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Shunting the FCC To the Slow Lane

RollingThunder Re:Wake up and smell the ducats, peons.... (194 comments)

No, in common parlance the fascism refers to how the government controls the populace - by force. Plutocracy or Oligarchy refers to who holds the levers to control the government, regardless of how the government then executes things.

about 4 months ago

Shunting the FCC To the Slow Lane

RollingThunder Re:real bias of the media (194 comments)

I wouldn't say "the media is all in... about Benghazi". _FOX NEWS_ is all in. The other media outlets don't seem to care about Benghazi anymore.

about 4 months ago

Ex-Microsoft Employee Arrested For Leaking Windows 8

RollingThunder Re:Stealing? (197 comments)

The exclusivity was not stolen - it was destroyed. For the exclusivity to be stolen somebody else would now have to have the exclusivity on that code, but they cannot, because the owner still has a copy.

about 6 months ago

Ubisoft Hacked, Account Data Compromised

RollingThunder Re:What Ubisoft Does Best (138 comments)

Their site is pretty clearly in "oh SHIT" mode right now, stripped down to barest minimums. I would hope that once things settle down and the more feature-rich site returns, you'll be able to do a recovery along the lines of what you could previously. However, if you didn't set up any other alternative methods of recovery (I can't remember if they had secret questions, etc), then you may be out of luck. Perhaps the returned site will let you log in with the old password and then force the change.

about a year ago

Are 12-16 Hour Workdays Productive?

RollingThunder Re:If you have to ask... (615 comments)

It's not specifically named holidays like Christmas, but rather a cultural behavior to take one's vacation days during August, come hell or high water.

more than 2 years ago

Don't Super-Size My Smartphone!

RollingThunder It's all relative (660 comments)

As somebody that sold the Motorola "book" cell phones back in the early 90's, I find it funny calling these tiny things "huge and heavy".

more than 2 years ago

Who Is Still Using IE6? the UK Government

RollingThunder Re:Same Story in Germany (141 comments)

IETab just runs IE; if your application is bloody-minded about only allowing in IE6, then Firefox plus IETab running IE8 will still get bounced.

more than 2 years ago

FBI Seizes Server Providing Anonymous Remailer Service

RollingThunder Re:nonsense (355 comments)

Agreed. A number of forensic power supplies exist, ranging from full-PC units to ones that just manage the hard drive, and can be engaged without interrupting power.

more than 2 years ago

The iPhone Is a Nightmare For Carriers

RollingThunder Re:Perspective (438 comments)

Considering the massive loss that Apple mandates the carrier eat on each unit sold, yes, they probably would prefer no direct sales.

Apple's not going to move many direct-to-consumer iPhones for the amount they charge the carriers, though. The end user is conditioned to think their subsidized price is the real price.

more than 2 years ago

Consumer Tech: an IT Nightmare

RollingThunder Re:This is getting out of hand (533 comments)

$5K per laptop?

What world are you living in?

Try an order of magnitude less.

more than 2 years ago

Consumer Tech: an IT Nightmare

RollingThunder Re:Not many people want you to support consumer te (533 comments)

When somebody says "I need my device that I carry with me at all times to connect to the company's mail server", they're saying "I want to do more job more efficiently."

Yes, and they think that's the best way - but they're also not solution architects.

However, the IT guy isn't denying things for shits and giggles. His job is to make sure the entire infrastructure stays up, secure, and available to everyone.

If he allows every Tom, Dick, and VP of Marketing to connect their new shiny to the network without doing his due diligence, who do you think is going to have his balls in a vise when that device goes insane and screws with the infrastructure? Not the VP of Marketing, that's for damn sure.

It's a balance. Everyone wants their new shiny, but they can't always have it. The IT guy wants a simple monoculture, but he can't have that.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Securely Share Passwords?

RollingThunder Keys to the kingdom (402 comments)

I don't think it'll be too hard.

If you keep your passwords securely in a master storage system (IE: KeePass or the like), and keep the master password for that in a physical location that your siblings will be able to get access to in the event of your demise, then they can use that to get access to all the accounts you held.

Think along the lines of those "snap cards" that were in 1980's cold war movies. The sibs have to break it open to get the master password paper, so you know it continues to be secure. There could even be instructions on the paper along with the password.

more than 2 years ago

Agile Quadruped Robot Unveiled By Italian Roboticists

RollingThunder Re:Congratulations, science (45 comments)

No, no, they have to demonstrate that they're making progress towards a robot that can play football.

more than 2 years ago

Steve Jobs' Missing License Plate

RollingThunder Re:What does "flaunt law" mean? (579 comments)

I suspect the AC confused "flaunt" with "flout". Not too surprising, as it's a rarely used word these days.

more than 2 years ago

NASA CTO Says Help Desks May Disappear

RollingThunder Thanks, I needed that laugh (131 comments)

Speaking as a team lead for tier 2 support group, that's part of the premium service desk for managed IT outsourcing (ASA 30 seconds, 70% FTR kind of thing), this made me laugh my butt off.

Yes, we get crap-tons of calls from users about mobile devices. Tom is out of touch with "real" users, he's suffering (benefiting?) from massive selection bias here. His sample base is nowhere near representative of your average corporate IT user.

more than 2 years ago

NASA Rolls Out Space Exploration Roadmap

RollingThunder Roadmap? (128 comments)

Roadmap? Why not a starchart?

about 3 years ago

SMK Toughens Up Those Tiny Micro-USB Connections

RollingThunder Re:Interesting. (137 comments)

Sure, and those comments are just as applicable to the mini-USB mounts. Hell, probably more applicable; the entire unit of a surface-mount USB it taller, and therefore applies more force to the solders through leverage, assuming the same insertion force.

about 3 years ago

NASA Reveals New Images of Apollo Landing Sites

RollingThunder Re:Freaking Flash (again!) (269 comments)

How, exactly, can we get that cool comparison-slider, without using something like Flash or HTML5?

about 3 years ago

Facebook Says That Google+ Has No Users

RollingThunder Re:Google+ (360 comments)

Wait, you mean all these policy updates are your fault? Stop messing with your sharing permissions so the rest of us can get some peace!

more than 3 years ago


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