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Ask Slashdot: Moving From Contract Developers To Hiring One In-House?

RicRoc Hire the contractor you work best with (524 comments)

My suggestion is you look at your current list of contractors, order them by how well they cooperate with you, and make the "best" an offer. You won't find anybody perfect, better the developer you know than the genius you don't!

about a year and a half ago

US Judge Rules Against German Microsoft Injunction

RicRoc Re:It's a fact (272 comments)

Jeg kan nu godt lide at kalde landet for "Tyskland" :-)

more than 2 years ago

Evangelical Scientists Debate Creation Story

RicRoc Re:Problem with literal interpretation (1014 comments)

This is the (beginning of the) age of maturity of mankind: interpret scripture yourself.

Before the return of Christ, there were rabbis, priests, mullahs, gurus, etc to guide the faithful. But now, God expects us to grow up and deal with multiple interpretations, seek out truth independently, consult with others as equals, and come to our own understanding.

more than 3 years ago

Evangelical Scientists Debate Creation Story

RicRoc Problem with literal interpretation (1014 comments)

A literal interpretation of holy writings soon leads to confusion, obscures the truth, and makes it unnecessarily hard for rational individuals to realize the spiritual truths enshrined therein.

The stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses provide spiritual teachings, such as: “God the Creator”, “God the Protector”, “God the Provider” - they are not historical accounts.

In this day, now that Christ has returned, such stories, and the teachings they provide can be viewed as the necessary steps and fundamental building blocks of our current task: to build the Kingdom of God on Earth.

PS. The return of Christ: http://www.uhj.net/bahaullah.html

more than 3 years ago

Book Review: Alfresco 3 Records Management

RicRoc Re:Sounds interesting (31 comments)

Definitely take a look at the Alfresco Community Edition, which is free but without support: http://wiki.alfresco.com/wiki/Download_and_Install_Alfresco
Just install it and try it out, it's an easy install and quick to learn, but full of the options used in enterprise document management systems that you can master when you need them. We use the Share interface to manage the documents in each of our projects.

more than 3 years ago

Attractive Open Source Search Interfaces?

RicRoc Re:Data Search Interface (65 comments)

VisiNav looks very interesting, with a strong focus on class/object hierarchies that could work well on clean, well-structured data sets -- and may be exactly what the poster needs!

Could you explain here how to continue with VisiNav past the demo? How would the poster adapt VisiNav to his needs: set up his own system and use his own dataset?

Is VisiNav a research experiment, an open source project, or a commercial product? What licences is it available with? Is it open source?

about 5 years ago

What Desktop Search Engine For a Shared Volume?

RicRoc Enterprise Content Management with Alfresco (232 comments)

Yes, Google's Search Appliance (GSA) could be used, I have seen it used with limited success. The main problem was how to respect access control on documents: either you index them or you don't, and if you index them with GSA, sensitive data may show up in search results. Also, we had a lot of trouble "taming" GSA: it would regularly take down servers that were dimensioned for light loads.

I would suggest using Alfresco http://www.alfresco.com/ as a CIFS (Common Internet File System) or WebDav store for all those documents. This would give you the simplicity of a shared folder and the opportunity to enrich the documents with searchable metadata such as tags, etc. Each folder (or any item, in fact) could have the correct access control that would be respected by the search engine, Lucene. http://lucene.apache.org/java/docs/

Alfresco comes in both Enterprise and Community Edition, it's very easy to try out -- even our non-techie project manager could install it on his PC within 10 minutes. Try that with Documentum, FileNet or IBM DB2 Content Manager!

more than 5 years ago

UK Court Order Served Over Twitter, To Anonymous User Posing As Another

RicRoc Re:Thats about it for me (205 comments)

I guess you will be deleting you Slashdot account as well, then? Are you talking seriousity? :-)

Might as well cut yourself out of society. Facebook et al are minuscule steps toward the singularity - do you think that will happen without loss of privacy? It will be painful.

Stand up and sing out: "YES! I cut my finger today! Revel in the mundane details of my life, will you?" And the discordant songs shall melt in the fire of onrushing destiny until we are all united as one melody, beating in harmony with the pain and dreams of an entire civilization.

Man, what am I smoking today?

more than 5 years ago

Windows 7 Igniting Touchscreen PC Market

RicRoc Re:Touchscreen Linux? (257 comments)

Linux friendly hardware is on it's way -- I have pre-ordered an ARM based Touch Book from Always Innovating that will never run Windows, it runs Linux and has a 8.9 inches 1024x600 A+ ressure sensitive touch screen

more than 5 years ago

Windows 7 Igniting Touchscreen PC Market

RicRoc Re:Poorly Marketed Sector [not] (257 comments)

The Touch Book from Always Innovating has a detachable keyboard and a touchscreen. I've pre-ordered one, and expect to have it by September. Looks like it may be part of the future you speak of -- though it won't play Planetscape Torment on it's ARM processor... :-)

more than 5 years ago

Suitable Naming Conventions For Workstations?

