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Artificial Spleen Removes Ebola, HIV Viruses and Toxins From Blood Using Magnets

Ronin Developer Re: As a layman... (92 comments)

Probably NOT a hoax. Just a dip paraphrasing the real article, rushing to post it, and having no clue what they are talking about.

Here is the correct version of the article from a more reputable source.

12 hours ago

Artificial Spleen Removes Ebola, HIV Viruses and Toxins From Blood Using Magnets

Ronin Developer Re:Woohoo!! (92 comments)

I found a book in an old Annapolis bookstore about magnetic healing. It was such quackery...gave it to my wife just before she graduated from PT school.

Book was something like 100 years old at the time. Now, I have to go find it (hopefully, she still has it). It can sit right along my books on post civil war bugle calls and another on Warship design (BB-26 South Carolina..circa 1910).

12 hours ago

Artificial Spleen Removes Ebola, HIV Viruses and Toxins From Blood Using Magnets

Ronin Developer Re:Poor source (92 comments)

Thanks for sharing this. It is a much better summary than what was posted here on /.

Mod original poster to INTERESTING, please.

12 hours ago

Apple Outrages Users By Automatically Installing U2's Album On Their Devices

Ronin Developer Re:Modding Points (559 comments)

No. Just an observation. Your comments emphasize my point, though.

If you don't like Apple's products, why do you care that others do?

If people like Apple products and wish to spend their money on the brand or simply enter into that ecosystem for whatever reason, that's their prerogative. Right? Just like buying a BMW or Jaguar over a Hyundai, Ford or Kia. It's a personal choice (and, budget).

FAndroids seem hell bent on forcing their will on those who prefer other options and love to belittle anyone who doesn't buy into their way of thinking. I don't see that from Apple users as much. You don't find many of them posting on Android related articles. One could get this level of discourse elsewhere from troll posts on other media sites (such as CNN) .

Personally, I buy what works best for me and fits my budget. Having had both Android and Blackberry phones lock up on me in the middle of business calls, I prefer to go with something that works (well, until I run out of battery, anyway). Given the fact that I can make money developing for iOS more readily than Android, it's a no-brainer for me. If I need to develop for Android, I COULD easily switch as I have the skills. Instead, I find it easier to use cross-platform tools to get there and develop native for iOS. So far, I have seen little business need to develop for Android. That may change as will I when the time is right. Others who see it differently are more than welcome to develop for that platform. Their choice.

Now, go crawl back under the bridge, Troll.


Apple Outrages Users By Automatically Installing U2's Album On Their Devices

Ronin Developer Modding Points (559 comments)

Why is that every Pro-Apple post is modded down while almost every Anti-Apple/pro-Android/Samsung post is modded up?

No bias here I see.


Early iPhone 6 Benchmark Results Show Only Modest Gains For A8

Ronin Developer What is the purpose of all this? (205 comments)

Okay Fanboys and FAndroids - what is the point of this discussion?

I am a survivor of the PC Wars, the Clone Wars and the OS Wars. I saw the evolution of the mobile phone - starting with a Panasonic Bag phone myself.

We are talking about smartphones and which is faster, better. We are talking about putting down people who like the way does things because we don't agree with their priorities or policies.

The fact is, we are talking about a device that is, inherently, a phone. What do most of you use your smart phones for? Email reading? Sending messages? Gaming? Watching video? Productivity? Solving world hunger?

It's a phone with two different ways of approaching the world. Android is free for download. It works until the software can't keep up with the hardware evolution. Same goes for iOS. It's free (comes with the phone and updates are free) and it works until the software can't keep up the hardware evolution.

The choice between Android and Apple is a personal one. I am not a gamer and don't watch videos on my phone. My kids are. They are quite happy with the iPhone 5s and, until now, the 4s. iOS 8 will probably not work well, if at all, on a 4s. So, they may be getting an upgrade.

We have Apple devices in our household. They just work. We have Windows devices as well. My boys' Windows laptops continue to get viruses and malware despite having taking all the necessary "precautions". I spend several days every few months fixing their Windows devices. So, tell Windows better than Apple? I would say "yes" when considering which has more productivity applications or in wider use for business. But, for what I do and need, Apple is perfect. I design systems for a living.

Yes, I used to code down to the metal and build my own PCs. No time for that now. I want something that just works.

