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In France, a Second Patient Receives Permanent Artificial Heart

RoknrolZombie Re:WIFI-Enabled Vital Organs?!?! (183 comments)

I really wish I had mod points +1 parent, freakin' hilarious!!!

about a week ago

Why Are the World's Scientists Continuing To Take Chances With Smallpox?

RoknrolZombie Re:once again, White Christans fuck over everybody (190 comments)

Of course not. It'll be bundled with a "free" cell phone for underdeveloped nations...or for populated nations. It'll be produced by the US and built in China, and nobody will have any idea where along the chain they got infected...

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Would It Take For You To Buy a Smartwatch?

RoknrolZombie Something useful? (427 comments)

I would need it to do something useful that would either not be available on my smartphone, or completely replaces my smartphone.

I doubt that I will be able to (or WANT to) talk on the phone using a smartwatch...while Dick Tracy *looks* neat in comics, It's essentially putting everyone on speaker phone which I think is pretty retarded. With that as my initial stance, it would have to do something other than what my phone does.

I'm currently in the market for a blood pressure monitor, and I've used the gimmicky pedometers/calorie trackers before. These are things that my phone doesn't do (or doesn't do well), so I guess more or less sets the bar for me.

I don't care that they can do "neat" stuff. I need it to do *useful* stuff. Simplify my life, don't complicate it even more.

about 3 months ago

Court Releases DOJ Memo Justifying Drone Strike On US Citizen

RoknrolZombie Re:How does this not violate the 5th and/or 14th.. (371 comments)

That f***ing a**hole Bin Laden won the minute we started destroying our own constitution.

So he won around 200 years ago? Our Rights have been eroding since day one :-/

about 3 months ago

Harley-Davidson Unveils Their First Electric Motorcycle

RoknrolZombie Nice looking bike... (345 comments)

Nice looking bike, but I wonder if they're going to offer something more cruiser-like. I'm certainly not opposed to a "greener" ride, but I'd look a damned fool on one of those.

about 3 months ago

IRS Lost Emails of 6 More Employees Under Investigation

RoknrolZombie Re:Email recipients (465 comments)

Careful, a naive individual may mistakenly assume that something like this is against the law.

about 3 months ago

Auditors Release Verified Repositories of TrueCrypt

RoknrolZombie Re:Match (146 comments)

Whether you know it or not, the answer is "yes"

about 3 months ago

$445 Billion Lost Due To Cybercrime?

RoknrolZombie Full Disclosure? (1 comments)

I wonder if they're including the banks in those figures.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Does Your Job Need To Exist?

RoknrolZombie Understaffed (343 comments)

Every IT job that I've had has been woefully understaffed. My current job is awesome, but even here we struggle to keep up with the workload.

That's not to say that there's not a fair share of screwing off - as has been mentioned (I'm sure), a brief break helps a lot of people be more productive, not less (of course, as long as it's not done to excess).

At other jobs I *did* spend far more time screwing off, but that wasn't because there wasn't enough work to keep me busy. It was because I worked for a miserable boss in a miserable environment and I was the only IT guy holding the place together. It helped that nobody knew if I was screwing off - after all, Slashdot is a "tech" site, right? Their ignorance was my bliss. But then again, they weren't the ones manning helpdesk phone 24/7 so I don't feel very bad about it.

Not to say that useless jobs don't exist, but I haven't had the good fortune to work in an overstaffed, under-workloaded department.

about 4 months ago

Privacy-Conscious Google Glass App Identifies Surveillance Cameras

RoknrolZombie An Interesting Idea (1 comments)

Use the tools that they're using to spy on us to help us avoid being spied on. I guess like using Google to search for privacy related articles?

Not sure how effective stuff like this will actually be though...but it's nice to see people thinking beyond the fear.

about 5 months ago

New French Law Prohibits After-Hours Work Emails

RoknrolZombie Re:At least someone appreciates work-life balance (477 comments)

I don't disagree with the idea - I haven't done any testing or anything, but to me it seems like that might be a bit backwards.

Little startups are competing with major players - in almost all of the tech fields that seems to be the case. If they aren't "competing", they are working with much larger companies...companies that can afford to pay a team of monkeys to do 24/7 service. The smaller companies have to be able to compete (or at least pretend they're as "professional" (because for some reason 24/7 ops makes you more professional? Meh)). This requires the same kind of "dedication", with far less staff.

I remember working for a company where I was managing the Help Desk (around 70 users, worldwide), right around 20 servers, and our Asterisk system. When the CEO asked me why I "can't get the phone system to work the way that Intel does", I let her know in no uncertain terms that Intel hires Helpdesk people to manage the Help Desk and phone people to manage the phones, and that they probably aren't both the same person. Additionally, they aren't the same person 24/7/365.

I feel quite blest to have finally found a job that isn't overwhelming, pays a reasonable wage, and actually respects the skills that I have rather than assuming that because *they* don't understand something, I must not know what I'm talking about. (yeah, I know, I do talk out of my ass sometimes, but not usually when it comes to tech :p )

about 5 months ago

New French Law Prohibits After-Hours Work Emails

RoknrolZombie Re:At least someone appreciates work-life balance (477 comments)

Especially if you're salary, since by definition that's a non-hourly job.

I imagine, whether in France or not, that the person willing to work outside of business hours will be the one to get/keep the job, because that's pretty much how employment works.

about 5 months ago

Isolated Tribes Die Shortly After We Meet Them

RoknrolZombie Re:Other animals (351 comments)

Explain how tribes can survive after thousands of years without disease?

