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OpenBSD Team Cleaning Up OpenSSL

Rigel47 Re:Okay, Go! (292 comments)

It's not a shameless plug. Theo has been openly critical of the OpenSSL team's development practices. By forking in-house he's essentially saying that they will put their proverbial money where their mouth is by doing their own development.

5 days ago

How Many People Does It Take To Colonize Another Star System?

Rigel47 Re:Absurdly unnecessary (392 comments)

Yes, gotcha.. by the time we're ready to colonize distant star systems we'll still not have unravelled the mysteries of the genome. Brilliant.

about two weeks ago

Japan Orders Military To Strike Any New North Korea Missiles

Rigel47 Re:Sounds good! (107 comments)

It sounds like a harmless game of Duck Hunt but it's hard to say just how insane that erratic dog Kim Jong is when it comes to retaliations for any of his tin-can missiles being shot down. Japanese take down missile? Fire a single artillery round into Seol!

about two weeks ago

Japan Orders Military To Strike Any New North Korea Missiles

Rigel47 Re:Bad Neighbors (107 comments)

Indeed arguing the higher moral ground can be difficult when you're an American but I can't help but feel China has blood on its hands by essentially supporting the North Korean regime. I can understand that they don't want a democratic Korean peninsula but what that fat little piglet Kim Jung does to his people is nothing short of an atrocity on the scale of the Holocaust.

about two weeks ago

How Many People Does It Take To Colonize Another Star System?

Rigel47 Absurdly unnecessary (392 comments)

We're not far from being able to check-box for all the SNPs and phenotypes we want in offspring. The idea that we need to ship around tens of thousands of mouth-breathers just to maintain "diversity" is about as ludicrous as saying we'll need stout men to construct shelters upon arrival at the far side.

about two weeks ago

Bunnie Huang's Novena Open Source Laptop Launches Via Crowd Supply

Rigel47 First time submitter? (88 comments)

"First time accepted submitter "

Umm.. applause? Seems kind of high and mighty for a site most use as a time killer.

about three weeks ago

Church Committee Members Say New Group Needed To Watch NSA

Rigel47 Nice that they're trying.. (143 comments)

But I can't help but feel that the very nature of our Government has morphed. Institutions like the NSA aren't bothered by public perception -- they have grown into their own. They are beholden only to their own agenda and will do whatever it takes (lying to congress, fabricating effectiveness) to maintain and expand their power. Obama will do some hand-wringing on TV but in the end nothing will change.

about a month ago

TrustyCon was the 'Rebel Conference' Across the Street From RSA 2014 (Video)

Rigel47 The end of RSA, hopefully (20 comments)

I hope this is the beginning of the end of RSA's conferences. That they can not categorically deny any modification to their encryption routines at the behest of the NSA is proof enough that their products can not be trusted. It's farcical that all these researchers, striving for maximally secure systems, would present their findings at a conference hosted by a company that sold everybody out -- and for little money at that.

about a month ago

White House "Privacy Tour" a Flop On Its First Leg At MIT

Rigel47 What can one do? (83 comments)

It's so sad to see these sociopaths consolidate power and further desecrate the Constitution. But I just don't what to do about it.. give money to the ACLU - check. Support Rand Paul - check -- but he doesn't stand a chance.

I feel like I'm watching a friend die from inoperable cancer.

about a month and a half ago

Edward Snowden's Lawyer Claims Harassment From Heathrow Border Agent

Rigel47 Re:The UK border staff are wildly incompetent. (261 comments)

I'm British.

The border staff are a national embarrassment, and are wildly, wildly incompetent.

Have you been exposed to the US TSA yet? THEY define hostile incompetence.

about 2 months ago

New Zealand Spy Agency Deleted Evidence About Its Illegal Spying On Kim Dotcom

Rigel47 NZ - insecurity issues? (222 comments)

I'm legitimately curious.. WTF is with New Zealand and its crazy need to have a spy agency? I've been to NZ. It's a beautiful and largely empty country. More sheep than people and all of that. Why on Earth do they feel the need to be part of the "Five Eyes"? It'd be cute if it weren't just another power-mad, rights-abusing secret stasi service like the NSA.

