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US Secret Service Wants To Identify Snark

ReekRend Lmao it had to happen (213 comments)

How many people have/talk about trolling terrorism keywords? That's what they get.

about 1 month ago

Study: Royalty Charges Almost On Par With Component Costs For Smartphones

ReekRend Patents and Copyrights are obsolete. (131 comments)

They have no place in the modern world, if they ever had a place at all. Creating art is a privilege and invention is the nature of intelligence, they will happen just fine without greed as the motivation. Down with unfettered capitalism, live like rational humans instead of psychopaths.

about 2 months ago

Wikipedia Medical Articles Found To Have High Error Rate

ReekRend How is your GP more reliable... (200 comments)

...if they are using Wikipedia as their reference? (or at least 47-70% of them)

about 2 months ago

US Wireless Carriers Shifting To Voice Over LTE

ReekRend Expose limits as unnecessary? (126 comments)

Wouldn't this make it obvious that voice/data are interchangeable and limiting one would be silly?

about 2 months ago

AMD Preparing To Give Intel a Run For Its Money

ReekRend Re:Performance/Price: AMD always wins. (345 comments)

Concerning power consumption, technically probably not, but I suppose I'm referring to home users. Even if you work out all the math for difference in electricity costs, it's not going to make a difference unless you're putting heavy loads on your computer every single day (busy servers, your whole life is gaming, etc). Realistically for home users the difference would only be a few $ per year. Of course it's obvious for data centers that they will save money by paying more for power saving CPU's. For home users the computer is idle most of the time anyway. Reference for cost/CPU wattage:

about 2 months ago

AMD Preparing To Give Intel a Run For Its Money

ReekRend Performance/Price: AMD always wins. (345 comments)

Every time I go to buy a CPU, AMD wins on the price-performance charts, so... AMD wins. I have to assume that Intel is for the subset of people for whom money is not a concern.

about 2 months ago

FCC Proposes $48,000 Fine To Man Jamming Cellphones On Florida Interstate

ReekRend I could have sworn this was criminally illegal?? (427 comments)

This seems like a miniscule fine, I guess I was extremely incorrect in my belief... I had just always heard that jamming cell phones would result in being arrested.

about 3 months ago

Scientists/Actress Say They Were 'Tricked' Into Geocentric Universe Movie

ReekRend To be fair to the marks... (642 comments)

...the liberal [comedy] media (talk shows, as well as pure entertainment like Ali G) tricks people into appearing in things all the time, so apparently it's not that hard. I don't personally blame people for being too trusting, it just reflects how honest they are themselves.

about 3 months ago

3D-Printed UAV Can Go From Atoms to Airborne in 24 Hours

ReekRend Can anyone see how this thing thrusts? (77 comments)

I don't see any openings in the body and no propellers or bumps on it in the video; obviously they added stuff inside - but what?? (The see-through drawing in the video shows nothing?!) I think the real story here is how this thing is magically flying. ;)

about 4 months ago

Your Next Online Order Could Be Delivered To Your Car's Trunk

ReekRend Why would you prefer car over home delivery? (162 comments)

Seriously? For the case where you're not going home the day it's delivered, yet you need the package to take wherever you are going instead?

about 5 months ago

South Carolina Woman Jailed After Failing To Return Movie Rented Nine Years Ago

ReekRend My ex went to jail for my expired city sticker. (467 comments)

She took my car to get groceries one day and got a ticket in the parking lot, mistakenly thought it was dismissed, she moved and never received any summons or notices that her license was revoked, went to drive on a military base late at night 6 months later to visit a friend, they ran her license and charged her with like 4 crimes for trying to enter a military based with a suspended license (2003, they treated her like a terrorist, she spent all night locked up with the MP's), it went to court, no mercy, jail.

about 5 months ago

First Global Map Outside the Solar System

ReekRend How is this a "global map" ? (19 comments)

How is this a "global map" ? It seems at best to be an "atmospheric" map, which I'm sure is interesting although usually a bunch of clouds that never stop moving.

about 6 months ago

Unintended Consequences: How NSA Revelations May Lead To Even More Surveillance

ReekRend Uh, who is this person and why should I care? (207 comments)

As far as I can tell this is just someone's blog, with a self-inflated resume. When I got to the part about repressive regimes executing "their Snowdens" with no publicity, I became certain that he's not very smart, since Snowden fled the U.S. before publishing (and we're all pretty sure he would have met with an accident if he had stayed here). This guy is very wordy to try and sound like he has important things to say, but if you read between the lines he doesn't. Every couple of paragraphs I'd stop and think "what did I just read... oh, nothing."

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Long Will the Internet Remember Us?

ReekRend Until current civilization ends, duh. Obvious?! (126 comments)

How has every comment missed the obvious here? As long as storage capacities stay current or increase (as seems incredibly likely) and computing power does likewise (for search concerns), then your Internet Archives and Googles and search engines and media hosts and governments, and blogs even, have no reason to delete anything ever, it will become both cheaper to store/search and a mere fraction of the data they continue to store. If any major service even goes out of business its data will be bought and preserved by another. On the other hand it is obvious that current civilization will end in a matter of decades, barring magic technological discoveries to save us from ourselves (guaranteed collapse from the insane "infinite growth is good" paradigm). I think a far more interesting question is how and what data will last, via physical media and technology issues over the long term, what and how data is intentionally preserved and by whom, and when/who/how it will be attempted to be read/recovered by future civilizations (or aliens if we manage to destroy our planet or race that badly). I did some superficial looking before and I am not sure that we have any sort of capability to reliably store digital data for thousands of years without a refresh, if it should come to that, and there is a lot of gray area in between.

about 7 months ago

New Windows XP Zero-Day Under Attack

ReekRend Re:Useless exploit, just gives admin to a local us (241 comments)

What are you talking about? This exploit doesn't force any code to run, it *allows* a user, of their own intention, to get root. If you've got a user who's willing to install anything you want then the system is already screwed.

about 8 months ago

New Windows XP Zero-Day Under Attack

ReekRend Re:Useless exploit, just gives admin to a local us (241 comments)

If you already have the ability to access a user account on a target machine, it has always been trivial to get root if that is the goal. ALWAYS. Even moreso with Windows. You glossed over "the infected document's code downloads further exploits", but that would actually be the exploit that matters. This is not that. Also if you've got regular users in your physical environment that are determined to hack permissions then you're screwed anyway.

about 8 months ago



Romanian Man Kills Himself & Four-Year-Old Son Because of Ransomware Porn Th

ReekRend ReekRend writes  |  about 4 months ago

ReekRend (843787) writes "Apparently the man had previously looked at porn online and thought the threat was real. "The report claims a suicide note left to his wife explained that the reason for taking his own life was: 'I received a warning [on my computer] that said I have to pay 70.000 lei [£13,000] or go to prison for 11 years. I don't think it's normal what I've done...I apologise to all of you...I don't want Nicusor to suffer because of me...I can't stand going to prison. I can't.' ""
Link to Original Source

Freakonomics Reinforces What We Already Know About

ReekRend ReekRend writes  |  more than 2 years ago

ReekRend (843787) writes "Old news to everyone here, but more mainstream proof against the industry is always good.

"These numbers seem truly dire: a $250 billion per year loss would be almost $800 for every man, woman, and child in America. And 750,000 jobs – that’s twice the number of those employed in the entire motion picture industry in 2010. The good news is that the numbers are wrong.""

Link to Original Source


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