All this applies to these Apple/iOS and /Android battles. It doesn't matter.

I use my smartphone, an iPhone 5, to do the things I need to do. I am not rendering games so I don't care about rendering rate. I take pictures, but most can't see the difference between 8 and 16 megapixels anyway...unless you are creating posters. I send and receive email and texts (from time to time). I use it to handle my calendar. I like the way iOS behaves and how to develop for it. Maybe, you don't. That's your choice. I also like the way Apple focuses on fit and finish. Until recently, Android devices were plastic.

A year ago, Apple came out with their Gold finished iPhone. All the FAndroids made fun over this. A year later, Samsung is pushing a gold finished phone like it's all the rage. WTF?

They are phones with the ability to help us get other things done. Android has found its way into embedded systems. iOS isn't ever going there. And, if I start programming embedded systems again, I will worry about it. I can code native Object-C and Java. But, I use other tools to develop across both iOS and Android platforms rather than getting down to the metal.

For me, a phone is little more than a phone right up until it makes it me money and helps put food on my table and roof over my head. If it means I have to code to make money and I *actually* make money. That's good. If it is smart enough to make money for me by watching the stock market and buying and selling for me automagically so I get rich? Well, I am all for that. I won't care what platform it's on..I will want one. I bet you will too (unless you're earthy crunchy).

Until then, stop worrying about what Apple does if you don't like Apple.

Buy what you like. If you have to discussion over the devices, do so in a civil tongue. If not, I can get as much discourse and hatred reading the political posts on CNN.

2 days ago

Mining iPhones and iCloud For Data With Forensic Tools

Ronin Developer Apple should answer... (85 comments)

to the fact that items thought deleted were showing up in the backups. That, to me, is the most disturbing part of this story. Yes, I READ BOTH articles. The second one, as others noted, was focused on WiFi spoofing. The first detailed the use of forensic tools to access the information in the backups.

Of course, to gain access to any of this information, the author had to have physical access to the phone and jailbreak the device as well as a knowing the iCloud password. And, the exploits he discussed were against older hardware and the obsolete iOS 5.1 He had no success against against iOS 7 on the iPhone 5s.

As I stated earlier, knowing that so much still existed AFTER supposedly deleting it (such as mailboxes, pictures, call history) is a real issue and one that needs to be publicly addressed by Apple.

4 days ago

5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked, Google Says No Evidence Of Compromise

Ronin Developer Re:Am I the only one? (201 comments)

Could easily have been malware, phishing site, or a compromised system.

If you still use the account, make sure you unlink everything from it, change your password and then enabled TFA.

5 days ago

Text While Driving In Long Island and Have Your Phone Disabled

Ronin Developer Bad idea in NJ too. (363 comments)

A friend of mine was nailed last month in NJ for simply picking up her mobile device and a cop happened to see her (yes, illegal to operate a hand-held device in NJ). She uses the phone hands free via bluetooth. She was using it as a GPS, in a town she didn't know well, and couldn't see the screen due to sunglare. She learned a hard lesson that day (as did a bunch of others) after a $160 fine and a mandatory traffic court appearance away during working hours. She now has her phone mounted in a better position rather than putting on the seat so she isn't inclined to pick it up. Judge said that met State requirements - at least in his court.

A funny story - back in the late 80's, when radar detectors were all the rage, one of my enlisted men got pulled over by a VA Trooper. As the trooper approached, the kid got out of the car and threw his $200+ state-of-the-art radar detector on the ground smashing it into pieces and calling it a worthless POS. Trooper shakes his head and starts to laugh. Kids asks why? Trooper responds that they don't use radar in VA - they use VASCAR. But, he was being pulled over because his tail lights weren't working correctly and the trooper simply wanted to warn him about it.

5 days ago

Microsoft Agrees To Contempt Order So It Can Appeal Email Privacy Case

Ronin Developer Re:I don't see how MS can comply (122 comments)

The previous poster implies that the law applies to ANY company doing business in the US. If that is the case, Microsoft would have to stop doing business in the US.

There needs to be a clarification of the law as to the scope of jurisdiction and whether it is domestic or international law that applies.

