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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Steps Down

Rodness Co-CEOs.. (142 comments)

Because that worked out SO well for Blackberry.

about 4 months ago

Kids With Operators Manual Alert Bank Officials: "We Hacked Your ATM"

Rodness Re:Kids these days. (378 comments)

I didn't say anything at all about their actions, one way or another. I took issue with the use of "hacked". They didn't hack anything, they breached security by using the instruction manual.

You misunderstood what I meant, which was in fact literally what I said, and you were an asshole about it.

Have a nice day.

about 8 months ago

Kids With Operators Manual Alert Bank Officials: "We Hacked Your ATM"

Rodness Kids these days. (378 comments)

By "hacked" you mean "followed printed instructions from a user's manual". If that's the new "hacking" then I weep for mankind.

about 8 months ago

Lose Sleep, Fail To Form Memory

Rodness Any new parent could tell you that. (85 comments)

It's amazing how little sleep you can get and not die.

And for about a month after both of my kids were born, I really don't remember much at all.

about 8 months ago

Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake'

Rodness Re:Ah, but you're talking about it. (711 comments)

*dammit... ABOUT YOU. I even had to preview first and still missed my typo.

about 8 months ago

Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake'

Rodness Ah, but you're talking about it. (711 comments)

It doesn't matter what people are saying about you, as long as they're talking to you.

Tim Cook isn't stupid. He said it, and you're all talking about it. Apple wins.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do I Get My Spouse To Start Gaming With Me?

Rodness Talk to her. (550 comments)

Talk to your wife. Explain that it's important to you. Maybe she'll give it a try. But you can't convince her if it's not her thing.

My wife tried co-op games (lego star wars, etc) with me but really wasn't into it. But she respects that it's important to me and lets me have time to play, even if it's not with her.

The stupidest thing you can do is ask a bunch of nerds for advice and then try to convince her she should be into it. Talk to her instead.

about 2 years ago

Researchers May Have Discovered How Memories Are Encoded In the Brain

Rodness Get your ass to Mars. (185 comments)

How much will it cost me to remember being an invincible secret agent on Mars??

more than 2 years ago

ISPs Will Now Be Copyright Cops

Rodness Uh, SSL? (338 comments)

So set your torrent client to require SSL connections to peers, and they can't prove you weren't downloading the latest Ubuntu.

Problem solved.

more than 3 years ago

Gizmodo Blows Whistle On 4G iPhone Loser

Rodness MOD PARENT UP (853 comments)

Finally, someone who doesn't think this guy is the victim. HE IS THE WEAK LINK!! (I wish I had mod points. Sorry.)

When Apple said "here, carry around this priceless prototype phone and test it out" they most assuredly gave him a lecture on being careful and not losing it.

And he got plastered and lost it.

If I were Apple, if I didn't fire him outright I sure as hell wouldn't trust him anymore. So on second thought, if I can't trust him anymore, adios.
And if I were hiring developers for a secretive project, I sure as hell wouldn't hire him either.

Gizmodo* did us a favor by telling us his name. Now his prospective employers know he can't be trusted to hang onto things entrusted to him.

(* Gizmodo is totally not innocent IMO, but a discussion of Gizmodo's actions is not the point of this comment.)

more than 4 years ago

$500,000 Prize for Faster Airport Security Checks

Rodness Re:Easy. (517 comments)

Absolutely correct.

And as Bruce Schneier likes to point out, if we can't keep weapons (improvised or otherwise) out of prisons, how can we have any possible expectation of keeping them out of airports and off of airplanes?

about 7 years ago



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