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Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games

RickyRay Similar technology (250 comments)

This sounds familiar. Hasn't Microsoft been basing much of their product line instead around VI (Virtual Intelligence) for years now? ;-)

more than 9 years ago



Salesmen who promise anything to make the sale

RickyRay RickyRay writes  |  more than 7 years ago

RickyRay (73033) writes "I keep getting suckered by DishNetwork. Years ago I bought their "amazing" D-VHS receiver/VCR ($999), which was going to record HDTV. The HDTV part never happened (but the box makes a nice paperweight). I later bought another receiver which had an HDTV add-on. They promptly discontinued that type of HDTV signal. Two years ago I got yet more new HDTV receivers, but within a month they were discontinued (yet more new receivers for new channels). I finally bailed. Last Saturday they called offering amazing deals to get me to sign up again. At 5:30AM (?!) this morning we received a call from their installers reminding us they would be here at 8AM, then at 6:00AM they called to complain that we weren't answering the door. The installers were at an address on the opposite side of the country. When I called customer support to get them to the right address, it turned out they were going to charge us two and a half times the promised price. After supposedly resolving that, then they were going to charge us full price for the receivers instead of the $5/month promised, for a total price still many hundreds higher than the agreed amount (and without HDTV). The salesman (3rd one; they kept passing the call to someone else) became very rude, and tried to make it sound like it was all my fault, not theirs (?!). Does anyone have an idea on how to get any kind of satellite service with the promised price and features?"


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