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US Strikes ISIL Targets In Syria

RocketRabbit Re:DAESH, not ISIL (475 comments)

So we should be supporting the Iranians when they call the USA a Zionist lackey?

Or when North Korea calls the USA a den of reptiles, that is OK?

Or is this one of those good for the goose, but not for the gander type situations that we somehow ALWAYS seem to find ourselves in?

It's fucking Islamic State dude, no matter how much you close your eyes and stamp your feet.

about a week ago

Why You Can't Manufacture Like Apple

RocketRabbit Re:Apple REULEZ! (408 comments)

While iTunes could stand improvement, of course, it is still oly about a million times better than anything else. At least a million.

If you check the little box that says "let iTunes manage my music library" it does. It makes folders based upon ID3 tags and files that shit away proper. Now if you're one of those tards who thinks you can manage your library better than iTunes, maybe it will piss you off.

It only has the best MP3 encoder out there. You can pipe music around the house to your other Apple gadgets. You can use your Apple gadgets as a remote control. On and on.

Yeah iTunes could stand work, but much, much less work than any of the alternatives.

about two weeks ago

An Open Source Pitfall? Mozilla Labs Closed, Quietly

RocketRabbit They only have a budget of hundreds of millions... (112 comments)

Listen, Mozilla only has just over three hundred million dollars per year to spend on their browser project. This is barely enough to keep the lights on as it is! If you lot want fancy research projects, please consider turning on the Mozilla ad-bar and donating when you download.

After all, not only are our executives STINKING rich, but the heat and electricity that keeps the offices going are both generated by shoveling hundred dollar bills into a steam boiler.

about two weeks ago

UK Ham Radio Reg Plans To Drop 15 min Callsign Interval and Allow Encryption

RocketRabbit Re:Scrap all the rules (104 comments)

I'm a General too, and I always thought that one of the main objectives of Amateur Radio was to foster international good will. Other objectives include engendering technical innovation (after all, most innovations in radio were made by and for amateurs) and building a cadre of trained radio operators ready to go in case of the outbreak of war.

about three weeks ago

Intel's Haswell-E Desktop CPU Debuts With Eight Cores, DDR4 Memory

RocketRabbit Can I get one without the NSA hardware backdoor? (181 comments)

Can I get one without the NSA hardware backdoor? I'm talking about iAMT. It would be nice, a guy can dream.

about a month ago

CMU System Lets You Get To the Good Parts of Video, Fast

RocketRabbit Usenet is the new Slashdot (32 comments)

Come to the last non-commercial, unkillable, non-Dice-affiliated forum on the internet - Usenet! and comp.misc are the new Slashdot (one computer related, the other just miscellaneous news). Sick of Rob's slashvertisements? Timothy's awful editing and dupes? Need to post some GNAA spam or just get a complaint about Scientology off your chest? Do it in style on Usenet!

Fuck Dice. They just killed Freshmeat - how long until Slashdot is toast too?

about 3 months ago

Auditors Release Verified Repositories of TrueCrypt

RocketRabbit Re: Sublime irony (146 comments)

I think you just confirmed what we all suspected, spook.

about 4 months ago

After Trademark Dispute, Mexican Carriers Can No Longer Use iPhone Name In Ads

RocketRabbit Mexican judges require bigger bribes (53 comments)

Mexican judges require bigger bribes than Mexican cops. Apple will just throw some money at the appeals court quietly and all will be well.

about 4 months ago

Samsung 'Smart' Camera Easily Hackable

RocketRabbit Re:Illuminade (62 comments)

Conspiracy fact, not theory. Evidence backs up my thoughts.

about 5 months ago

Samsung 'Smart' Camera Easily Hackable

RocketRabbit Samsung = Korean state spy gadgets (62 comments)

I thought everybody knew that most Samsung electronics are basically just spy gadgets. This includes their phones and TVs as well. After the baseband modem flaw / fiasco why would you assume any Samsung gadget with a processor and a radio is any better?

Keep using them, especially if you work with sensitive information - the Korean economy thanks you as does one of their largest military contractors, Samsung.

