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Primary School Girl Told To Stop Photographing and Blogging School Meals

RichyRoo Re:U turn (472 comments)

wow... to someone from Australia that just sounds absolutely unbelievable. Didnt you guys used to have a song about the 'land of the free' or something? I bet you all line up in rows and sing it on command right? Is that before or after the minimum wage rent a cop TSA brown shirt fondles your wife?

more than 2 years ago

Primary School Girl Told To Stop Photographing and Blogging School Meals

RichyRoo Re:U turn (472 comments)

There are two options: 1) Deadbeat parents are truly monsters who would stand idly by and watch their own children die of starvation; and its only thought the benevolence of the state that those children can possibly survive 2)Deadbeat parents are slack and assume that the state will step in and take responsibility for their kids, so they don't worry about it. So, are your beloved 'working poor who cant quite figure out how to take care of their kids' monsters or just suffering from the same moral hazard as the banksters? Bailouts (either banker or deadbeat) begets irresponsibility, eventually the game becomes how to get the most bailouts rather than how to avoid them in the first place.

more than 2 years ago

Ethiopia Criminalizes VoIP Services

RichyRoo Re:i really hate to break it to you (255 comments)

but if you have a thought, and you put it on a wire that leads to a public network, you have just given up your right to privacy

not legally, but logically

even if the government was passionate about not snooping on the network in its borders, what of corporations? what of rogue government operatives? what of technically proficient and strangely motivated individuals?

it's a NETWORK, not a closed box in your garage

if you want something private, don't put it on a public network. once it gets out there, it is beyond your control. and you are the person who put it out there. so don't put it out there if it is important for you to keep private

This is truly stupid and an example of missing the point and the mods must be equally stupid unfortunately (well its random right, must be a stupid day).

Here's an apt analogy to correct your feeble pseduothoughts;

When I walk there is always a risk that someone will break my leg with an iron bar. Therefore it is ok if the government organises teams of people to break my leg with an iron bar.

Neither the possibilty of an action (eavesdropping in this case) nor the impossibility of making the action impossible have a moral implication for those perpetrating the action.

Just because some crimes happen doesnt make criminality ok, we police and we punish; except who guards the guards?

See how stupid you are now?

about 2 years ago

Mysterious Dark Matter Blob Confounds Experts

RichyRoo Re:Dark MAtter theory now falsifiable? (151 comments)

In theory the cores of galaxies should be rotating faster than the periphery, however observation contradicts this. So the hypothesis was postulated that there was additional 'dark' matter surrounding galaxies which could cause the periphery to rotate faster. If Abell 520 has had its dark matter removed, its periphery should be rotating in accordance with standard gravitational theory, rather than as effected by invisible dark matter. Its pretty simple really.

more than 2 years ago

Mysterious Dark Matter Blob Confounds Experts

RichyRoo Dark MAtter theory now falsifiable? (151 comments)

If Abell 520 has had the DM 'stripped from its galaxies' (from the link) and since DM was originally postulated to explain the difference between theoretical and observed rotation rates of the core and periphery of galaxies... shouldnt the galaxies of Abell 520, stipped of their DM, now be rotating in accordance with the original theory? That is to say, if gravitational theory predicts that, sans DM, the cores of galaxies will rotate more quicky than the periphery, and these galaxies are now 'sans DM', wouldnt that open the opportunity to provide falsification or support to the DM hypothesis by checking if the galaxies of Abell 520 are indeed rotating differently now that the DM has been removed?

more than 2 years ago


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