5 days ago

DMCA Claim Over GPL Non-Compliance Shuts Off Minecraft Plug-Ins

Ronin Developer Re: ELI5 please (354 comments) are saying that decompiling minecraft's proprietary code isn't a violation of copyright? The java byte code is THEIR product. Just like using reflector to reverse compiled .net code to C# - is still represents the original owner's intellectual property.

If this guy linked to their proprietary, non-gpl'd code and then declares that code GPL, I call bullshit. The fact that Mojang chose to ignore the violation doesn't mean he is in the right. They chose to ignore the violation because it benefited them to do so. It doesn't mean they can be compelled to release their source code.

Frankly, this mod should be declared public domain and user beware since it was never licensed legitimately in the first place. The guy is being a jerk.

Mojang should refactor their code, make a compatible API that can be released that can be compiled by developers which they release under GPL, MIT or some other compatible license. If they do it right, it won't break existing mods or they can provide a tool to help with the conversion process and screw the guy completely out of the equation.

It may be an unpopular viewpoint, but this is why business is leery of the GPL and 3rd party contributions. Mojang should have been a little smarter before they acquired the toolkits and developers so they knew the ramifications of their purchase. At this point, it sounds like Mojang is being extorted since the code was never properly license in the first place.

about two weeks ago

IT Job Hiring Slumps

Ronin Developer Re: No one does anything over the summer (249 comments)

Finally, somebody cut to the chase rather than going off on some other tangent. Glad I read this far to find your post.

Little hiring occurs in the summer. All the decision makers are on vacation or taking half days. Project money (and, hiring money) from the budget is getting low. Projects started when they had money are established.

Come autumn, there is a need to burn off excess budget moneybags- use it or lose it. Lots of little projects are started, projects get defined at a high level and budget requests for the next year are made. If a department does use their allocated budget, they will see a drop for the new year without extenuating circumstances.

Early winter, there is a flurry to hire people, likely contractors, to do the little stuff. Real hiring starts at the beginning of the year and runs through the remainder of the quarter.

We aren't seasonal workers like retail. Our work force isn't returning to school creating a need for immediate hires. Where we run into problems is when management treats employees like disposable contractors only to find they need to hire later rather than pace the work and retain their workforce.

about two weeks ago

In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment For a Novelist

Ronin Developer Re:Voltaire (441 comments)

Kill Shit?

about two weeks ago

Apple Reveals the Most Common Reasons That It Rejects Apps

Ronin Developer Re:The guidelines used to be paywalled (132 comments)

If the reason you purchased an iDevice and subsequent developer account is to develop apps that subsequently end up violating the developer guidelines, then one is either misguided or overly wealthy (or both). There is nothing preventing a developer from creating an OSX or iOS application that goes outside the guidelines provided they don't with to sell within the walled garden. But, if you want to sell to users using the app store, you are subject to their requirements.

OSX and iOS devices are intended to be consumer ..umm...appliances. This is a different philosophy over Android or Linux-based devices which tend to have a more technical audience and customer base. More technically savvy apps are distributed via other channels to jailbroken phones or by installing from a 3rd party site (for OSX apps, mainly). You are free to sell those apps. You just don't get the floor or shelf space that an "approved" app gets or access to that distribution channel.

A complaint, however, frequently raised here on /. is how APP X is rejected but similar APP Y is not or why APP Z is simply rejected. There didn't appear to be rhyme or reason and the answers out of Apple left much to be desired. Now, we have a little more understanding of what it is they are looking for during the approval process. I, for one, would prefer a written report returned to developers explaining the reason for rejection.

People are still making apps for iOS and Mac with many being free or enterprise apps for a variety of reason. And, the target for those developers is the user who wants an appliance that gets the job done. iOS devices still appear to be the preferred devices by industries such as health and big pharma. Sadly, the fact that the days of the little guy striking it rich with a killer app (unlike something stupid like 'Yo!') are pretty much over. However, developers still are seeking iOS development jobs and they HAVE to have a portfolio to even get noticed. Consequently, the store ends up being filled with dollar store type junk as a result of this portfolio creation process or a result of somebody's CS class homework assignment.

