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U.S. Developing 100-Kilowatt Laser for Strike Fighters

RoLlEr_CoAsTeR Re:What happens if the beam is reflected back? (737 comments)

I would think this would be dificult for several reasons:

1. the fighter plane will not remain stationary in the air while it fires the laser beam

2. it's not a continuous beam

3. the people on the ground shouldn't have the accuracy that a fighter plane with targeting equipment does

In all likelyhood, reflecting the beam back is a very slim probability, most certainly until ground troops get man-mounted, extremely accurate targeting systems. Which I don't think they have now nor do I think they will have for a while. Especially since one small movement places your point of aim onto a point in space much farther from where it was before, without the stability of the plane, a human couldn't reflect that beam back very well.

more than 12 years ago


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