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Equatorial Mounts For Budget Astrophotography?

RogueScientist Motorized Equatorial Telescope mount free. (85 comments)

I have a motorized equatorial mount that is of very hefty precision design. You would have to pick it up from Santa Fe NM, but its perfect for astrophotography. -Simon.

more than 4 years ago

Extracting Digital Video from LaserDiscs?

RogueScientist method of digitizing a laser disk (92 comments)

A laser disk has pits on the disk that vary in length and position in the sequence. So essentially you have a time and amplitude domain that generates a analog waveform. Why would it not be possible to construct a special apparatus that reads the length of the pits as accurately as possible and store that information in a data file with a 64 bit number for each pit with a time? Once you have this the data you have captured is digital and can use the necessary analysis to generate the image information from that data? It seems a lot better than dealing with disk players that are taking this information doing various filtering on the information and working with the generated analog frequency waveform.

more than 10 years ago


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