Any kiwis care to comment?

about 2 months ago

Facebook Is a Plague That'll Burn Out In a Few Years, Says Study

Rigel47 Re:AOL (338 comments)

Boy that takes me back. When receiving a piece of email was worthy of your computer making noise and you getting all excited.

about 3 months ago

AMC Theaters Allegedly Calls FBI to Interrogate a Google Glass Wearer

Rigel47 Re:As a glass wearer (1034 comments)

I think you mean yet another case of Stasi thugs bullying a citizen.

about 3 months ago

BlackBerry Sues iPhone Keyboard Maker Typo

Rigel47 Re:What? (226 comments)

Interesting.. I came from android to BB10 and it was a pleasant upgrade. Android just feels like a desktop OS crammed onto a phone. multi-tasking sucks, apps get randomly killed, the whole things slows down. Z10, especially upgraded to 10.2 OS is smooth as butter. I can switch between apps, settings, and messages with total ease. And rumor is that shortly you'll be able to install apps directly from the Play Store.

about 3 months ago

There's Kanye West-Themed Crypto-Currency On the Way

Rigel47 And thus gold... (237 comments)

gives a big toothy grin. Immutable, immortal, obstinate, rare, impervious to alchemy and gimmicks. Hated by the bankers, heavy to carry en masse, just simply good old fucking stupid gold.

When the power goes out gold is still there like the precious big turd it is. But I will take the turd over kanye-coins or bitcoins or shitcoins or other brave new world trinkets..

And no, the 'crash' in gold doesn't really matter. Smooth your purchases over time and forget about the yellow lump just like your don't think about the foundation that keeps your house upright.

about 4 months ago

Employee Morale Is Suffering At the NSA

Rigel47 Poor babies (841 comments)

Or should I say poor little treasonous babies. You actively participate in the desecration of the Constitution and then you feel all pouty that America is unhappy when it finds out?

Guess what, bitches, America doesn't need your uber algorithms, satellites, or any other fancy toys. You (the intel community) has demonstrated that you can't handle HUMAN INT (see: 9/11, boston bombers) so stop claiming you need this geek starship of SIGINT to protect us little lambs. Losers.

about 4 months ago

Insight On FBI Hacking Ops

Rigel47 So VirtualBox to the rescue? (137 comments)

Sounds like all "Mo" needed to do was pull his antics via VirtualBox with some firewall rules in place to block any outbound but to Yahoo or whatever his preferred launching pad was for his juvenile noise. Sheesh.

Also can't shake the image of Moe Sizlack, the Simpson's bartender, muttering to himself as he sends off the next faux threat.

about 4 months ago

How the NSA Is Harming America's Economy

Rigel47 It's already too late (330 comments)

As much as I love my country and as much as I despise the rise of the MIC and the borderline treasonous activities of the NSA I don't think anything is going to change. The very nature of Government now is different. I'm not going to wax romantic about an imaginary time gone by when the Government was all humble and citizen-serving but it now has something of a life and intent of its own. The public is a captive source of funding and their desires mostly just aggravation when they run counter to the collective aims of the incestuous clique of government agencies and their contractors.

Throw in that accountability is mostly gone and there's absolutely no reason to believe anything with the NSA will change. They have nothing to fear. There will be a Congressional hearing or two, concerns will be expressed, they will emphasize "strict controls" and whatever other language seems appropriate. A committee will be formed that in six months to a year will produce a voluminous report nobody will read. Then the closed-door meetings will resume and the quasi-legal FISA courts will continue the rubber stamping. The only real hope is a true third party but the red/blue conglomerate will due whatever it takes to stop that from happening.

about 5 months ago

Construction Firm Balfour Beatty Considers Drone Workers

Rigel47 And do what with the unemployed? (129 comments)

This is all well and good and inevitable but society really needs to think hard and fast about what we are going to do with a future where there are only so many jobs available for people with a shovel or a wrench. It used to be something like 30% of the nation was involved with food production. Thanks to industrialization that's now 1-2%. Even the last bastions of farm work -- fruit picking -- is being inched into by robotics. The farm hands who left the fields and went into the factories are now finding themselves being replaced en masse by sophisticated machines.

In the utopian fantasy the rise of the bots means the people have more leisure time and devote themselves to intellectual pursuits. In the reality playing out they go on disability and other "safety net" programs and lead meager lives of not-so-quiet desperation. As it is there are now more people going on disability than entering the work force. The economics of all this is just disastrous. From the government deficit on down to the generation of kids being raised in food stamp households the situation is untenable. One can only hope we find a path forward that does not involve increasing social decay and civil unrest.

It's a brave new world alright.

about 5 months ago

NSA Chief Keith Alexander Takes His PRISM Pitch To YouTube

Rigel47 It will take more than that.. (165 comments)

Secret program approved by secret courts run by a guy who has no qualms about lying under oath. Sorry but your credibility will only return once you get rid of FISA courts and replace yourself with someone who doesn't consider people who disagree with mass surveillance as being filthy, disobedient children. Massive ass that you are. And yes, he did make that comparison.

about 6 months ago


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