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Researchers Make Fruit Flies Perform Aerobatics Like Spitfire Pilots

RobSwider Big deal (51 comments)

I do that every time I turn on the ceiling fan in the kitchen.

about a month and a half ago

Favorite "Go!" Phrase?

RobSwider Re:Jurassic Park (701 comments)

I came in to give a different response, but after seeing this, I agree. Though, certain of my co-workers have interpreted it incorrectly and have started saying "Hold on to your butt cheeks", which kind of has different connotations. Still, "Hold onto your butts" is clearly the winner.

about 2 months ago

Hospitals Begin Data-Mining Patients

RobSwider Re:Anathetic? (162 comments)

Oddly enough, the process is similar to a colonoscopy, they just leave the camera there when they're done. So... a mild sedative.

about 3 months ago

Cable Boxes Are the 2nd Biggest Energy Users In Many Homes

RobSwider Re:zero control? (394 comments)

Which is great from the "I'll show THEM" perspective. But for a device that probably has one or more spinning hard drives, not really a long-term strategy.

about 3 months ago

Cable Boxes Are the 2nd Biggest Energy Users In Many Homes

RobSwider What if I get hungry? (394 comments)

If you've got a better way to toast a cheese sandwich while watching tv, I'd like to hear it.

about 3 months ago

Starbuck's Wireless Charging Stations Won't Work With Most Devices

RobSwider Re:Pre (114 comments)

"The battle between the three wireless charging consortiums is expected to continue to adversely impact adoption of the technology." No one wants to pick a tech that will go obsolete HD DVD. Not to mention having to pay for the licensing of said tech. And I'm guessing that any desire to grow a fourth "standard" in-house would be snuffed out by the threat of IP suits. You know, "For the good of the consumer"®

about 3 months ago

Game Characters Controlled By Player's Emotions

RobSwider Re:Fun for FPS! (44 comments)

Except that griefers don't get angry. Gamers like me get angry because we spend what little free-time we have trying to play a relaxing game of shoot-aliens-in-the-face, but some 14-year old learned to walk through walls and have unlimited grenade launcher ammo. If my character was controlled by my emotions, he/she would probably just sit in the middle of the floor and cry uncontrollably before pulling the pin. I play games to NOT be that person. This is a bad idea.

about 3 months ago

No, Doesn't Require 500 Million Lines of Code

RobSwider Re:WOW (142 comments)

Not to mention the provider data. Which doctors are part of which networks during a given date-of-service. Are they billing under their own account or the hospital they occasionally work out of. And the fact that there is no absolute identifier on anything. SSN? Can't use it. Insurance company identifier? Well, that doctor had the OLD id on file. That claim has the same identifier on it? Is it a REsubmission or a duplicate? And you would be amazed at how many parents don't know their kids' birthdays. And don't get me started on the HIPAA "standard" EDI documents, where the segment definitions can mostly be boiled down to "Optional: If not needed, don't send." I'll be in the bathroom, hitting my head against the tile floor.

about 4 months ago

McAfee Grabbed Data Without Paying, Says Open Source Vulnerability Database

RobSwider Re:Copyright or no, it's trouble (139 comments)

It's like going into the grocery store and getting a sample BBQ cocktail wiener. Then you go back out to the car, change your clothes, go back in and get another... Rinse and repeat until you have a cooler full, then open up a wiener stand outside the store to sell your ill-gotten meats.

about 4 months ago

In SF: an App For Auctioning Off Your Public Parking Spot

RobSwider Extortion (427 comments)

How is this different than me parking in front of someone, backing up until I'm 2cm from their bumper, then telling them "Let's start the bidding at $200"? Once they talk me down to $100, I move my car, and they can leave. That's extortion. This is the same thing, only the paywall is moved a little down the line.

about 4 months ago

Consumers Not Impressed With 3D Printing

RobSwider Printing the cart before the horse (302 comments)

The way this technology was presented to "The Public" a few years ago, it sounded like we would soon be buying stuff online and printing it at home. For those of us who recognize it for what it is--basically just a CNC hot-glue gun--it's still pretty impressive. But it's nowhere near the game-changer it was said to be. It'll happen, but it's going to take time for the software and chemical engineers to work out the wrinkles.

about 5 months ago

What Marketers Think They Know About You and What They Really Do

RobSwider Re:Couldn't find me (277 comments)

Couldn't find you the FIRST time. Now that you've given them your data, you should show up on the next search, IF they are even showing real data, which I doubt. This is corporate phishing.

1 year,12 days

Notch Shelves Space Game 0x10c, Cites Pressure, Desire To Work On Small Projects

RobSwider Don't care. (178 comments)

The world is full of games/apps/products that the creator SHOULD have shelved and didn't. At least he's honest enough with his own motivations. Notch gets a pass from me to do whatever the hell he wants. Whether he got 'lucky' with Minecraft, whether it's finished or not, whether he has no attention span, none of it matters. Minecraft has been a source of laughter, anger, joy, excitement, and wonder to me and my son since around 1.1. We even scored Minecon tickets for November.

1 year,29 days

Bone-Eating Worms Found In Antarctic Waters

RobSwider Most terrifying statement ever. (38 comments)

"The discovery extends the range of bone-eating worms..." It's unsettling to know their range is 'extended'. It's terrifying when you didn't know there were BONE EATING WORMS.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Is There a Good Device Holster?

RobSwider See my vest (296 comments)

I've been thinking about using a fly-fishing vest I have in the basement while traveling. Most of them even have a giant single pocket in the pack that would fit a tablet a small laptop or whatever else. Still slightly dorky, but at least you're not trying to conceal the fact you just need more pockets than what your pants can offer you. I tend to need more than two pockets anyway. I don't want my keys in the same pocket as my phone. I don't want money with my keys. You get the idea. Plus, you can take it off and slap it on the x-ray conveyor without having to unload everything.

about a year ago

China Says Serious Polluters Will Get the Death Penalty

RobSwider I'd be concerned if I believed it would happen. (1 comments)

The only way they would even face trial is if someone reported them. And as long as the officials responsible for reporting them can be bribed or otherwise coerced it'll never happen. It's a way for the Chinese government to appear tough on polluters without actually doing anything.

about a year ago

Offshore Outsourcing Threatens Offshore Outsourcing

RobSwider Nothing New... (859 comments)

This should surprise no one, really. How is this different than any other technological revolution? The US invented the automobile, and made them better than anyone else in the world, because other countries didn't have the know-how or the resources. Once the other countries caught up, they could do it cheaper than we could because of cost of living, etc. Steel industry?same thing. Clothing manufacturing? Same thing. We may be trail blazers, but we suck at trail maintenance. Labor unions aren't the answer. They are, in many cases, the reason we can't compete in manufacturing. Maximum pay for minimum required work of minimum required quality. I'm not fishing for a flame bait mod. My point is only that this is, according to history, nothing new.

more than 11 years ago


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