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IRS Misses XP Deadline, Pays Microsoft Millions For Patches

Rod Beauvex Tax time. (322 comments)

Someone's taxes are going to be looked at with a fine tooth comb.... :D

about a week ago

Notch Shelves Space Game 0x10c, Cites Pressure, Desire To Work On Small Projects

Rod Beauvex Gaming. (178 comments)

Taking time to chat during a streamed TF2 game...

Well there's the problem right there.

It kills me how people complain about how in a hurry they are and how they never have the time to do anything, and they never connect it with the fact that they're always gaming.

Karma going down in 3...2...1...

Fortune: System going down in 5 minutes. :D

about 8 months ago

When it comes to (download) bandwidth needs, I require..

Rod Beauvex Re:Young whippersnappers! (279 comments)

How many of those will fit in my horse drawn carraige?

about 8 months ago

3D Printers Shown To Emit Potentially Harmful Nanosized Particles

Rod Beauvex This just in. (180 comments)

3D printing shown to cause potentially harmful cuts into corporate profits.

about 8 months ago

Gore Site Operator Arrested For Posting Video of Murder

Rod Beauvex Re:Al Gore? (289 comments)

Glad I'm not the only one. :D

about 9 months ago

Colorado Company Says It Plans To Test Hyperloop Transport System

Rod Beauvex If this was possible... (258 comments)

Why hasn't this already been developed in another country, like Japan or Germany or France? The US isn't exactly a bastion of technological development.

about 9 months ago

Facebook Bug Exposed 6 Million Users

Rod Beauvex Re:What's a facebook? (75 comments)

Don't worry. Facebook will make a page for you.

about 10 months ago

Former TigerDirect President Indicted In $230 Million Laundering Scheme

Rod Beauvex Got busted, eh? (109 comments)

Someone didn't get paaiid!

about 9 months ago

NY and SF Mayors Announce Joint Tech Summits

Rod Beauvex Hmm.... (27 comments)

Define "problems".

about 10 months ago

Irish SOPA Used To Block Pirate Bay Access

Rod Beauvex Re:Serioulsy how fucking hard (94 comments)

This not about money. It never was. It is about control.

about 10 months ago

Most precise measuring tool I've used ...

Rod Beauvex Re:Accuracy is subjective (328 comments)

Are you currently out of one or the other?

about a year ago

Bloomberg To HS Grads: Be a Plumber

Rod Beauvex Re:Also (368 comments)

He should offer a big time reward. $2000 in gold coins, if he's got a serious plumbing problem.

about a year ago

Windows Blue 9364 Screenshots Show Feature Enhancements

Rod Beauvex Re:Idiocracy! (502 comments)

Therein lies the problem with Linux and it's ever weak adoption rate.

As you say, it is not the 90's anymore. The average user SHOULD NOT have to open the terminal FOR ANY REASON.

1 year,25 days

Ask Slashdot: How To Convince a Company Their Subscriber List Is Compromised?

Rod Beauvex Submitter has never filed a bug report. (247 comments)

Otherwise he would know that geeks don't make mistakes, and it's all your own stupidity.

about a year ago


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