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What is your computer most often plugged into?

RocketJeff Re: UPS (236 comments)

I have AT&T's Uverse for internet, phone (their VoIP) and tv service. There are some known problems/limits with Uverse, but it matches my home needs. It also has never gone out due to a power outage on the AT&T side (including an outage that lasted for over a day for a large area around me).

Since we have their VoIP, they provide a dedicated UPS for the RG (modem/router/VoIP adapter). It is supposed to last for about an hour (IIRC), but I don't use it since the RG is plugged into the UPS for my home server and networking equipment.

During the long outage, the Uverse service stayed up the entire time. I had to recharge the UPS batteries a couple of times, but we watched TV and used the internet & phone through the entire outage. That's one of the nice things about AT&T, they have a lot of experience preparing for and running their equipment during power outages.

about 2 months ago

Could PSTN Go Away By 2018?

RocketJeff Re:Too bad (305 comments)

I live on the Gulf coast in Texas. It's hurricane territory. If the power is knocked out, the cable modem has no power, and in a few days the cell towers stop functioning. That's why we kept our land line phone.

You live on the gulf coast and don't have a backup generator? I live near Birmingham and have a UPS (for minor outages to keep some electronics running) and a small backup generator for longer outages (powers the refrigerator to keep food from spoiling and to charge the UPS). Our last power outage (the tornado that went from Tuscaloosa nearly to Georgia) lasted almost a day, but we had working wired broadband/vol-ip (u-verse) and cell service (sprint) the entire time (and didn't have to worry about food spoiling).

While our broadband comes over the phone lines, ours lines are mainly underground. We had many friends without a land line for a week because their above ground lines were ripped up by the tornado. Nothing is disaster proof - always have redundancy.

more than 3 years ago

68% of US Broadband Connections Aren't Broadband

RocketJeff Re:Birmingham, AL ... (611 comments)

I assume you're only talking DSL - there are several other options in most of the Birmingham area. Charter cable offers 1 Mbps up with 8 Mbps down and AT&T U-Verse has 1 Mbps upstream speeds at the 3 Mbps downstream (both offer higher upstream rates with higher downstream rates).

more than 4 years ago

Sprint Unveils HTC Evo 4G Super Phone

RocketJeff Wrong - Re:4G only (284 comments)

From the article - "The Evo 4G will swap between 3G and WiMAX for data depending on what's available; it will make all voice calls over Sprint's CDMA 1X network."

more than 4 years ago

NewEgg Confirms Shipping Fake Core i7s

RocketJeff Ipex website returning blank pages (314 comments)

NewEgg identified IPEX as the distributor of the phony chips. Their website, http://www.ipexinfo.com/ , is now returning empty pages. Google shows a cached page that was available earlier today.

Don't know if it's just overloaded or if they took it down on purpose.

more than 4 years ago

Save the Planet, Eat Your Dog

RocketJeff Re:OMG (942 comments)

I agree. I'll kill and eat anyone who wants to eat my dog then.
That should strike enough fear into would be dog eaters to leave my dog alone. (sarcasm)

Don't eat them, that would be cannibalism!

It's not cannibalism if you feed them to your dog, however. And your dog will enjoy chewing on the bones, too!

more than 5 years ago

NASA Contest To Name ISS Module

RocketJeff Re:Eight crew, eight racks. Hmm ... (197 comments)

What did River do? I'd say she was less a crew member than Inara.

What did River do???? She kicked big-time Reaver butt (and beat up Jayne a couple of times)...

I'd count all 9 of them as crew - as Mal did (except for the part of the movie when Simon & River left).

more than 5 years ago

NASA Contest To Name ISS Module

RocketJeff Re:Serenity Now! (197 comments)

At this moment, the parent to this is rated 'Troll' - obviously by stuck-up prudes who didn't watch the show...

Remember, Kaylee's first 'introduction' to the ship Serenity was on her back - making 'woopie' with Serenity's (then) engineer. (I hope 'woopie' is acceptable to those prudes out there...)

She might not mind 'helping out' fellow crew members if she was able to get a job on the ISS. God know, it could use her engineering skills...

more than 5 years ago

In the next 12 months, the Middle East will be ...

RocketJeff Re:Arab citizens of Israel (1067 comments)

Though not technically an Arab country, Iran

There's no 'technically' about it. Iran is Persian, not Arabic at all. Calling an Iranian an Arab is up there with calling a Scotsman English.

And just as dangerous (having known both Scotsman and Iranians).

about 6 years ago

Where Have All the Pagers Gone?

RocketJeff Re:Skytel (584 comments)

So the real issue is that he thinks the blackberry "is quiet and has a pathetic vibrate mode".

His (oddRaisin's) solution is to abandon the blackberry and get a pager. mark*workfire has proposed an alternate solution that will probably solve oddRaisin's issue without changing/adding hardware - why are you complaining?

It's a better solution then just throwing hardware at the problem. I've had a blackberry and understand both the original issue and mark*workfire solution - it's (probably) the best given the limited info that oddRaisin provided (did he try anything, including RTFM to see how to setup different volumes based on the time/situaation?)

more than 6 years ago



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