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Effective Optical Disc Repair?

Rhett Top scratches can't be fixed (554 comments)

You don't need a fancy machine. The bottom line is that if the scratch is on the bottom, and it doesn't go too deep, you can polish away some plastic to make the cd readable again.

If the scratch is on the top, and deep enough, there is no way to repair the cd. You can tell if it is a top scratch by holding up the cd to a light and looking through with with top side facing you. If you can see light coming through scratches, you have top scratches.

more than 6 years ago


top Gets Head Hunters to Search For You

Rhett Rhett writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Rhett (141440) writes "JobPoacher is essentially a career listing service in reverse: Rather than show a list of job openings for users to apply to, the site features a list of employed workers who are open to new job opportunities. As the site’s name suggests, the goal is to help those currently employed actively seek out head hunters so they can be recruited (or "poached") by another company."
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