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FCC Warned Not To Take Actions a Republican-Led FCC Would Dislike

Rigel47 What a massive ass (338 comments)

"It’s not hard, then, to imagine a future FCC concluding that taxpayer-funded, municipal broadband projects themselves are barriers to infrastructure investment.

Right, because we've all done so well under the monopoly of Comcast et al. If the private sector can't compete (*cough*strong arm a monopoly*cough*) versus a municipal project then golly-gee maybe there's a lesson to be learned. Not that I expect an evidently corrupt bureaucrat to fathom said lesson.

about a week ago

$125,000 Settlement Given To Man Arrested for Photographing NYPD

Rigel47 Once again!!! (231 comments)

The taxpayer is on the hook for CRIMES committed by cops.

From Gen. Alexander's willful and wanton (and unpersecuted) perjury on down to cops killing and chilling there is NO accountability in this country if you're on of "the good guys."

about two weeks ago

Xiaomi's Next OS Looks Strikingly Similar To iOS

Rigel47 It's like a thousand apple fanbois... (179 comments)

cried out at once in terror that their over-priced Apple "innovation" was merely rounded corners and off-white color.

about two weeks ago

The Biggest iPhone Security Risk Could Be Connecting One To a Computer

Rigel47 Re:Pray BlackBerry sticks around (72 comments)

That's an issue with carrier code, not bberry.

And as to this line

Dependent upon device and carrier, when exploited the vulnerabilities in this control software may enable attackers to install malicious software; access data; add, delete and run applications; wipe a device; and remotely change the PIN for the screen lock, among other items.

I'm highly skeptical they could alter the OS. BlackBerry devices will not run firmware code that is not signed by BlackBerry itself.

about two weeks ago

The Biggest iPhone Security Risk Could Be Connecting One To a Computer

Rigel47 Pray BlackBerry sticks around (72 comments)

Otherwise there is literally no secure mobile phone platform out there for the masses.

about two weeks ago

Study: Firmware Plagued By Poor Encryption and Backdoors

Rigel47 And forget patches (141 comments)

Your typical "internet of things" plastic garbage will have firmware updates released by the manufacturer for three to four years after which you're on your own. Which, to the point of the article, is not to say you have a secure device at the outset.

You'd think by now some consortium would self-assemble to devise best practices and certifications. In all likelihood it will have to be non-industry parties that do so as the last thing Samsung, et al, want is another hassle to eat into their razor-thin margins.

about two weeks ago

DEA Paid Amtrak Employee To Pilfer Passenger Lists

Rigel47 Hard to know which to be more disgusted by.. (127 comments)

The staggering idiocy of paying a million dollars for something you already have or the all-too-common practice of law enforcement to regard the Constitution as an irritating afterthought.

about two weeks ago

Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

Rigel47 Re:Mod parent DOWN (514 comments)

Sounds like this fellow followed a very beaten path of tech folk who decide to bypass college because a company wants them for their skills... and do not give a damn about their genital arrangement or skin pigmentation.

about a month ago

Lots Of People Really Want Slideout-Keyboard Phones: Where Are They?

Rigel47 Don't be terrified... (544 comments)

And get a blackberry Q10.. it can run all Android apps, has great battery life, unparalleled security, and you can be smug around your apple fanboi hipster friends who no longer know what a bbery is.

about 1 month ago

Man Booted From Southwest Flight and Threatened With Arrest After Critical Tweet

Rigel47 Re:Customer service? (928 comments)

Rules (and blind adherence) multiply in the absence of common sense.

about a month ago

Private Data On iOS Devices Not So Private After All

Rigel47 BlackBerry... (101 comments)

and yet /. folk cheer on the demise of BlackBerry.. the one phone that has a near flawless security record.

and yes, full disclosure, I own a z10. I also find it to be the best smart phone I've ever owned with battery life that my android friends can only dream about.

about a month ago

The NSA's New Partner In Spying: Saudi Arabia's Brutal State Police

Rigel47 If they didn't have oil.. (125 comments)

and weren't willing to play ball our way we'd decry them as a murderous regime.

about a month ago

Australia Repeals Carbon Tax

Rigel47 Re:Hardly surprising.. (291 comments)

Social Security? No, but that doesn't take away from my children anyways except that the money is being stolen now so that my children will end up paying my benefits... but I have no chance to affect the theft.

Huh? No politician out there would dream of touching social security or medicare with a ten foot pole. Heck, we don't even have the most basic means testing. The senior voting bloc is too powerful. And yet.. everyone knows that these entitlements will not.. CAN not exist in their current form for the next generation. So, in short, the seniors are voting themselves some pork taken off the plates of the working generation.

