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Nuclear Trashmen Profit From Unprecedented US Reactor Shutdowns

Relic of the Future Re:Oh yes, store the waste (74 comments)

France doesn't have a Yucca mountain (yet) but they manage to do fuel reprocessing.

about a year ago

First Particle Comprising Four Quarks Discovered

Relic of the Future Re:Fractional charges? (111 comments)

Anti-quarks have anti-colors.

about a year ago

First Particle Comprising Four Quarks Discovered

Relic of the Future Re:Fractional charges? (111 comments)

Two quarks (-1/3 or +2/3) and two anti-quarks (+1/3 or -2/3) so no, sum is always an integer.

about a year ago

FDA Calls On Medical Devicemakers To Focus On Cybersecurity

Relic of the Future Re:Air gap the damned networks.... (40 comments)

Since I helped write a system that pulled live data from medical devices (during surgery) to update patient records on the fly, and that, eventually, those records have to be sent to someone else (using the internet): No. You can't just run an internal network with no access to the internet.

Build layers of security. Don't use hard-wired passwords. I.e., Stop being stupid about security. But no, you can't just air gap.

about a year ago

26 New Black Hole Candidates Found In Andromeda

Relic of the Future Re:what happens (57 comments)

Actually, this is the most ridiculous response I've ever seen that had the gall to start with "actually."

Actually, alternate universes and white holes are about as far from actually accepted theories as you can get, this side of string theory.

Actually, starting a response with "actually" makes anyone sound like a jerk.

about a year ago

Japan's Radiation Disaster Toll: None Dead, None Sick

Relic of the Future Re:Stepped in a pool of radioactive water (319 comments)

A "death squad" volunteered, but they were not permitted to help. And no "thinks" about it, Chernobyl was worse.

about a year ago

Japan's Radiation Disaster Toll: None Dead, None Sick

Relic of the Future Re:Farse! (319 comments)

Source? (I just love asking this same question of ACs all day%)

about a year ago

Japan's Radiation Disaster Toll: None Dead, None Sick

Relic of the Future Re:lol... (319 comments)

There will probably be a slight increase in thyroid cancer rates. Luckily, thyroid cancer is one of the most-survivable types, especially when detected early, and people who were in the area will be checked regularly. The number of cancer deaths statistically-attributable to this will be very low, and as someone further down noted, the 20,000 dead by the tsunami will far-exceed them.

about a year ago

Proxima Centauri To Bend Starlight For Planet Hunt

Relic of the Future Re:Unless you have a better idea. (23 comments)

If you ignore the "gravitational" bit and compare it to physical lenses. But it's being compared to using a galaxy or *galaxy cluster* as a lens. It's micro.

about a year ago

Why We Should Build a Supercomputer Replica of the Human Brain

Relic of the Future Re:One teensy detail (393 comments)

His whole argument is you don't NEED a definition of intelligence in order to build a replica. (Like you don't need to, I dunno, read German in order to be able to copy a passage of text written in German.) I mean, he's probably still wrong and crazy. But lack of a definition is not WHY he's probably wrong and crazy.

about a year ago

64-bit x86 Computing Reaches 10th Anniversary

Relic of the Future An Extra Bit of Register (332 comments)

When AMD gave a presentation to my processor design course (not coincidentally about 10 years ago) one of the presenters said that one of the most surprising speed-ups for 64-bit code came from just having 16 real general purpose registers to work with. Even though register renaming lets you smooth over them, it meant all those extra load and store ops (that RR would identify as waste and work around) now didn't need to be in the code at all. It turned out to be rather non-trivial for one of their test apps.

So those 32 extra bits of memory addressing are nice. But don't forget about that 1 extra bit for identifying registers!

about a year ago

BitCoin Value Collapses, Possibly Due To DDoS

Relic of the Future Re:Well the ultimate value of a dollar is (605 comments)

The relationship between the money supply and inflation isn't quite that naive. While there are more dollars now, there are also more people doing more work producing more value; if there wasn't more money, there would have been deflation, which is much more crippling to an economy than inflation. (Which is one of the reasons gold didn't work out in the long run, and why bitcoin won't either.)

Fiat currency is sort of like the relativity of economics. It makes people uncomfortable, it doesn't seem to jive with everyday experience (although it does), and it pulls the rug out from under the idea of universal references (either reference frames or the valuableness of certain rare metals.)

about a year ago

Leak Found In Fukushima Tank Holding Radioactive Water

Relic of the Future Re:THIS DID NOT HAPPEN (189 comments)

I'll pretend that's not a rhetorical question.

Because a typical coal plant causes more dollars in health problems, and puts more radioactive material into the environment, than a typical nuclear plant. And then there's the carbon dioxide.

about a year ago

Scientists Have Re-Cloned Mice To the 25th Generation

Relic of the Future Re:Hard to believe (134 comments)

A statement emblematic of so many issues, but I'll choose to respond with snark:

What makes you think a clone would ever go out with you?

about a year ago

Orson Scott Card's Superman Story Shelved After Homophobia Controversy

Relic of the Future Why ALL or NOTHING? (1174 comments)

I'm not sure what to think about this. I enjoyed Ender's Game as a kid[.] On the other hand[...]

Why do people (geeks in particular perhaps) get so hung up on having to either agree with EVERYTHING or NOTHING someone says and believes? Do you like the Cthulhu mythos? Well, Lovecraft was an unrepentant racist. He still wrote some great fiction though! I love Tom Cruise movies. But, he's an unrepentant Scientologist. He's still a fine actor though! You don't have to reject every word someone has ever said just because you disagree with them about one thing. You absolutely should let that knowledge inform your thoughts. And you absolutely should not feel any qualms about participating in a boycott. But you don't boycott Card's works because they're BAD. In fact, the fact that he's a good author makes your boycott even more compelling, since you're probably missing out on a great story--you're cause some harm to yourself--in order to call attention to a cause that's more important to you.

Here's what you should think: Ender's Game is still a good book. Card is still a homophobic asshole. A better question is, what are you going to do about it?

about a year ago

DHS Can Seize Your Electronics Within 100 Mi.of US Border, Says DHS

Relic of the Future Re:Check out the map. (597 comments)

As well as all of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island (the southwest corner of Vermont is the only thing keeping all of New England from being Constitution-free), New Jersey, and Delaware. The largest city that's safe, is Phoenix.

about a year and a half ago



Progress in Algorithms Beats Moore's Law

Relic of the Future Relic of the Future writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Relic of the Future writes "Seen on the blog "Algorithmic Game Theory", a report to congress and the president about past and future advances in information technology notes that, while improvements in hardware accounted for an approximate 1,000 fold increase in calculation speed over a 15 year time-span, improvements in algorithms accounted for an over 43,000 fold increase."
Link to Original Source


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