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Buried In the Source: "No Expectation of Privacy"

Roman Coder Re:How do we get Congress to sign up? (365 comments)

Think he was speaking towards the current shutdown of the government, moreso than the ACA.

about 9 months ago

BBC Unveils Newly Discovered Dr.Who Episodes

Roman Coder Re:OMG OMG OMG!!! (184 comments)

Ark in Space is what got me into Doctor Who in the first place! IMHO one of the best episodes ever. Humanities final fight to survive, hard to beat that.

Have to admit though, the bubble wrap did look kind of funny. But its ok, got used to wobbly walls when an actor bumped up against one.

about 10 months ago

Ask Author David Craddock About the Development of Diablo, Warcraft

Roman Coder Re:Interests removed? (109 comments)

The only problem with this argument is that if they were truly trying to simplify WoW, they would make it so you don't need so man f'ing buttons to play your character.

Yeah, yeah, boring, noob mode, etc., but as I get older, and my carpal tunnel gets worse and worse, I wouldn't mind some abilities simplification (moreso than has already been done).

Also, as a person who plays primarily a healer, PLEASE for f's sake, less cc in PvP (hence less trinket/button tracking; see above).

about 10 months ago

Ask Author David Craddock About the Development of Diablo, Warcraft

Roman Coder Re:in app payments (109 comments)

Do you mean like having to pay for a room in the inn every time you want to log out your character?

Or pay the taxi per mile rate when you take a flightpath?

Taxes on purchases from vendors perhaps? Or even better on loot drops!

Billboards on the streets of Org/Stormwind?

The possibilities are endless!

about 10 months ago

Fukushima Nuclear Worker Accidentally Toggles Off Cooling Pumps

Roman Coder Re: The Boss (190 comments)


about 10 months ago

USPTO Publishes Suggestions For Intellectual Property Enforcement

Roman Coder Re:a sampling of responses (57 comments)

Honest portion of Humanity: Hey, I didn't eat the (salmon) mousse!

about a year ago

Jimmy Carter Calls Snowden Leak Ultimately "Beneficial"

Roman Coder Re:+5 Insightful for (424 comments)

I'd like to get back to having 2 sane parties to choose from, but I don't think the Republicans can recover since they're unwilling to show the bigots and crazies the door, and modernize their views so they can appeal to reasonable people.

They can't show them to the door, they need their votes.

And they'll need them more and more as time goes on, as more new voters are registering as Democrats.

1 year,9 days

Visual Studio vs. Eclipse: a Programmer's Comparison

Roman Coder Re:No point (543 comments)

There's no global root class in C++. This makes a huge and subtle difference.

Elaborate please?

1 year,11 days

Visual Studio vs. Eclipse: a Programmer's Comparison

Roman Coder Re: WTF? (543 comments)

Well, I'm not saying what I'm saying just because of me. I sit in the middle of the floor with twenty-five other coders, all who use Eclipse, and we talk to each other.

And none of us see the problems you've talked about.

Also, as a consultant for twenty years, I've worked at over thirty companies, almost all using Eclipse (different versions as the wayback machine is set higher and higher), and have not had/seen the kind of experiences you document in your post.

All anecdotal, agree, but maybe, just to turn the tables, its you that is having especially bad luck with Eclipse, vs. all others ALSO having bad luck?

You might want to consider a fresh install, etc. etc. $0.02 Otherwise, from one coder to another, I feel your pain, as I hate it when the tech gets in my way of doing the job too.

1 year,11 days

Visual Studio vs. Eclipse: a Programmer's Comparison

Roman Coder Re:Netbeans! (543 comments)

I like all of Netbeans, except for its editor (even using the Eclipse keymappings).

If I could take Eclipse's editor and put it in Netbeans, I'd be set for life, IDE wise.

1 year,11 days

Visual Studio vs. Eclipse: a Programmer's Comparison

Roman Coder Re: WTF? (543 comments)

And I just got moderated down by fanboys. Damn humans, they prefer theirs private fantasy worlds than reality.

I didn't mod you down, but for what its worth, in all the years of using Eclipse, I've only seen/been affected by two bugs, one years ago, one recently. Juno was very buggy, but Kepler is doing great so far.

I can't agree with your slow/buggy comments. If I did, I wouldn't be using it as my IDE (Intelli J and Netbeans being alternatives).

1 year,11 days

Visual Studio vs. Eclipse: a Programmer's Comparison

Roman Coder Re:No point (543 comments)

It's for the best really - have you seen the sort of C++ a "Java programmer" will write?

As a long-time Java programmer who wants to learn/use C++, I'd love to hear your insights, so that I don't appear on your wall of shame. :)

1 year,11 days

Interviews: Ask James Gosling About Java and Ocean Exploring Robots

Roman Coder JavaFX2 (87 comments)

What are you thoughts on JavaFX2, especially towards its competition with HTML5?

1 year,16 days

Masao Yoshida, Director of Fukushima Daichii Nuclear Plant, Has Died

Roman Coder Re:Still no deaths (119 comments)

True I suppose, but if someone falls off the roof while installing a solar panel, that doesn't make the whole city the house was in uninhabitable for decades/centuries. Its not just a straight kW/h test.

1 year,17 days

New Atomic Clock Could Redefine the Second

Roman Coder Re:When better isn't better (76 comments)

A > B; C > B; A > C

And here I thought it meant that both A and C attacks B, then A gets mad at C for killstealing and attacks C.

1 year,18 days

The Security Risks of HTML5 Development

Roman Coder Re:There are AES libraries... (275 comments)

>We use HTML5/JS in conjunction with Apache Cordova ...
>But everything we put into localstorage is encrypted using an AES library.

Oh FFS! This is wrong on so many levels. I don't know where to start.

Which one? Or both?

about a year ago

New Links Found Between Bacteria and Cancer

Roman Coder Re:So... (159 comments)

Unless he's working with a language like Java, which then makes me think its a threading issue (debugger changing the timing/duration of the running code/threads).

about a year ago

Billion-Pixel View of Mars Snapped By Curiosity

Roman Coder Re:Cool (32 comments)

The Mountain called, said he was going over to Muhammad's place instead.

about a year ago


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