RicRoc Service tag (688 comments)

The manufacturer or supplier has already provided a useful, unique ID: the Service Tag. Just keep track of them yourself for accounting and support purposes, and the Service Tag gives the additional benefit of providing the self-supported end-user with direct access to correct support on the suppliers' web site.

more than 5 years ago

Navigating a Geek Marriage?

RicRoc Re:Forget the books (1146 comments)

I think "intelligent people" realize that there are other intelligent people out there that have more experience than them selves -- and some of them write books.

Now, learning from books may be fine for many things, but marriage is a more practical matter. Our illusions about marriage are colored "love", or rather infatuation, as the initial phase is called. Love is beautiful, but infatuation builds dangerous illusions.

I suggest the poster and his wife-to-be get out of the books and into a practical course, perhaps like this: http://relationshipcentral.org/marriage-preparation-course

more than 5 years ago

11.6" Netbooks Face Off

RicRoc Re:Bigger screens, less powerful chips (238 comments)

I've pre-ordered the Touch Book from Always Innovating, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it. Should be shipping as-we-speak, so hands-on reviews should be showing up any day now!

I cant wait to get my hands on my own Touch Book! :-)

more than 5 years ago

Don't Copy That Floppy! Gets a Sequel

RicRoc Re:Definition of Theft (523 comments)

Good references, thanks!
Made me think: how could making a digital copy be understood as "permanently depriving"? Obviously, the original copy has not been permanently deprived from the owner. But the copy you see has been permanently deprived. The owner can no longer sell you your "first look" at the content when you have already had a first look. So what is "stolen" is not the content itself, but that first look -- which must be the content owner's property.
Hm. Hope they don't read slashdot! :-)

more than 5 years ago

Good PDF Reader Device With Internet Browsing?

RicRoc Re:Touch Book from Always Innovating (167 comments)

The internal USB is for system upgrade type stuff. I.e the Touch Book's WiFi is provided by a replaceable internal USB dongle. Say next year WiMax comes of age - what do you do? Simply replace the internal WiFi on USB to WiMax on USB. Pure genius!
Say you want to want to watch movies on a long trip: load them onto a USB stick, put it inside, and your movie collection is now an integral part of the Touch Book - can't fall off, can't snag, will always work. Perfect mobility!

As they say:

The Touch Book is built to last!

Built by open people on an open platform supporting (open) standards running an open OS (or any you choose). I'm hyped! :-)

more than 5 years ago

Good PDF Reader Device With Internet Browsing?

RicRoc Touch Book from Always Innovating (167 comments)

I have pre-ordered a Touch Book from Always Innovating for just this kind of thing.


Runs Linux on:
Texas Instruments OMAP3530 with Micron 256MB (RAM) + 256MB (NAND) Memory
8.9 inches 1024x600 A+ ressure sensitive touch screen
Main storage: 8GB SD card (replaceable!)
USB: internal and external

Should be shipping this month!

more than 5 years ago

Building a Searchable Literature Archive With Keywords?

RicRoc Re:Document Management Software and OCR (211 comments)

Archivista seems to be be a solution worth looking into for him. I guess he has to try and install the software and test it himself, because the explanation on the (English) website is almost incomprehensible -- I understand spoken German, but mixing German and English, ugh!
I work with Alfresco, which is a nice DMS, but without the integrated OCR that Archivista seems to provide. Alfresco can integrate with various OCR solutions though, has a very active community -- and a comprehensible website!

more than 5 years ago

The Best Gaming PC Money Can Buy

RicRoc Re:What a crock... (360 comments)

What are the exact specs of the the PC you are building? What is the price? Did you consider how loud it will be? Linux hardware compatibility?

about 6 years ago

9 Reasons Why Developers Think the CIO Is Clueless

RicRoc CIO of the year (275 comments)

Wow, I really like this post. You hit the nail on the head: The CIO is absolutey not clueless, he has some other objective in mind that he keeps secret. My CIO just got voted "CIO of the year" and we all went "WTF!?" because he seems so clueless. Thinkning about it (and having your post help) he just knows how to be a "good CIO". It's a game I don't think I want to play (nor am I good at it), but the pay is good. I think I'll stay with what I enjoy, in the trenches.

more than 6 years ago


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