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Blizzard Asserts Rights Over Independent Add-Ons

Rendus Re:QuestHelper (344 comments)

I've not donated for QuestHelper for the same reason I haven't for Auctioneer:

You're too aggressive about soliciting those donations. Just like I don't respond to beggars in game, I don't respond to begging add-ons in game.

more than 4 years ago

Recourse For Poor Customer Service?

Rendus Re:Might I suggest you try to call them? (593 comments)

Yep. I saw it.

Doesn't change a thing. He wants a resolution. A phone call will lead to one. Thus, he should make a phone call. If he cannot, he surely has someone in the US (or whatever region the system was purchased from) that could place the call on his behalf.

It's not difficult. The first answer to "I want something..." should be "So ask for it.", and not "Chargeback! Email carpet bomb! Consumerist!"

about 6 years ago


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