I'm pretty sure the OP intended to say "new diseases". Obviously they have their own diseases - and their own immunities...they just aren't the same as the rest of the worlds'.

Native Americans used herbs and other plants to heal themselves, and yet today /.ers deny any chance that alternative medicine works.

Yes, because when it's proven to work it's called "medicine".

And what does this say about Europe who used religion as a heal/execute all. comment? People were largely uneducated back then? I'm not sure what the excuse is in this day and age though...

Natives Americans were fairly populated, just divided into several tribes. Without any major population wiping disease.

This is a random link - I'm sure you can find more with a quick search:

The only reason that the Europeans had a chance was because the Native American population was already decimated. Not saying that it's "ok" or anything like that, but thems the facts.

I'm not saying that having a large population wouldn't cause such disease, add that fact they lived with there livestock, any disease could jump from human into animal and mutate, or vice verse, and the vaccine for small pox came about because of [essentially] milk maids who didn't get the disease, due to their interaction with the heifers. Their lack of proper hygiene, not deposing of their feces in a proper manner. Contaminating their drinking water with their own feces, animal feces, ect....

Hail dumb luck? Really? What are you getting at? That science is "bad"? By all means - segregate yourself from the scientific community...I don't think you'll be missed.

about 5 months ago

Comcast Takes 2014 Prize For Worst Company In America

RoknrolZombie Re:Back up your vote with your wallet (195 comments)

Yes, but if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem. As mentioned, sometimes it's tough to break away from your "bad" company (personal examples below), but just like with anything else, you do everything that you can. If you can't do any more, then it's not worth sweating...but if you CAN do more, and you don't, then the fault lies with you.

Example, I've attempted to break away from AT&T. I've been grandfathered into their unlimited data plan, so I'm not in a big hurry to rush away from that, despite the fact that their costs and service ares absolutely terrible. Are they the worst? I can't say so...I haven't seen anyone really "shine" with that service for a long time. So what I did, was instead of subsidizing my "free" phone by signing a contract, I let my contract expire and paid cash for a brand new phone, unsubsidized. I'm not under contract at the moment, so can walk away [i]the instant[/i] I get so pissed at AT&T that they've completely lost my business. I've seen this work in my favor a couple of times since my contract expired - generally the people on the other end of the phone seem pretty shocked that I'm using AT&T with no ongoing terms, and they're generally pretty helpful when they realize that I could leave AT&T. Maybe it's just the person on the other end - maybe they don't really care, but it sure makes me feel better to know that if I really want to leave the company, I can do so in an instant without them charging me bullshit fees.

Wal-Mart is another one, although I don't have a particular beef with the company. I just simply don't like going there - just driving into the parking lot is enough to start a panic the time I reach the front door I'm ready to cram the Greeters' walker down their throat. So I don't go there, simple as that.

Target? Shit, target showed up on my radar almost 10 years ago with that teenage pregnancy thing, and I haven't shopped there since. The few times I've gone in, I've made sure that I'm using cash. Do what you can.

If [i]everyone[/i] did what they could, many of these problems don't exist. The defeatist attitude is what allows these awful companies to continue to exist and be awful.

about 5 months ago

Meet the Diehards Who Refuse To Move On From Windows XP

RoknrolZombie Re:VirtualBox (641 comments)

Ditto, I do the same thing for Netflix and some of my older video games when I'm feeling nostalgic.

about 5 months ago

Why No One Trusts Facebook To Power the Future

RoknrolZombie Re:Getting blocked? (218 comments)

It's a big process that most end users don't understand and can't resolve without a lot of help. For a long time I simply didn't care, so I didn't bother with much extra security. It's slow going as I migrate, but essentially, if you can find information about me online, I intend it to be there ;)

Besides...I don't like to boast about it, because some people take it as a challenge :p It's easier to be hidden when nobody is looking :D

about 5 months ago

Why No One Trusts Facebook To Power the Future

RoknrolZombie Re:Getting blocked? (218 comments)

The sooner the better?

Yes, as everyone says, the "information is forever"...whatever. I've been on the internet since roughly 1998, and it's relatively challenging to find information on me from that far back. Plus - what benefit would it serve?

As long as you are still on FB, they are getting current information to sell to the highest bidder. Next week that information won't be as relevant. Next month, even less so. In five years? Who in the hell is going to give a shit what you were doing five years ago?

Of course - there are other things you can do to help reduce the BS...change email addresses/ip addresses/phone numbers...move...the usual things you have to do to get rid of a stalker. Fortunately, in a planet of roughly 6 billion idiots (giving some leeway for people who aren't idiots or don't use the neterwebz), when you walk away they just don't care. At least, not right now. Not really. But later? When people finally start realizing what it is they're giving up? Yeah...then they'll be chasing users, and you'll probably be enjoying it a lot less.

about 5 months ago

Interview: Ask John McAfee What You Will

RoknrolZombie Re:burning question (172 comments)

Holy shit. Best. Question. Ever.

You know, I remembered the last interview, but I didn't remember reading it. All the time, I was reading the comments and the vitriol about JM, and I couldn't think for the life of me why. I was thinking, "okay, so he's a bit eccentric. What's the big deal?" Then I read the last interview.

Nuttier than squirrel shit, and more dangerous than a pack of rabid hamsters. But this question kicks ass!

about 6 months ago


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