Oh and Google won't mind skimming a bit of your data off the top either.

about 5 months ago

Oklahoma Botched an Execution With Untested Lethal Injection Drugs

RocketRabbit Eye for an eye! (1198 comments)

He should have been shot in the head and then buried alive. The death penalty is not assisted suicide. It should be terrifying and the circumstances should be as close as possible to those the perp inflicted on their victim. This devil deserved to be tortured to death.

about 5 months ago

Big Bang's Smoking Gun Found

RocketRabbit Comp.misc on Usenet is the new Slashdot (269 comments)

While it is unlikely that anybody will bother to attempt to replicate the discovery of these gravity waves, as nobody wants to realize it was just a unit conversion error, what people do know is that Dice has sucked the life out of Slashdot. Come join us on comp.misc, and if your ISP no longer provides Usenet look up Eternal September.

Brian Greene is going to be there defending his hare-brained "predictions" so it should be a lot of fun for everybody.

about 6 months ago

Why Your Online Impersonation of a 16-year Old Girl Won't Last Long

RocketRabbit Tired of Slashdot? Come to comp.misc on Usenet! (137 comments)

When a blatant attempt to plug a link such as this submission pisses you off, you have a choice. You can stick around and continue to be fed drivel, or you can come (back?) to Usenet where the air is clean. Eternal September is a good reliable free Usenet server, and comp.misc is the new official Slashdot replacement,

about 7 months ago

Researchers Unveil High-Speed Laser Communications Device For Space

RocketRabbit Usenet is the new Slashdot, see you in comp.misc! (40 comments)

Usenet is the new Slashdot, see you in comp.misc! Get your free Usenet account at Eternal September and never worry about beta again, on the original censorship-free, non-commercial, distributed forum.

See you all on comp.misc!

about 8 months ago

Unlocking 120 Years of Images of the Night Sky

RocketRabbit Usenet is the new Slashdot, see you in comp.misc! (29 comments)

Usenet is the new Slashdot, see you in comp.misc! If you're tired of the ad-driven, monetized internet, please come join us on Usenet, at comp.misc - get your free Usenet account at Eternal September. Why boycott for a week, or keep dribbling content into a site run by people who don't value you, when you can join the original, free, uncensored, non-commercial, distributed forum!

See you all there!

about 8 months ago

L.A. Building's Lights Interfere With Cellular Network, FCC Says

RocketRabbit Usenet is the new Slashdot, see you in comp.misc (158 comments)

Because Beta has exposed a fatal flaw in web- based communities, ie that the current owner of a domain around which a community has formed can choose to do whatever they like, the new official Slashdot is on Usenet, at comp.misc and I hope to see you all there.

Eternal September is a free Usenet provider, with the caveat that they do not carry binary (warez+porn) groups. Head on over and get your account today, and then we'll see each other on comp.misc!

about 8 months ago

German Domain Registrar Liable For Copyright Infringement

RocketRabbit Re:Usenet is the new Slashdot! (164 comments)

Please join everybody at the official Slashdot replacement news group, comp.misc and enjoy your new freedom!

about 8 months ago

German Domain Registrar Liable For Copyright Infringement

RocketRabbit Usenet is the new Slashdot! (164 comments)

Just hop on over to Eternal September and get your free account. The official new replacement for Slashdot is comp.misc - see you all there!

Other people are trying to get something off the ground, but all the ideas they have had so far involve ad revenue, overlords with administrative powers, and basically all the components that eventually combined into the shit-nano that is currently known as Slashdot.

See you all on Usenet, the censorship-free, decentralized, JavaScript-free, blind-friendly, non commercial wave of the future.

about 8 months ago

Bitcoin Plunges After Mt. Gox Exchange Halts Trades

RocketRabbit Usenet over Beta, time to change over! (249 comments)

Comp.misc on Usenet is the new Slashdot. Please change over immediately. If your ISP no longer carries Usenet please use the Eternal September *free* Usenet servers.

See you there, and DOWN WITH BETA.

about 8 months ago

US Cord Cutters Getting Snubbed From NBC's Olympic Coverage Online

RocketRabbit Fuck Beta, go Usenet! (578 comments)

Face it, Slashdot has jumped the shark. As others have said, the way forward is Usenet. Time to go back to the only censorship-free, non commercial Internet forum. Nobody will ever be able to buy Usenet, it will ever go 'beta' and it is the wave of the future.

Comp.misc seems to be the new Slashdot replacement. See you there!

about 8 months ago



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