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Visionary Nintendo President Yamauchi Dies

RicardoGCE Re:Very intuitive (201 comments)

Gunpei Yokoi was hit by a car, he didn't kill himself, nor was he murdered (the other urban legend regarding his passing.)

1 year,4 days

Ask slashdot: Which 100+ User Virtualization Solution Should I Use?

RicardoGCE Re:If you have to ask /. (191 comments)

Shit, replied to wrong comment. My karma, kill it.

about a year ago

Ask slashdot: Which 100+ User Virtualization Solution Should I Use?

RicardoGCE Re:If you have to ask /. (191 comments)

How is requesting third-party opinions NOT part of doing research?

about a year ago

Scientists Are Cracking the Primordial Soup Mystery

RicardoGCE Re:Here we go again...... (278 comments)

Well, if the Matrix is maintained by EA, we might be in trou---- AUTHENTICATION FAILED, DISCONNECTING.

about a year and a half ago

Apple Bans Sale of Comic Book On All iOS Apps Over Gay Sex Images - Update

RicardoGCE Re:non-issue (ha, pun!) (299 comments)

Issue #4 of the comic features heterosexual sex, including penetration. Apple didn't have any problems with it going on sale. Issue #12 features two small depictions of gay sex, and it's banned. FUD? Nah, just facts.

about a year and a half ago

Are Lenovo's ThinkPads Getting Worse?

RicardoGCE Re:Selling points (271 comments)

As long as they insist on pushing a touch-based OS, they'd damn better supply the proper hardware.

about a year and a half ago

Thumb On the Scale? Study Finds 5 of 7 Broadband Meters Inaccurate

RicardoGCE Re:Telcos are thieves (114 comments)

I guess I'm old?


about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Programming / IT Jobs For Older, Retrained Workers?

RicardoGCE Re:Get a helpdesk job (215 comments)

Last night?

about a year and a half ago

Student Expelled From Montreal College For Finding "Sloppy Coding"

RicardoGCE Re:Remember (633 comments)

No, but if you later try to break into the bank to make sure they fixed the wall, they might misinterpret your intentions.

about a year and a half ago

Origin of Neil Armstrong's 'One Small Step' Line Revealed

RicardoGCE Grammar? We don't need no steenkin' grammar! (149 comments)

Also debated is whether Armstrong meant to include 'a' before man, making the indefinite article 'man', which alludes to mankind, into a singular, 'a man', himself.

"Man" is a noun, not an article. The addition of the indefinite article "a" is the difference between a count noun ("a man") or a non-count noun ("man").

about a year and a half ago

FSF Does Want Secure Boot; They Just Want It Under User Control

RicardoGCE Re:Secure Bullshit (210 comments)

Real slashdotters remove the processor and RAM.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Richard Stallman Anything

RicardoGCE Re:Free software business model: Games (573 comments)

He's addressed this before:

Free software is a matter of freedom, not price. A free game need not be gratis. It is feasible to develop free games commercially, while respecting your freedom to change the software you use. Since the art in the game is not software, it does not need to be free. There is in fact free game software developed by companies, as well as free games developed noncommercially by volunteers. Crowdfunding development will only get easier.

As long as the source code is free, he doesn't seem to object to keeping digital assets proprietary.

about 2 years ago

Meet the Lawyer Suing Anyone Who Uses SSL

RicardoGCE Re:So... (347 comments)

He didn't "win" against Apple or anyone else. They've settled rather than going to court.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Introduce Someone To Star Trek?

RicardoGCE Try a movie and take it from there (634 comments)

I tagged this as "youdont" to be a smartass, but the question deserves a more serious answer. I'm only a casual Trek fan (meaning I enjoy the movies and will watch TNG if I run into it while channel-surfing), but really, you may be overthinking the issue. Introducing someone to one of your passions is not more difficult just because the subject in question is Star Trek, anymore than it would if we were talking about, say, antiquing.

My wife has gotten me into antiquing/DIY/restoration basically by osmosis, just by watching her favorite HGTV/TLC shows while I'm hanging out in the family room. She never forced it beyond saying "I think you might like this show, wanna watch an ep?", the secret being that if I had refused, she wouldn't have pushed it. Now we regularly go shopping for vintage furniture/appliances to restore, which is fun merging of her design skills and my tech ones. Likewise, when I want her to check out something I enjoy, I will offer it up without expecting any more commitment than "sure, let's watch a bit and see how I like it".

So the movies would be your best bet. My personal favorite is First Contact, but you might be more successful with the Abrams reboot, which could provide an easy lead into the original films because of Nimoy's presence.

Just remember, if they aren't into it, let it go. Your passions remain just as enjoyable even if your friends and loved ones don't share them.

more than 2 years ago

Accidental Empires To See Reboot In Blog Format

RicardoGCE Re:The most dangerous man in Silicon Valley... (24 comments)

I like the "Triumph of the Nerds" version better:

"The most dangerous man in Silicon Valley sits in an office in this building. People love him and hate him. Often at the same time. For ten years by sheer force of will he made the personal computer industry follow his direction. With this guy we're not talking about someone driven by the profit motive in a desire for an opulent retirement at the age of forty, no we're talking holy war we're talking rivers of blood and fields of dead martyrs to the cause of greater computing. We're talking about a guy who sees the personal computer as his tool for changing the world. We're talking about Steve Jobs."

more than 2 years ago

Google Merges Google+ Into Search

RicardoGCE Re:relevant? (279 comments)

In keeping with their concept of "our browser as your OS", we now have "our search engine as your file manager". No, thanks.

more than 2 years ago

Paypal Orders Buyer of Violin To Destroy It For a Refund

RicardoGCE You know what this is? (362 comments)

It's the world's smallest violin, playing just for... DAMMIT, PAYPAL!

more than 2 years ago



Apple bans sale of comic book on all iOS app over explicit content

RicardoGCE RicardoGCE writes  |  about a year and a half ago

RicardoGCE (1173519) writes "Apple has banned all iOS apps from carrying Saga #12, a comic book created by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, and published by Image Comics. The reason for the ban is the depiction of oral sex appearing on the computer monitor that serves as the head of one of the characters. The content has been deemed pornographic, and sale of the comic has been blocked. Comixology will allow users to sync their purchases, however, so users of their app will be able to read the book on their i-devices, but they will not be able to buy it through the iOS version of the app."
Link to Original Source


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