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The 3 Billion Dollar Typo

RinkRat Re:Would be nice, but not really... (398 comments)

How much yen do you want to bet that it's one of those stupid "Are you sure?" dialog boxes that everyone clicks "Yes" to without actually thinking about what it's asking? Ah, how I love ignoring those warnings, too.

Ha. Quick story.

A few years ago, I was working on $BIG_PROJECT. The code had gone into UAT and there was a 'bug report' that essentially said that the users were clicking on things without 'considering the implications' and we should add a confirmation box. I fought the bug, because everyone knows that it's only a matter of time before said users would simply click through the warning message out of rote memorization also.

Management won, of course, so I had to add a dialog box saying "Are you sure?" or something like that. I went a step further and added a timer that, if a user clicked 'Yes' in less than a second, it would display another box saying "Look, you didn't read the first message. ARE YOU REALLY SURE?". Of course, because the users spent the first week or so actually reading the box, the snotty extra warning box didn't start showing until they began rote-clicking 'Yes'.

And, boy howdy, were they pissed. I nearly got fired. :)

more than 9 years ago


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