If you need another example look at unions. They bribe / strong-arm / do whatever it takes to get preposterous sweetheart deals made with politicians that are based on pie-in-the-sky investment strategies. Just look at CALPERS and others.

When someone tries to point out that these agreements will bankrupt the municipality they fight tooth and nail to keep their loot even when it means cutting back on schools and everything else that benefits the upcoming generation.

about a month ago

White House Approves Sonic Cannons For Atlantic Energy Exploration

Rigel47 The White House isn't stupid.. (272 comments)

They know that above all the oil must flow. Without the oil that came from the fracking boom oil would probably be at $150/barrel or higher. Without flowing oil the economy suffers (many past recessions were precipitated by high oil prices), the common man starts to get irritated at higher food prices, less disposable income.. for those that had disposable income to start with. The house of cards starts to sway even more.

Cheap oil is the real bread and circus that keeps the masses subdued. Some dead whales and dolphins isn't even a consideration.

about a month ago

Australia Repeals Carbon Tax

Rigel47 Hardly surprising.. (291 comments)

People will vote themselves entitlements at the expense of future generations. It's the fatal flaw of democracy.

I'm not sure it matters much anyways. Barring a total miracle like Rossi's unicorn reactor it seems we've already passed the point of no return. If you haven't had kids -- don't. As painful as that sounds.

about a month and a half ago

Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours

Rigel47 Damaging blow for US tech companies (749 comments)

No self-respecting foreign firm with any sort of confidential info is going to do any business with any US cloud or services provider. Throw in the FISA secret rubber stamp machine and who knows what other data siphoning is in place and you may as well just mail copies of everything to any three-letter agency and, most likely, their MIC bedfellows.

America's standing slips by the day. Thank you MIC and the myopic zealots that are part of das Home Security apparatus.

about a month and a half ago

William Binney: NSA Records and Stores 80% of All US Audio Calls

Rigel47 Re:We need (278 comments)

Instead, what we ended up with was someone who was very well wise to how to work out all the loopholes.

What? Obama worked out all the loopholes to enable spying? Please! That's suggesting he actually gave enough of a rat's ass about the Constitution to worry about side-stepping it. No need, just have a quasi-legal court apparatus working in secret that approves everything that gets near it.

Then, when the annoying asses^H^H^H^H^H public makes a fuss about this egregious violation of our nation's founding document you do what a duplicitous, double-speaking, consummate politician does.. say something like "Look - I know there are concerns about finding the right balance between our civil liberties and our security and frankly I share them. I am appointing a special secret committee of NSA folks to review all this and report their findings to me. Now fuck off^H^H^H^H I want to assure you that your concerns are heard loud and clear. God bless America."

about a month and a half ago

Fixing Faulty Genes On the Cheap

Rigel47 Re:How long before... (105 comments)

You have a good command of biology. My fundamental objection is with this statement:

Loss of vitamin C manufacture could well have to do with the development of some other pathway that was more important at the time, and may well continue to be more important today.

What if there was a co-occurring mutation that was, at that time, more advantageous than the loss of vitamin C production? What if the loss of vitamin C production happened to a population living in an area with abundant ascorbic acid in their food? Maybe they killed off their less-lucky neighbours? The notion that something is because it's got to be optimal is false. There's a lot of flexibility to life even within a species.

It may be true that we've some advantage by not producing this vital anti-oxidant. I just rather doubt it.

about 2 months ago

Fixing Faulty Genes On the Cheap

Rigel47 Re:How long before... (105 comments)

The error in your statement is that you believe evolution only accumulates the good and never the bad. Why is there a whole raft of genetic diseases in the human population now? Shouldn't they have been "selected out" a long time ago?

about 2 months ago

Massachusetts SWAT Teams Claim They're Private Corporations, Immune To Oversight

Rigel47 Cops and firefighters are only ever heros (534 comments) Massachusetts. Seriously, no joke. After the marathon bombings there was an unending outpouring of adulation for the "first respondahs." You'd think they had, at enormous losses, turned back the Taliban from invading Cambridge and raping the childrens. Not, in actuality, shut down the entire city while they raced around with giant hardons in a largely bungled effort to locate a bleeding, unarmed boy hiding in someone's boat in their back yard (whom the homeowner found and frankly should have clubbed to death on the spot). In the process of arresting this unarmed miscreant they unleashed a barrage of fire on the boat very nearly killing the kid in the process.

Meanwhile folks are still running around with their "Boston Strong" shirts on in one of the lamest displays of self-congratulatory faux heroism that I've ever seen .

The cops and firefighters are milking it with giant billboards touting some BS about being "on the home team", trying to get people to donate to some police fund. It's pathetic.

This 501(c)3 nonsense is just further evidence of their warped perspective of what it is "to protect and serve."

about 2 months ago


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