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Microsoft Releases Replacement Patch With Two Known Bugs

RenHoek Never useful info given with patches (140 comments)

What pisses me off as a consumer is that Microsoft patches never come with any kind of useful information.

"There are X patches available", and when you click a specific patch you get "This is a stability patch for Windows 8" or something generic like that.

How can a consumer make an informed decision to go ahead and install patches or not without hours of looking up KB numbers?

I'd like more info, so that unless a patch specifically fixes a security bug, I'd rather leave the rest of the patches uninstalled as long as my system runs ok.

about 2 months ago

Who's On WhatsApp, and Why?

RenHoek Seeking open source alternative (280 comments)

I use it, it's pretty popular in the Netherlands. However I am looking for an alternative.. But not Telegram (which seems to be picking up a lot of refuguees).

I would love something open source, so I'm going to have a look at Wazapp (a.ka. OpenWhatsapp). Anybody have any experience with it?

about 8 months ago

Researchers Develop "Narrative Authentication" System

RenHoek Sounds like a plan! (117 comments)

Yes, because a site breach wasn't annoying enough yet when they take all of the passwords. Let's give them more information which to do spearphising with.

about 10 months ago

US Intercepts Iranian Order For Attack On US Embassy In Iraq

RenHoek No credibility (433 comments)

I think the US has lost all its credibility in the world since it became known where all of the 'credible documents' about Iraq came from. I'll believe there were chemical weapons used but most likely it was the rebels, trying to get other countries involved in their war.

Also, as a European, I'm getting ever so tired of hearing how 'America is the policeman of the world'. Why not let the Middle East countries clean up their own mess for once? The added bonus being a lot less angry Muslims giving the US the stinkeye.

about a year ago

Uncle Sam Finally Wants To Hear From Us On Digital Copyright Law?

RenHoek Simpsons did it! (183 comments)

Homer: “Don't worry, baby, the tube'll know what to do.”

He takes her form, puts it into a canister, and sends it through the pneumatic tube system. The canister takes a wild ride through the tube system, eventually being deposited... outside, where a nearby beaver collects it and adds it to a dam built entirely of message canisters.

about a year ago

As AOL Prepares To Downsize Patch, CEO Fires Employee During Meeting

RenHoek /tinfoilhat on (248 comments)

What if it's a con? Guy A fires guy B in a blatantly illegal way. Guy B sues the company for a bazillion dollars. Guy A and B split the money.

about a year ago

Other Agencies Clamor For Data NSA Compiles

RenHoek Let's chant the mantra.. (144 comments)

"We need to know who downloaded copies of 'The conjuring'. It's rated R, so imagine the horrors if a child were to download this! Do you hate children?!? THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!" -- RIAA

about a year ago

Several Western Govts. Ban Lenovo Equipment From Sensitive Networks

RenHoek Re:Their loss (410 comments)

It's racism to exaggerate undue fears that the Chinese are installing backdoors everywhere. They undoubtedly do install backdoors though..

However if the Chinese are ever coming for the USA, it will be through the courts with a small army of debt collectors.

So it's more about have realistic fears..

about a year ago

Several Western Govts. Ban Lenovo Equipment From Sensitive Networks

RenHoek Why do the heavy lifting yourself? (410 comments)

All the Chinese need to do is gain access to the NSA backdoors that are in all versions of Windows... That would be far more efficient.. and undoubtedly they already have..

about a year ago

US Promises Not To Kill Or Torture Snowden

RenHoek Fool me once.. (616 comments)

Really, what are the promises of the US worth nowadays?

about a year ago

The Glorious Return of the Twinkie

RenHoek Fallout rations (528 comments)

Ever since hearing that after a nuclear war the only two things left are cockroach and twinkies, I've been keeping 2 twinkies in my basement since the 80's. And they're still 100% good. So I guess it's pretty much true.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Is an Online Identity Important When Searching For Technical Jobs?

RenHoek I'd say yes (358 comments)

You WILL be Googled. So I'd recommend at least having _some_ online presence. At least LinkedIn, which for technical people is pretty much a CV of what you have been doing over the past few years.

Not having a Facebook and such is actually a plus in my eyes.

about a year ago

World Press Photo Winner Accused of Photoshopping

RenHoek Re:Happens All the Time (182 comments)

Only writers are allowed to tell the story's without photos?

No, but there is a distinction.

If a news reporter writes down a story and starts adding things that didn't happen, greatly exaggerate the events or puts a subjective slant on something, then it stops being news and becomes an editorial.(See Fox 'News')

The same with journalistic pictures. You're allowed to take pictures at such a angle or with a specific technique that highlights the facts. But if you start taking pictures that misrepresents the facts or start photoshopping in post production, then it's no longer journalism but becomes expressive, i.e. art.

People who think of the World Press Photo expect journalism, not art.

about a year and a half ago

Apple Deluged By Police Demands To Decrypt iPhones

RenHoek DMCA (239 comments)

This is good right? I mean with the DMCA even trivial protections are illegal to circumvent, so you remove the people who would be capable and interested in reverse engineering from the market. Then don't be surprised then when nobody can decrypt smart phones.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Teach IT To Senior Management?

RenHoek Trust (159 comments)

Tell them to trust IT to make the right decision for them.

Just research the best option and present that. Don't give them a choice between the ideal solution and a runner up because it will just make them argue and possibly select the wrong product.

The only thing they should bring into the decision making process are the business requirements. You set the technical requirements and then find the package that covers them both.

about a year and a half ago

Belgian Media Group Demanding Copyright Levy for Internet Access

RenHoek Oh yes (162 comments)

As a Belgian ISP I would demand 90% of all profit Sabam makes them, since they enable them to sell digital goods..

Greed, plain and pure.. all copyright groups should be shot.

about a year and a half ago

Genetically Modified Plants To Produce Natural Lighting

RenHoek US only (328 comments)

Seeds will be shipped within the USA only!

Way to make it a global initiative..

about a year and a half ago

Creationist Bets $10k In Proposed Literal Interpretation of Genesis Debate

RenHoek Impossible (1121 comments)

It's impossible to prove anything, when the counter argument is: "It's magic!".

about a year and a half ago

Gov't Report: Laser Pointers Produce Too Much Energy, Pose Risk For the Careless

RenHoek Re:Oh, we can do something about THAT? (260 comments)

Here ya go..

But I do agree.. I mean toys back then were awesome! Lawn darts, _real_ chemistry sets with radium and such..

Have a look at

I'm still in favor of Darwinism, even with children's toys.

about a year and a half ago



EA sneaks Securom into Dragon Age II

RenHoek RenHoek writes  |  more than 3 years ago

RenHoek (101570) writes "Ars Technica reports that with the release of Dragon Age II, various users encountered the dreaded Securom DRM, even though Bioware ensured users that it wouldn't be included. Seeing that a fair few users only bought DAII thinking they could avoid the problems and other discomforts this DRM brings, it will be interesting to see what EA's next step will be."
Link to Original Source

Universe running out of time

RenHoek RenHoek writes  |  more than 6 years ago

RenHoek (101570) writes "With heat death, the big crunch and quite a few other nasty ways in which the universe could see its demise, we can now add "running out of time" to the list. A team of scientists came up with a new theory that would solve the problem of the elusive dark energy that seems to be accelerating the expansion of the universe. They figure that the universe is not speeding up but we are, in relation to the outer regions of space, slowing down. Tests with the upcoming Large Hadron Collider will give more insight if we're going to end up frozen in time."
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