigator hired by Najib's goons confessed in an affidavit that future-PM Najib have said that the interpreter likes anal sex, and she was blown up with C4 explosives by the police detail assigned to protect Najib, using C4 explosives obtained only from the army where Najib is the Defense Minister. The trial is ongoing but Najib was never charged even when many roads point to him. The PI & his family promptly disappeared the day after the affidavit and was never seen again).

Yep, this dude has been anointed to be our next prime minister by the ruling party, and there is nothing they can do about it for now. Lovely country, ain't it, put your Ted Stevens to shame :)

more than 6 years ago


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