What would be nice is if Apple provided a separate area for this types of apps (classwork and developer portfolio apps) and leave real, useful and commercial quality apps, on the store.

about two weeks ago

The Executive Order That Led To Mass Spying, As Told By NSA Alumni

Ronin Developer Ending of the Cold War (180 comments)

What is interesting is that order was executed in the final years of the Cold War. There was no "Internet" so it is doubtful that this was the intent. However, we were still in a Cold War with the Soviet Union. And, there were communist sympathizers here in the US who would be subject to this surveillance. Additionally, the drug cartels and weapons trade were in high gear (ala Iran/Contra). So, given this context, it is understandable WHY this order was created and issued in the first place.

I doubt President Reagan envisioned the rise of the internet and the privacy concerns that the budding .com businesses would generate.

Where the fault does lay is that when these avenues did arise, is with the continued existence and extension of the initial order. This finger points directly at GHB, Clinton, GWB and now Obama. And, I would focus more on GHB given his close affiliation and vested interest with the intelligence communities. The dangers were well known by Clinton/Gore with the desire to push the Skipjack encryption algorithm into everything...right until it was revealed that the LEA (Law Enforcement Access Key...ala LEAK) key code could be forged rendered it a non-starter - it didn't meet National security needs once that was revealed and the common folk and business community would never accept it. RSA Laboratories was the key vendor of secure encryption at this point and fought against Skipjack. With that battle lost, sights turned elsewhere and we KNOW RSA's new overloads (EMC) sold us out for $10M. It was the perfect subject of a compromise given the pervasiveness of their products. I would venture their right to continue to exist was at stake and the $10M was simply a means to cover up the coehersion.

Ultimately, nobody but the brakes on this surveillance and we know where it has since led.

about two weeks ago

U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

Ronin Developer I like... (643 comments)

Of course, somebody will think this a bad idea...

about three weeks ago

Fermilab Begins Testing Holographic Universe Theory

Ronin Developer Is it just me.... (247 comments)

Operating with cutting-edge technology out of a trailer in rural Illinois....Me and Dr. Bubba J will test ... whether the Universe is a flat course and always turning to the left.

Out of a TRAILER????

I think they should have just left it as "Operating with cutting-edge technology...." and left out the "trailer" part.

about three weeks ago

California Passes Law Mandating Smartphone Kill Switch

Ronin Developer Kill Switch for the CA Cell Phone Market (233 comments)

So, they are mandating that cell phone manufacturers implement a kill switch to be able to sell mobile phones in CA? Is the cell phone market in CA big enough for the manufacturers to really care? Or, will they tell to CA to screw off and simply not sell in CA and the Nevada cell phone business and black market phone market will boom?

This will be interesting to see how it plays out.

about three weeks ago

13-Year-Old Finds Fungus Deadly To AIDS Patients Growing On Trees

Ronin Developer Re:The Tools of Science (134 comments)

Incorrect. She used her father's influence to get a position collecting samples. She was responsible for collecting the samples and sending them for analysis. After DNA sequencing, the results were compared against the profile of an AIDS patient and then sent back to her.

From the article..."She was surprised to find that specimens from three of the tree species were genetically almost indistinguishable from the patient specimens.".

That was several years ago. Since her initial findings, the researchers (I believe her father is one of them), established the latest findings through further research and analysis.

But, it was her work that discovered the fungus and its similarity to what infected AIDS patients. That is how it supposed to work - the work of one researcher is expounded upon and extended by another. The fact that she had access to the DNA sequencing because of her father's influence is inconsequential. When I did my research for a science project, I had brief access to a university vacuum chamber - I was a high school student. I asked for a sponsor who had the equipment I needed. This is no different.

about three weeks ago



Key Logging on iOS Devices

Ronin Developer Ronin Developer writes  |  about 10 months ago

Ronin Developer (67677) writes "iKeyMonitor popped up on today. It provides key logging capabilities to users of jailbroken iOS devices.

This is a perfect reason NOT to jailbreak your phone and why the Apple walled garden provides a measure of security.

Now, question for you Android folks — Can you install a key logger on an Android device? Any special requirements to do so? If the answers are, respectively, "yes" and "no", it seems to provide a clear indication why Apple still dominates the Enterprise tablet market.


Link to Original Source

Break-Even at the National Ignition Facility Achieved!!!!

Ronin Developer Ronin Developer writes  |  about a year ago

Ronin Developer (67677) writes "It is being reported that the NIF has achieved break-even with the fusion reactor — getting as much energy out (if not a little more) than they put in.

While a long way off from commercial fusion power generation, this is a significant milestone."

Link to Original Source


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