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Slashdot Turns 10 But You Get The Presents

ReluctantBadger Celebrate a decade of Slashdot! (636 comments)


Hey Slashboteers! Are you finishing university? *STILL* unemployed after the dot com layoffs? Desperately trying to get a LAMP cluster to perform better than an IBM Model 55 running Vista? Well, have we got the answer for you! Chief Executive Officer Rob Malda and SS Officer Michael Sims invite you to join them at the Black River Public School in Holland, Michigan from the 1st November 2007 for the "/. 10th Anniversary Slashbot Camp." Three full days of pony rides, Linux coding and male bonding. Special Appearances by NAMBLA Grand Wizard Katz with his partner Wai Tu Yung.

Activities include:

  • Bouncy 'CowboyNeal' Castle - Pick a cheek and jump, bitch!
  • Salami Slam - Jon Katz's unusual variation of naked leapfrog.
  • Creative Writing - Roland Piquepaille's short course on CTRL-C and CTRL-V.
  • Anime Association - Sit around with CmdrTaco and watch Anime with no subtitles or dubbing and pretend to know what's going on. Free Juice.
  • Advanced Kernel Hacking - Workshop on changing kprintf() messages and then re-compiling to make it look like you're l337. Hosted by Alan Cox.
  • Stealing Code for the Lulz - Presented by Jiri Slaby and the SFLC.
  • Masters of Perl - Jamie shows you how NOT to code by demonstrating the latest version of CSS Slashcode.
  • Delusional Paranoia 101 - How to quote 1984 and Franklin for your YRO posts.
  • The Great Penguin Push - Instructional piece on cramming penguin plush toys into tight spaces.
  • DivX for the C64 - Featuring our guest speaker "Junis".

Tickets are US$125 each, and the event lasts for three days. For more information, or to book a place, contact CmdrTaco

Terms & Conditions:
Spaces are limited to how many people we can lock in a basement. Camp is open to males aged between 12 and 19. No soap is allowed on the premises. CmdrTaco's Jubei cabinet is not to be used as a simulated coffin for sex games without his involvement. KDawson's 5w Creative speakers must not be turned up to eleven.

more than 7 years ago


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