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Open Source Mapping Software Shows Every Traffic Death On Earth

Riddles Re:Dominican Republic, Iran and Thailand stats (322 comments)

Even the US is quite high, compared to some other countries:
Iceland - 2.8
Sweden - 3
UK - 3.7
Netherlands - 3.9

about a year and a half ago

Giant Lab Replicates Category 3 Hurricanes

Riddles Re:homes made of wood (97 comments)

Sure, but then don't complain if the hurricane/tornado takes your house (or the neighbourhood) down.

more than 4 years ago

What the iPod Tells Us About the World Economy

Riddles Re:Then why does China has a huge trade surplus? (380 comments)

And, furthermore, the "IP money" flowing back to the US would compensate the US's significant trade deficit. Obviously, this is not the case.

more than 5 years ago

Growing Power Gap Could Force Smartphone Tradeoffs

Riddles Re:Slashdot in a bottle (246 comments)

Actually, I do use my phone primary for calling. On my very nice smartphone (Samsung i780 - Windows Mobile), I've turned off UMTS and switched right back to plain old GSM + GPRS. As a result, my battery will now last two days, where I can make several long (> 30 mins) calls. And, e-mail/calendar/contact synchronization still work over good old GPRS. As a side effect, phone calls are still much more reliable over GSM than they are over UMTS - at least they are on this phone.

more than 5 years ago

Build a BoxeeBox and Wean Yourself From Cable

Riddles Linux as an HTPC frontend (335 comments)

And this basically sums up my experience with these devices over the past couple of years. Getting any pc to do decent tv-out is a nightmare (Modeline Hell as he calls it). Getting sound on both regular outputs and digital outputs with Alsa is "challenging" to say the least. And then I just want the box to suspend and wake-up using a remote. Again, that's possible in theory, but somehow I've never found a board that will reliably go into S3 and wakeup from S3 over and over again. If you finally get it to work once, it suddenly doesn't work the second time.

Finally, I've just switched to a UPNP frontend for my Mythtv backend. It turns on and off in 5-10 secs, does both analog and digital audio outputs and I've never had issues with its tv outputs. I've lost some functionality, but at least it's reliable and "just works".

more than 5 years ago

Google Releases Picasa for Linux

Riddles Fixed in CVS (486 comments)

It's been fixed in CVS.

more than 8 years ago


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